Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Ever-Changing Emotions of Sister Friend

Thilath just hitted me with the haaaaammerrrrrr!

I don't want to go bye bye.

I got da blues.

I'm a big, ol' grump.

That's what you get for making me take a nap. I wake up in a funk.

Plus, Thilath hitted me with the hammer.

I don't care that you're taking pictures of me.

I don't even notice you standing there.

Woe is me.

OK, fine. I'll look at you.

But I will. not. smile.

I'm displeased. I'm not to be messed with. Seriously.

But, a girl is allowed to change her mind, right?

I'm happy! I have a polka-dotted coat and a tackle box full of Polly Pockets!

I am immune to the threat of plastic hammers and Hit Babies!

Life is swell!

Can we go bye bye?


  1. Oh she is too cute! Isn't it the best when they try so hard to be in a mood and then just like magic that smile comes on out!

  2. She's too cute for words!
    LOVE that little polka dotted jacket.
    And that you wrote, "Thilath". :-)


  3. I would love to have heard what was being said during the picture taking frenzy. I bet we all would have ended up with big smiles.

  4. It would be difficult not to, thoroughly, spoil rotten that little one! You must be very strong.

  5. I think our littles would be great friends!

  6. Hee hee... So cute! Great photos.


  7. she is so smoochable...and thilath hitting with a hammer is such a brother! xoxo Have a great trip.

  8. Love that kid. She can't fight her smiley self for long.

  9. Her smile always snags my heart.


  10. she melts my heart!!! nancy settel

  11. be able to capture all of that with your camera is a Blessing. These are the pictures that will make you cry in about 10 years- but, they are so worth the tears. Precious!!!
    Happy New Year!

  12. Typical little girl! She's too precious.

  13. My sixteen year old boy went through that very process just yesterday! But, it was in regard to taking out the garbage and unloading the dishwasher instead of going bye-bye. He would have preferred to go bye-bye, I'm sure.
    p.s. Hit-baby looks pretty darn pleased with himself.

  14. methinks sister friend can't help but get her happy back when mama's nearby. (also? i adore the look on silas's face in that first shot. he is a top-notch younger brother.)

  15. Ruby makes pouty look cute! And that post-pout smile sure lit up the room.

    Boy can my girl lay the pout on, too. She forgets that I've been around the parenting block a few times and I am immune to her pouty lip and slumped shoulders and shuffling feet.

    And the picture of Silo-Thor? Sethie-Thor gets that same satisfied grin after he hammers his sister, too. Glad we aren't the only family with a little Thor.

  16. I love this...because right now I'm going through the pre-teen version of this: IfeelSoGreatLet'sColorAtTheTableNowI'mGrumpyDon'talkToMe

    Miss those small kid days sometimes ;)
    Happy New Year, Shannan!!!

  17. first thought: send that kid back to the factory, she needs a tune-up!
    second thought: send her over here. she is stinkin' cute!
    (our BABY) is 10. boo-hoo. ;(

  18. Shannan - she tugs at my heartstrings!

  19. and this is the drama that makes our world go 'round and 'round! ;-) Hang in there!

  20. Such a sweetie! Aubrie can relate - her "Ebrett" hit her in the back of the head with a toy hammer, but she had to get hers superglued back shut :( Today she announced though that she never knew little brothers were so much fun! They kill me :)

  21. Reading my second post of yours right now and I am totally smitten. Not sure if it was the minivan, the black eye, your amazing wit or the fact that your friends with my pal E. but whatever it is, I'm here to stay. May as well say hi, Hi, Im Stacy!

  22. Had to comment. I love polka dots!!! What a cutie pie in polka dots!! Thanks for sharing the pics!!

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