Sunday, December 19, 2010

Six On Sunday - Things I Would Do If I Had An Entire Day To Myself

But first, six disclaimers:
1. I love my kids.
2. But it is 20 degrees outside and has been for quite some time.
3. We're all a little cooped up.
4. And did I mention that the pink car was on the fritz for 3 days last week?
5. I did not leave the house for nearly 72 hours, save a pre-school run in a borrowed Honda Element.
6. I also dislocated my knee last week, which is neither here nor there, but it has caused me some minor sleep disturbances, further exacerbating my cooped-up-ness and general fatigue.


1. I would sleep in until 10:00.
2. I would have creamy tomato soup (no croutons) and chopped chicken cobb salad for lunch at Panera. I would probably splurge on an iced green tea.
3. I would catch the 2:00 showing of The Fighter whilst drinking a fountain Coke.
4. I would follow that with the 4:30 showing of How Do You Know whilst drinking the bottle of water that I just happened to have in my purse.

5. I would meet my honey for dinner at Mazatlan, but only if he was alone.
I would dress much warmer.

6. I would finish this book in bed with the electric blanket cranked up and a cup of tea on the side table.

I would most definitely go upstairs and kiss my sleeping babies' forheads, smiling wistfully over how magnificently precious they are asleep and on the heels of a day to myself, but this isn't Seven on Sunday, now, is it?

PS - Is it just me, or do I sound really thirsty?