Monday, December 20, 2010

So, It's Come To This

Ruby has grown fond of strapping a Sponge Bob watch to her ankle.

She then hikes up her britches...

And she plays like that for the rest of the ever-loving day.

I am concerned for a variety of reasons.

1) She is clearly on house arrest and doesn't even know it.
2) I have no idea where the Sponge Bob watch came from in the first place.
3) She may have heisted it?
4) Or maybe she just drove the getaway car? (Watches have always been more of Calvin's
thang and she is totally a better driver.)
5) Regardless, it would explain the guilty conscience as manifested by subconscious,
self-imposed house arrest.
6) Don't even get me started on the hiking up of the jeans.