Tuesday, December 28, 2010

He Likes To Rock and Roll All Night and Part of Every Day

I believe I have mentioned Silas's mid-night ravers. Well, the good news is, they are down to a minimum these days. The bad news is, he's thrown us a curve-ball with early-afternoon parties so wild the cops knock on his door at least twice a day. Who knew there was a market for naptime escapades? He's nothing if not a risk-taker, and those parties up on the upper level are booming.

Very recently I went up to quell the crib acrobatics and found this:

Let me back up.

Ours is a Mommy Shirt household. It began with Calvin, it skipped straight over sleep-loving Ruby and now, it has landed square on Siley.

The idea was born years ago, by the light of the moon, when all other ideas had been exhausted. The ideas were exhausted, the Mommy was exhausted, the Daddy was exhausted. The child was not. He was nervous and edgy and waging war against sleep. In a moment of sheer inspiration, I shucked my shirt and handed it to Little C, telling him to smell it. "It smells just like Mommy!" He buried his nose in that shirt, rolled over and went to sleep. I emerged from our tunnel-of-doom stairwell in my unmentionables, with a smile on my face. Dude slept peacefully with a continual succession of Mommy shirts every single night for the next year. It was a miracle. I was certified Genius. (Although I still haven't received my certificate.)

Now, the torch has been passed to Siley, but for different reasons. We have been doing everything we can think of to help him along in the bonding process and sleeping with something that smells like Mama (or Daddy) seemed like a great idea.

He caught on right away and loved it.

He snuggled up with that shirt every night at bedtime.

But apparently, come naptime, he upped the ante.

Homeboy stripped himself clean and put that Mommy shirt ON.

He looked so guilty when I first walked in.

Then he looked so confused when I said "Mommy will be right back".

Then he looked downright perplexed when I returned with the camera.

Then he laughed.

Then I laughed.

Then I told him to lay down and go to sleep.

Then he cried.

Then he screamed at the injustice.

Then...he slept. In a Mommy shirt.

The end.

*Extra-grainy pics courtesy of a very dark nap-time room/rave. :)


  1. Mommy shirts and Daddy shirts are the best!

    sandy toe

  2. So sweet.

    My girls love wearing their daddys t-shirts to bed when he's traveling on business.


  3. ADORABLE!! Not only did he want to enjoy the fragrance of momma, he wanted to be wrapped in her arms! :-)Poor guy thought maybe he was gonna get released from the baby prison when you went for your camera.

    P.S. I enjoyed spending time with you Christmas morning. LOVE your servant heart!

  4. i mean, stripping off the shirt is a great idea! i've walked around during the day in with a blankie stuffed down my shirt. dude, now i just feel dumb.

  5. Party on, Silas.
    (Why does it always seem like I'm siding with your little peeps? It's the cuteness. It gives them power.)

  6. Sleeping with Mommy shirts rocks! I used to wrap my boys' bassinet mattresses with them. :)

  7. Way to go Mom! What a great idea, you should patent it.

  8. oh for the love of all things cute.
    that wins

    you are obviously queen of all things adorable mama

  9. sooo cute, and I love the pictures:)

  10. Genius! Glad to see it was one of your normal shirts...blue striped as I would have guessed haha I would have died if it said "I'm with stupid!" or the tee shirt swimsuit pic w/o the head!!
    Love those little kiddos... so cute just like their mama!

  11. You are brilliant! Love the shirt idea. You should totally receive the brilliant mommy award.

    Sophia is a rock star party girl too. She stopped napping at 2 and instead just threw parties in her room. Now she still does not nap and can be found wide awake in her bed at midnight. She is a one person party animal.

  12. Our sons need to get together for their midnight parties!! Will is up frequently during the night doing who knows what in his pitch black bedroom. I keep telling myself that someday I'll miss hearing pattering feet at 2:00 in the morning!
    Great idea on the Mommy shirt!

  13. Oh my gosh i just laughed so hard at this! How cute and smart is he!! I may steal your brilliance as well in the future. My two rug rats are so much in love with each other I had to combine their twin beds into a mega king bed so that helps them sleep along with 50 stuffed animals!

  14. This is too cute, I love that he put that shirt on. He loves his mama!!

  15. and then I laughed.

    And wrote down the super genius idea in my mind.

  16. Ahhhhhhh! That is absolutely adorable!!!! I love this story!!!! Thanks for capturing it for us.

  17. I think I should be waiting for my Genius certificate too because Emma has been sleeping with my scarf since the first time I went to Silver Bella! That Siley sure knows how to keep his Momma on his toes. I sure hope he invites me to one of his parties one day soon.

  18. You are such a great mommy! Having your wits and patience to get the camera to capture this priceless moment!Traci

  19. You ARE genius! Seriously best idea evah!!! He is one cute little stinker. I would have grabbed the camera too:)

  20. Way to go Silas. One smart and cute little cookie.

  21. I am enjoying catching up on your blog. Just had to leave a comment on this one- I am fairly certain I have some of the children needing the least amount of sleep on earth, and it every night going to sleep is such an ordeal- why have I never thought of giving her my shirt!? Trying this tonight- and if bedtime is easier I will rename my blog after you . . . or, something ;-)

  22. shannan....i love this post. first....he is such a gorgeous baby.....second, how sweet is he sneaking the mommy shirt? totally made me smile, and i needed it.

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