Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today Broke My Heart Then Mended it Right Back Up

I had big plans today.

I went to bed early last night with a big, bad attitude.

I was weak and weary, as my Mama would say.

My small peeps conspired against me for 13 hours straight and by the end of it all, I pictured myself like some kind of a frazzled caricature of myself - zany hair, eyeballs spinning in their sockets, zig-zags and curly-cues radiating off my body in flourescent ink.

It was bad.

But I knew today would be brighter, because company was due. Not just any kind of company, but the kind of company that promises to arrive in a flannel nightgown just to make me happy.

We pinky-promised that we wouldn't even shower.

We pinky-promised that deodorant was acceptable, and even advisable.

In the past, I have served said company a packaged granola bar and two versions of tough-bean soup. But on this day, the meal would turn out right, I was sure of it.

And if not, well, I had already set the bar pretty low, so I knew she wouldn't mind.

And then, the snow swept through her part of the state. The ice accumulated.

Mother Nature shant be trusted.

Our visit was a no-go.

I was so depressed, I showered.

Then Plan B arose from the ashes.

My sister-in-law rescued me and we spent the entire day at her house, along with EIGHT small children. Before long, my two other SILs arrived, along with my BIL, who wrestled the boys and played hide-and-seek while us girls sat at the table, just because we could.

Tonight Calvin asked, "What were you talking about in the kitchen? Cooking and magazines?"

If it's true that children view the broad female population through Mommy lenses, my kids see every lady in the land with a spatula in one hand and a magazine in the other. There are worse things, I suppose.

Tonight, I am plum worn out again from two very long days with three very nap-opposed children. But today, my misery sure did love its company.

And as for Flannel Flo? We've scheduled a rain date.


  1. Flannel Flo shall rise again! I'ze sorry I made you shower. Law. I bathed today as well. What a disappointment. But I did not dress - and it was in your honor. xo

  2. ah, I feel ya, girl! we're burried under 'round about 20 inches of snow with brrrrrr all about us as well. tis the makings of a loooooong winter break - I was all too thankful for my hubby to arrive home to play tickle monster to my rascally crew! :)

    wish i could join in your flannel party!


  3. Flannel Flo.. haha! When you described yourself, this picture came to mind. :)


    I know that feeling all too well, and also the feeling of canceled plans! Thank God for family... wish I had some a little closer :)

  4. Aww poor you. I'm glad today was somewhat better. I'd be bummed if Jayme couldn't make it to my house for sure!

  5. "I was so depressed, I showered."

    I wonder if we were separated at birth. Any relatives in Arkansas?

    =) perfectly prose-as-real-life post.


  6. I'm so glad the day turned out okay despite failed plans with your friend....

    If it helps you, I was in my PJs today until noon. this is not normal...but it was great fun!

  7. That would be a bummer to plan on the chicken lady in her flannels and then a no show. Glad you had fun with the SIL though. When Jayme shows up it will be even sweeter!

  8. lol~*love your honest posts! ;) Today was a no shower and flannel pj day for me..lots of laundry..dishes...coffee!!Hope you have an even better day tomorrow!! Hugs, Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  9. Wonderful! Wheww! I m tired from having just one kid. Not another on the way. Iam scared! Lol, Hope you have a wonderful Christmas from my family to yours! Merry, Merry! Lulu

  10. Ohhh nooo! I just went from being jealous to being bummed for my buds.
    I am nothing if not fickle.
    To have a date with Flo and then have it snatched away...Ma Nature can be cruel.

  11. you are delightful. even when grumpy!!
    well, you weren't really grumpy in this post as i doubt you ever are!
    love that plan b was a great day & hoping today those youngens of yours suprise you with a power nap
    merry christmas friend

  12. I would love a sit down like the one you had. I know they are very rejuvenating.....sigh..... Many of my great gal friends are NOT just down the road or out the door like they used to be. Enjoy and hang in there. You have hopefully shopped with the idea to find gifts that will keep your kiddos entranced for a least a few day! (And hopefully these gifts won't make too much noise!) I may turn ours outside today to attempt a snowman. Our oldest is coughing, and that always makes outside play a crap shoot. MORE COCOA!!!!


  13. Must be in the air. My day was much the same with no flannel flo light at the end! I am glad it is a new day, my children are on vacation, my presents are all wrapped and my house is relatively clean so we can just LIKE eachother today!

  14. Sorry your visit with flannel flo was a no go, but I'm glad you had your spirits lifted anyhow! Tis the season :+)

  15. How disappointing, but don't you just love friends like that? They're the best.

    Also, I love how your kids view women. It could be much worse.

    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  16. Ugh...so sorry your plans were cancelled. Glad you got some time with family though. Just to have someone to entertain the kiddos and give you some adult conversation....worth it's weight in gold.

  17. I hate when plans are canceled. But when you live in Central New York..you get accustomed to snow ruining your plans all the time :/

  18. look forward to those rare days when showering is discouraged and pjs are the only option... now you have another visit to look forward to! pinch those kiddos' cheeks from me ;)