Sunday, December 12, 2010

Six On Sunday - Celebrity Crushes

Without further delay, I present to you my list.

But first, let it be said that I struggled to come up with this list. I have the bad habit of proclaiming additions to my list, then promptly forgetting them.

I'm sure Sarah will happily check my work and fill in any gaps. That's what best friends do. Cory was also helpful in piecing this together. He's wicked-awesome like that.
#1 - Grant Show

This was a no-brainer. He's been on my list since High School and Sarah laughed about it enough that I've never forgotten him. I think his name was Jake Somethingorother on Melrose Place. All I really know is, he rocked the white t-shirt. Word has it he married a plus-size model in 2004, which is pretty rad.

Pollyanna McIntosh 5th Annual BAFTA/LA Tea Party
Unfortunately, he now bears a startling resemblance to Napoleon's Uncle Rico.
#2 - Hugh Grant (Thanks, Marty!)

He's rather endearing on film.
He's quirky and British. He looks good in a tie in that Sandy Bullock movie.

Granted, I had to scan past quite a bit of this to find a decent picture of him, but you'll have that.
# 3 - Taye Diggs

I'm pretty sure I met him on Ally McBeal. I don't know that I've seen any of his movies, but his is a face that is not easily forgotten. And he smiles a lot. And he wears nerdy glasses sometimes. And he dresses like Andre 3000.
Also... Cutest celeb couple ever.
#4 - Kyle Chandler.

But can I please just call him Coach T?
And while we're on the subject - Cutest pretend couple ever.
#5 - Him

Don't even pretend that you don't also have a crush on him.

But on the strange off-chance that you really don't understand it, just remember - we love each other because of our differences, you and I, not in spite of them.


If it's any consolation, he came close to making the list.
#6 - Clive Owen

I don't precisely recall how he landed on the list, I only remember that he did.

Honorable Mentions

Category: Cradle Robber
Tim Riggins.

(Not Taylor Kitch. I don't even know that guy.)

Category: Rap
Shawn Combs a.k.a. Puff Daddy a.k.a. P Diddy a.k.a. Diddy

J. Lo is a fool.


  1. I know NONE of these people (though I recognized one---the Brit dude). Does that horrify you?

  2. I totally agree with #3! However, WTF #5? I guess, I can't say much, I totally have a crush on Bill Maher. I'll still be reading your blog. :)

  3. My celebrity crush post would be like 20, I have no idea how you've narrowed it down. High up on the list would be the fabulous Alton Brown. Lordhelpme. And I heart five too.

  4. I am not sure I even know who #5 is... or a couple others for that matter. but totally agree on hugh grant and taye diggs - both are so incredible cute and hot all at the same time!

  5. Coach T and Timmy..... that will forever link us.

  6. Anyone who crushes on Taye Diggs must watch How Stella Got Her Groove Back. It's one of my favorite movies, and it's where my love for Mr. Diggs first began. has Whoopi Goldberg. Who doesn't love Whoopi?

  7. Holy crap. I'm cah-racking up that people don't know #5. :) Dreamy for sure.

  8. Mmmm...didja watch "Cindy Eller" with Kyra Sedgwick and Grant show back in 1985. I did. Even as a timid teeny-bopper, I knew he was yummy! My jaw dropped and I might have squeaked a little when I saw Hughie on your list. Love him! Did you know that IMDB lists one of his middle names as "Mungo?" I bet he made that up...and they didn't get it.


    Ahhh...yeah, Kyle Chandler has been MY boyfriend ever since "Homefront." Mmmm...he's so pretty! You know who else is pretty? Jude Law...Michael Vartan....Jamie Deen...Brad Johnson...

    Are you writing this down?

    ; )

    Julie M.

  9. Good ones girlie. I think Ashton Kutcher is a cutie and Josh Duhamel and that guy on human target and and... I could go on;) You know I could!

  10. You crack me up. I'm totally laughing through this whole post. Kyle Chandler....DEFINATELY! Tim Riggins looks remarkably like my husband did in college, long hair and all....and I couldn't stand him then....but Tim grows on you doesn't he. You are too funny. Keep up the lists. Hilarious!

  11. Hmmm. I'm liking that Jake Somethingorother guy... :) My brothers happen to rock the white t-shirt. I'm hoping my husband does too, someday. ;)

    Okay, so your list kinda just rocks my world. There might be 2 or 3 I haven't heard of or seen, though.
    I love it:)

  12. I thought number five was fatter than that. did he lose weight?

    What the P DIDDY?

    To each his own. Except for I don't have any debatable ones on my list. Actually, maybe I do. None of mine showed up on yours. Except for Kyle Chandler. Remember Early Edition???

  13. Haha. Have I told you lately that I. LOVE. YOU. This is too funny!

  14. heehehehe Okay, I love Rush but I don't "love/love" Rush.... A Marilyn Monroe/ Norman Mailer thing huh?

  15. Here's to good friends, living large in Texas.
    That's all I have to say.
    Except, did you notice that in the last season, Timmy carries around a keychain with #33 on it?
    And, I'm still a little miffed that you have issues with 7's accent.
    Good list, Farmgirl!

  16. O.K., you're making me feel so old because I don't know who half of those people are. Help me!

  17. you crack me up!! Grant Show, oh my word, thanks for the reminder of that hottness! I'm so with you on Hugh Grant and Rush( well, not for looks;)):)

  18. Oh I will love you forever even if you are crushing on Rush, he is an old dude...# 5??? Love, Love # 3!!!! Private Practice has shown all his best features... ; ) Oh yeah! Agree with above comment on Jude Law, he rocks the glasses too! Hugh is always cute, think it might be the accent, on that note, love Curtis Stone and he can cook to boot! : )
    I think it is great BTW that you can keep it real by posting like this every now and then. Always glad to know your deeper side..hehe!

  19. Okay, Shannan. It's official. YOU ROCK!!!

    I feel safe in revealing my #1 to you after reading your list.. which by the way, I totally agree with!

    My #1 is Paul Gross. Everytime I say this, no one knows who he is! But I have a feeling you might be the one who gets it. (Aspen Extreme, Due South... and recently Eastwick.) He is adorable. Dimples. Canadian. Gotta love a man from the True North.

    Circle of trust. K?:)))))

    Stay warm and cozy this week!


  20. I was with you til Taye you lost me at

  21. Morning to you Shannan! Just had to tell you that Hughie was at the brother school to my school in London, couple of years above. Just down the road. Could have so easily met him, should have....never did. Bother and some!!

    My top heartthrob is Aragon in Lord of the Rings. Sigh. Worth having to sit through all the orks for!

  22. 1. Dwayne Johnson
    2. Alec Baldwin
    3. Blair Underwood
    4. Hugh Grant
    5. Steve Martin
    6. Michael Clark Duncan

  23. whoa shannan... what a hodgepodge! this here info may just be tmi:)

  24. I like that you are a little edgy. Alec should have made the official list. Just sayin.

  25. HI! Just started following your blog last week. You are crackin' me up with your list!! I totally agree with Hugh Grant and Taye Diggs. My biggest crush right now is Ryan Reynolds. YUM. And I've always had a thing for Matthew Broderick. I used to have a pretty serious thing for Matthew Mcconaughey but then someone pointed out that he has short arms. Apparantly I need normal size arms in a crush...sad. Oh, and I think Mark Consuelos is definitely hot. He seems pretty happy with Kelly Ripa though. Bummer.

    Thanks for starting my day off with a smile!

    Angie from Ohio

  26. ewwww #5. I got everyone else on your list for different reasons but he makes me feel oily especially because I'm pretty sure my MIL has fantasies about him.

  27. I wanted to say I used to love the Hunt for Red October Alec. But that was a softer and kinder Alec. I put Hugh at #1.

  28. 1. Mike Rowe
    2. Colin Firth

    Dang, I'm picky! I can only think of two!

  29. I'm laughing at P Diddy by the way! The others ones I mostly don't know - except Taye Diggs & I totally agree. I obviously must be a cradle robber in the men that would make my list!! Maybe I should work on a list - it is slow here in the office today!

  30. I love it and I totally agree with Hugh Grant and pretty much every other one except... not rush.... his voice grates on my nerves; if only he wasn't so dang smart....
    But my husband? total man crush on him!

  31. All I know is that Clive Owen and Kyle Chandler made your list, so we're good. I'm not sure how Duane The ROCK Johnson missed it. (I'll always call him The ROCK. I just will.)

    Oh... and no Prince William? Of course, he's got his own category all to himself, right?

  32. Sister friend, we could totally "double celebrity date" and be JUST FINE...they are totally and respectfully yours. I love how you described what it was about them that "had you at hello." It wasn't just all about the man was also personal stuff. I personally have a huge crush on Tom Hanks...the most ordinary, not particularly attractive man in America. It's just that he seems like the nicest guy. Funny. INTELLIGENT. If that one attribute isn't hot, I don't know what is!

  33. Matthew McConaughey has short arms?!? Oh no! Who's looking at the arms anyway? I get you until #5. Is that who I THINK it is? Can someone just clear that up here? Can't believe Jude Law didn't make the cut. After "Holiday", he became my #1...he kicked Matthew M. to the curb. And who's the guy from "Sweet Home Alabama"? Anyone? He's on mine.

  34. Oh, Shannan, your list makes me love you even more! hahahaha. I am sooo concerned about you though that Grant Show is #1. Honey-girl. We need to talk about this.

    Taye and Hugh...totally get. (And I saw Taye Diggs in Rent live in '96. I was in the 3rd row. I had no idea who he was. lol)

    I totally want to steal this blog idea!! :)

  35. Good list Shannan, Taye Diggs is on this show called "Private Practice" and he's quite yummy in that show. :) Also Kyle Chandler will always remind me of that show he did with the neswpaper and the cat.. What was it called? "Early Edition" I think.

  36. Hugh Grant *sigh*, he is a little dreamy in is bumbling British way, isn't he.

    True story with Uncle Rico, that's disappointing eh?

    "J Lo is a fool" best line I've heard in a while. Still chuckling.

  37. Interesting choices! I think I would go with a couple of older hunks like Sam Elliott, then go to Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Trace Adkins, and then I go blank!

  38. Shannan,
    I'm just so stuck on your choice of Rush that I can scarcely remember anything else I just read. Except for the Alec Baldwin thing cuz he is totally on my list. Hottest Dem evah.

  39. go ahead and grab some hot tea 'cause this is gonna take a while.

    first thing is, i am newly addicted to friday night lights. where WAS i when it was on? i do not know. but now, totally a netflix junky.
    second thing is:
    i just so happen to have married the grown up version of tim riggins. and he turns out just peachy, despite his bad boy ways.
    third thing is:
    coach taylor? totally on the top of my current list. i'm kinda disappointed he only made honorable mention really. i thought i knew you better than that.
    i would also like to point out that my husband has the same, how shall we say, *lack* of tact as coach taylor. and i love him all the more for it.
    if i had a 'list' like yours, i tell right now that tim mcgraw would be on it fo show but then there i go again picking cowboy types that remind me of my very own stevie.
    and back to fnl, what IS it about that show that draws a girl in so? i think i'll be forced to post about it. or maybe start a new blog about it.
    fourth thing is: the fact that you'll say that rush is on the list makes my day.
    that is all.

  40. I'm so far behind on everything lately. Trivia time! Did you know that Mishawaka had the first Rush room? Yep! It was in a bar called Louie's Tavern (no longer standing) and Rush even visited. Mazatlan and Rush visiting Louie's Tavern, what a home town. Back to the list, I thought for sure I would see Conan O'Brien. You ask why, "Woe is me couch sleeping". I crush on Conan, he makes me laugh even when I feel I have no place to go but the couch.

  41. Cracking up. Love me some pop culture.

  42. Seriously, Him? I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. Also, you forgot a Puffy alias...Diddy Dirty Money.

  43. I gotta get out more!
    I don't recognize anyone but Hugh Grant and P. Diddy...

    I'd put some Jude Law on there for sure too.

  44. GOOD ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot about a few of them, and I liked the mixing of the newer ones. How could I have forgotten P Diddy? And Hugh Grant -- your taste is pretty impeccible. And in place of your Rush, I'd have to add Larry King to mine! :)

  45. ahhh....tim love for you will never die.


  46. Man... do I dare respond? (in no particular order, except #1)

    1) Garth Brooks
    2) Gil Grissom
    2) Jack Dawson
    3) Gus McCrae
    4) Michael Bublé
    5) Usher

    There are definite reasons for my choices, but I'll leave it at this for now. I'm sure there are all kinds of others too... but these are the freshest in my mind :)

  47. OH YES! And I forgot Eddie Pekurny...