Sunday, December 5, 2010

Slow Tree

It may have taken all the live-long week, but the tree is up, in all its artificial charm and finery.

Cory and I argued over who had to do it/when it had to be done/etc... I'm sorry to say that I don't enjoy putting it up or taking it down. Those strands of lights plum do me in. The tangles, the inexplicable blinking, the deadbeats.

What I do enjoy is having it up. I enjoy seeing the glow from the dark of our bedroom. It warms me.

The kids clamored to haul it out and then roughly eight minutes in, they bailed to the toy room, where Ruby donned the pink Princess garb and Calvin took to his make-shift drum set, providing the necessary rhythm for her interpretive dance.

And I know you can't tell it from this picture, but Siley inflicted his usual variety of madness upon the lot of us until he was finally whisked off to his crib. And may it be said that whenever I refer to his crib, I mean it in the "MTV Cribs" sort of way. Homey parties up there nightly. We should see about hooking him up with some flashy rails and a faux-leather bumper. An icebox for his sippy cups? Perhaps.

In the end, it was just me, myself, I, Cory and the Strands from Hades.

Cory oversaw basic construction and expertly compensated for our one lost limb.

I was the flat-headed fluffer.

Post-decorating festivities included needle-nosed pliers and one wee tooth.

The following morning Calvin ran downstairs with his dollar bill and said, "All along, I thought the tooth fairy wasn't real! I thought it was just a regular adult pretending to be the tooth fairy!"

Next night, same drill.

Next night, same ponytail.

Only this time, the kids got in on the action.

I've made a minor modification to last year's Newspaper tree, but you'll just have to wait for that.

I'd also like to take a moment to report that Festive music appears to be growing on me ever-so-slightly.

Allaya'lls holiday cheer must be radiating out of this here screen.

I still can't stomach Deck the Halls, but progress is progress.


  1. I think you are just trying to show off your small butt. I am not sure I can read your blog anymore....I thought we were friends!!!

  2. Sweet images celebrating the quiet moments of the season. Happy holidays to you and yours.

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  4. Too cute! Love the first pic of Ruby consumed in her dance, lol.
    The true looks beautiful, can't wait to see the new twist you added this year!

  5. The *tree* looks beautiful
    I guess I shouldn't be writing and arguing with a 3 year old to go to bed :)

  6. Okay Shannan, you've convinced me to start reading again ;) Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la...

  7. pretty sure i just fainted when i saw that pic of capn calvin.
    i wasn't super into christmas music until i got future of forestry's Advent album. converted me on the spot.

  8. It looks really pretty from what I can see. Cute pics of you guys! It took us a few days to get our tree up too. I think it's normal when you have lots of kids running around. ;)

  9. Carol of the Bells by The Bird and the Bee. You won't be sorry and it won't annoy you. Promise.

  10. Dear tiny tall person,

    Hmmm....I think I'm going to have nightmares about those pliers. Thanks for that. Your tree looks fantabulous. Did the Captain & Tennille ever do a Christmas album?

    : )

    Julie M.

  11. That Calvin sure is a worldly little guy. Tell him I'm so excited for him! I'm glad to hear you are coming around about the Christmas music. Honestly I was starting to question this relationship a little.

  12. Love your pics.....such a cute, cute family......but really, your dislike for Christmas music disturbs me a wee bit! We love Christmas music here.....I even have it going 24/7 in the barn, my animals seem to love it also.....very calming! Nothing more relaxing to me than cleaning out pens and shoveling manure to the sounds of holiday!

  13. Oh Christmas tree I feel the same way. Despise you in the box -love you in the window! Mine is pre-lit and hinges down all I have to do is fluff but still... it makes my hands itch! Maggie used to be the tree girl and then she up and got married 3 years ago. Hateful child.
    I love Christmas music but not so much the orchestra kind. Give me Christina , Mariah or Marie Osmond and I am smiling!
    BTW skinny butt get some cereal! I could be a donor if you need one- plenty of J-Lo in this family!! :)

  14. I just have to say that you have THE MOST ADORABLE kids I've ever laid eyes on! Seriously, Shannan, that sweet Ruby in her princess garb makes me want to reach right through this screen to hold her! I would have loved to hear Calvin's drum playing for his sister's performance. As for Siley...well, do they get any cuter? I think NOT!

    And I LOVED Calvin's explanation about the tooth fairy! You are keeping a journal of the incredible things your kids say and do, aren't you? I wrote mine on my heart instead of paper. I don't remember them all but the ones I do remember are doozies! My kids are now 37 and 33...and would you believe that just this past summer we were still talking about some of those! Love it!

    Your tree is GORGEOUS, Shannan. I love the silver and the white lights.

    Got your Christmas music playing yet today? ~wink~

  15. Ruby's face in the first picture...priceless. Our boys usually help for the first few minutes then bail. Now I know how my mom felt. She was always the last one standing.

  16. Shannan, now I know we share the same DNA. Hating the Christmas music and dealing with the tree. I don't feel so lonely anymore!

  17. Your tree is lookin' good in the neighborhood!
    Always fun to see you guys in action...even if there's no Christmas music cranked up in the background. :-)


  18. Oh glad you finally got in the mood. It was actually bothering me a bit you don't like Christmas music. It makes me happy...calm, peaceful and HAPPY:)

  19. My lights came out fairly tangle free. I wind them up on my arm and but a plastic twist tie around where BOTH ends meet! My girls stayed until the end, which I was kind of hoping they wouldn't. It does get a little nerve-racking! Now I need to "rearrange" a few of the ornaments they clumped together and get the tempting ones up higher from the cat! Your tree IS beautiful!

  20. You are too funny. And your kids are just too cute for words! We have a little fake tree that I despise, but the kids LOVE it so I'm sucking it up for a few more years!

  21. Your fake tree looks like the real deal. Mine looks like the fake kind, but I don't mind. It's prelit. :)

  22. So funny. It's always interesting to what degree kids want to be involved in the tree fluffing. Sure looks real though.

  23. so much to comment on that half of it is bound to leak from my brain before i get to typing it. alas.

    but here we go, quick-like:
    -i too despise tree-putting-up, in fact i was just lamenting to someone (or likely several someones) last week about our treeless state, and how i really wish someone who is not me would put up our tree so that i can enjoy it.
    -your tree looks amazingly real for a fakey. can it give mine a few pointers?
    -i think you are fabricating all this wiley business about silas. he sure looks angelic in every single shot.
    -it warms my heart that christmas tunage is growing on you. (although yes. deck the halls should be tarred and feathered.)

  24. how, pray tell, to you lose a limb from your tree? just where do those sorts of things "go"?

  25. I'm not sure ANYONE can handle "Deck the Halls." But "A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill, oh yeah.

  26. Tooth fairy came to our house too, how does she do that..... I just about passed out when I saw the needle nosed pliers, geez.

  27. ha ha I'm cracking up - you said flat headed & my Mom some how read flat butted! Oh too stinking funny she's something else :) My kids were all up in the Christmas action this year - Jade helped them do the tree - and the bottom half was the most decorated tree you've ever seen! As I decorated the rest of the house Everett ransacked every Christmas tub and decorated too - it was quite the night :) I do love everything about Christmas though, but I dread the tear down!

  28. I was so taken with the first picture of your dancing princess...LOVE that pic.!

  29. When I first saw the picture of Calvin with the pliers I thought they were pinched on his ear!! I was really worried for a moment thinking "what's wrong with his ear, and why are they stopping to take a picture!" whew.
    I'm so glad his tooth fairy faith has been restored, but I must say, it sounds like you could've saved yourself some moola.

    Your tree is beautiful! I love the newspaper and sliver combo. So you to have your tree dressed in gray...and even wearing gray while decorating ;)

  30. i think your tree looks lovely. and i'm glad you and cory could do it together. i listen to festive music as soon as halloween is over :) but ya, deck the halls is a bit much. and we LOVE jim gaffigan! "hot pockets..." :) you guys should come over.

  31. I love the first picture of Ruby. She is the cutest little girl ever! Your tree is gorgeous.

  32. Oh so cute. We are mid redo and are forgoing the tree this year. Finished projects are more importante than a tree. Though my Mr. will not premit a fakey. He has to cut the darn thing down and drag it around.

    PS: You didn't move just down the street did you? I came across this the checking out a local news blog...

  33. Awesome!! And I love the ponytail by the way. I wish I still had hair to ponytail!!!!! :)

  34. I love you my dear...I am always leaving your little world wanting more. :)


  35. oh man do I need a tree!! Sam is SO into the lights this year--of course. The one year we don't have a tree or any intention of filling our too-small sardine can with one. grr.

    I like yours so much. And those little munchkins too. :)

  36. OH! That content face on your little princess. To die for.
    What a special night!
    Hooray for traditions...

  37. I love those pics of the kids. I can't help thinking of the Captain & Tenille when I see Ruby & Calvin's pic!

  38. 2 things.

    number 1.
    chris tomlin's glory in the highest cd.

    number 2.
    you win the award for wearing the cutest jeans while decorating this year. score!

  39. Beautiful tree! And I'm writing to tell you that I've checked your site like 5 times already today, hoping you will have a new post. I'm SO bored at work! I need some new blog material. HELP!

  40. Hi there! I was here last week and forgot to tell you how much I love your new bloggy digs. I also love that quote about the tooth fairy. Funny how the "swag" makes all of their skepticism vanish. : ) You echo my own thoughts about the is my nemesis. I wish you and yours much merry-making and peace during this season. They are such beautiful little ones! {I am jealous of Ruby's cheeks.}

  41. Love your pictures!

    Fa, la, la, la, la....



  42. Your tree is beautiful. My sentiments exactly on construction and tear down - ugh! - but the in between is so nice. :) I love that picture of "Cap'n Cal" - too cute!

  43. i'm trying to get fired up for it. but alas, still no tree.

    if i had a tree post, mine would say "next night, same shirt"

    at least you changed shirts.

    and the lights......

    i'm fairly certain i'll meet my untimely death in a tangle of lights.

    hugs all around,

  44. I love my River!! Talk about a princess,look out world. Everything she does, she does with gusto. I am so proud of the sailor, what a brave guy. I am also excited about little Si Pie's first American Christmas. I remember last year wondering where our little fella was and when he would come home. This will be the first of many many wonderful God given memories for him. Hopefully next year he won't be whisked away to bed before the party really begins.

  45. I am listening to Willy Nelson's version of "Deck the Halls" for you!!!

  46. Oh, the blessings of children!!!!!! Right now, I want to comment on Ruby's picture --- Pure Joy!!

    Thanks for sharing. :)