Saturday, December 4, 2010

Six On Sunday - CMB's Celebrity Crushes

Sarah has requested a SOS post on my celebrity crushes and was even kind enough to remind me who they are as part of her written request. I am notorious for forgetting. What can I say? I love deeply.

I thought it was only fair to first share Cory's list. He is currently sitting at the other end of the couch and I'm wrapped up in a 101 Dalmatians blanket - you know, the weird fleece kind where the edges are cut into quasi-fringe then looped into itself. A fresh episode of Dateline Mystery is queuing up. The Christmas tree is lit. I'm hopped up on Thai food. Life is good.

Now that the stage has been set, I place before you the best Husband Celebrity Crushes ever.

Seriously, it's some good junk. My guy's got impeccable taste.

No, I am not biased.

Yes, yes I am.

I'm detailing this list from memory but Cory has veto-power before I hit "Publish". Just in case I get something wrong. Not that that ever happens.
Unequivocal #1 - Reese Witherspoon

I fell in love with Reese in The Man in the Moon. I'm not sure when she caught Cory's eye. Hold on - I'll ask....

OK, he claims that I introduced him to her, but that's just bogus. (Cory's not known for his command for of historical events. I'll leave it at that.)
#2 Tia Carrere, circa Wayne's World

I apologize for the small picture. Let's just say it find one of her where she is adequately covered.

Yes, this one is a bit bomb-shell for my liking, but I do appreciate the fact that he has remained so loyal to this below-the radar icon of his adolescence.

Party on.
#3 Julia Louis-Dreyfus a.k.a. Elaine Benez

Cory's got a soft spot for a funny girl. I can't argue with that.
#4 Penelope Cruz

That whole Tom Cruise thing still seems a little weird, but Javier appears to have redeemed her.
#5 Tina Fey

#6 Lindsey Bluth/Portia de Rossi/Nell Porter

Funny and beautiful and yes, entirely improbable for a host reasons, but I heartily approve.

Meet me here next week for my list and possible commentary from the guy at the other end of the couch.


  1. A great insight into the mind of the C Force. I'm surprised Sarah P. didn't make the cut. I agree with Corkica - funny is beautiful. Enjoy your fleece (I can't touch that - too much like a cotton ball) and Dateline.....xo

  2. Upon further thought - Reese Witherspoon disapoints me. I'm not entirely sure why. On the other hand - I myself have a crush on Julie Louis Dreyfuss, and attemped her Seinfeld hairdo on many occasion.

  3. And if I get right down to it - why aren't I on the list? Or on your couch? Now THERE's a mystery for ya, put that on Dateline and watch it.

  4. Last one - really - I'm just saying I like being the first four comments on your blog. OK - really not gonna post another comment for a day or two. Honest.

  5. That is a cute picture of Reese! Your guy likes them cute and funny! Kind of reminds me of the Flower Patch Farmgirl!!

    Have a great Sunday! xo

  6. That whole tom cruise thing was weird!! but, I do love Javier.
    love your man's picks -- especially the funny gals!

  7. No Sandra Bullock for Cory?
    Hmmm...I am kinda surprised.
    My husband likes her.
    And I enjoy Hugh Grant.
    Luckily for us they were together in Two Weeks Notice. We watch it whenever it is on TV as it is a win~win :)

    ~Andrea in NH

  8. OK,so feeling kinda like Jayme with the multiple posts, but you got me thinking...

    My crushes:

    Tom Cruise (wait! stop! It was just around the Top Gun Era!)
    Keanu Reeves ( There is just something about him, not sure if it just the name :)

  9. hahahaha...Adam's got a thing for Naomi Watts...and I think Rachel McAdams. Me? I'm all Robert Downey Jr. all day long.

    :) With a little "guy from new Hawaii 5-0 whose name I don't know" thrown in for kicks. :)

  10. Ms. Bullock would be #1 on my hubby's list. He was SOOOO excited when he heard the title "All about Steve" because he thought it was a direct message from her to him. Kind of funny that it was such a huge flop! ;-) hee hee! She is pretty good. well except for a couple blips.

  11. I think it's basically a good list and I think he gets extra credit for not putting Sarah P. on the list. Jim actually said ewww when I read him #3. I'm sure he would have switched that one out for Angelina Jolie.

  12. This is great! Why didn't. I think of this spin. Very enjoyable. I knew from the moment I saw the headline, it wouldn't be a true list without Tia! And I find it amusing that after all these years I somehow knew/know Cory's crushes! Its funny that its something we've talked about!

  13. Ps. I am wondering...will Alec Baldwin make the list? I can aorta see you being into him. Also, Clive Owen should at least make honorable mention, right?

  14. ...And for some strange reason I think Ben Affleck and I have a subconscious connection.


    ~Andrea in NH

  15. Oh ~ yah ~
    But my TRUE crush?



    ~Andrea in NH

    PS I think Jayme and I are tied now ;)

  16. For my guy, not the obvious choices of Julia Roberts (aka horsehead), Jennifer Garner (aka horsehead) or Angelina Jolie (aka horsehead), but he does like them just off a little bit - Delta Burke, Ally Sheedy(he even corrected me on my spelling of her name just now), Dana Plato, Lisa Whelchel, and Marie Osmond.
    I'm not sure what this says about me.

  17. I'm jealous of your Thai food eating. I do not get good Thai food nearly enough.
    I want to be Penelope Cruz, pre or post Tom, it makes no difference to me, she's beautiful. You (and Cory) have to youtube the clip where she is on Ellen taking about singing Karaoke.
    I loved Portia as Nell on Ally McBeal, my all time favourite show (should I admit to that?)and now that I know her persuasion I must say I should have seen it coming when watching Ally McBeal.
    My only surprise: Elain?! SHUT UP! *Insert 2 handed shove here*
    I'm very intrigued for your list.

  18. Love this post...probably because I LOVE celebrities. Honey's response when I asked him who he crushes on is "ummm I don't understand the question". He's such a sly fox. HE KNOWS. He just won't tell me. Stinker!

  19. Funny post. My husband has always liked Jodie Foster (particularly her voice, according to him). He also likes the girl from The Cutting Edge, Moira something.

  20. love his list....great post!

    I {heart} reece!

  21. Great post... can't wait to see your list. Tina Fey is on my husband's list as well as the Mila Kunitz (from That 70s Show)
    #1 on my list... Robert Pattinson. And a few other British guys. Oh and Ray Lamontagne.

  22. Interesting post... I really only know one girl that my husband has a crush on, and it's only her character in one particular movie. And it's her: Not sure what I think about it. I may need to watch the movie because I really don't know much about this character ;)

  23. Shanna ~
    Run ~ don't walk ~ to get your hands on a copy of Love Actually.
    That is my all-time favorite movie and Kiera Knightley is an amazing and beautiful character in it.
    Really ~ go ~ now ~ and get that movie :)

    ~Andrea in NH

  24. Kelly would say Sandra Bullock but I don't think I have asked him in awhile who else he would say. Me on the other hand talk out loud at movies gushing over the hot men:-)

  25. Andrea - We own it. I bought it for him as a Christmas gift when we were dating since he told me what a great movie it was! Guess I have some work to do tomorrow during nap time :)

  26. Ah I love that a bluth ma his list, that show!!
    I'm making my husband participate, there's a lot of thinking going on, hmmmm...
    1. Kate beckinsale. 2. Kier a knightly. 3. Phoebe cates (but her back in 80s, his disclaimer!). 4. Jennifer Connelly 5. Jennifer garner, alias edition, something about a chick kickin' butt :). 6. Sabrina Lloyd (Natalie from sports night, great great show!). I'll make my list when you post yours! I'm sure you're holding you're breath

  27. Ha larious - he has some winners too - I must remember to ask Jade tonight because I'm sure I'll be dying over them!

  28. I gotta say... His list is very well-rounded. A lot of variety there!

  29. Ughhh! Penelope Cruszh--I don't even know how to spell it the way she says it. She drives me nuts, and I have a sneaking suspicion that my husband likes her too!!