Friday, December 24, 2010


Christmas is merry with this guy under our roof for the very first time.

He shook this family up, elbowed his way in, and I kiss that baby neck so many times a day and it always smells so sweet. How did I ever live without those eyes?

Christmas is merry with my big-boy-growing-bigger. He is officially two teeth down and it hurts my heart just a tiny pinch. He is claiming courage that we never knew he had and he told me at least five times tonight how much he loved my soup. How did I ever live without those eyes?

Christmas is merry with my girl who went on a date with me today to Panera Bread and Aldi. She stood on the front-end of the cart like I used to do when I was her age. She hung on for dear life. We sang Vacation Bible School songs in the dairy aisle and she called me "Her special love Mommy." How did I ever live without those eyes?

We are in from Christmas Eve service where my eyes filled twice. It is official - God has melted me this past year. There are no two ways about it - I am the girl who cries now over the smell of hay that conjures up a stable full of livestock and Glory. I'm the girl who cries over a word choice so inspired that it remains unchanged after all of these years. I'm that girl. The crier.

Our gifts are opened and now we prepare for the reason we came in the first place. My heart feels ripe.

In a few minutes, I will sit at the coffee table with the man with the beautiful blue eyes (I never really did live without those eyes) and slice up fruit and stir together casseroles while we watch some vintage Ally McBeal.

Then tomorrow, we will celebrate.