Friday, December 10, 2010

Color Crave: The Fix

I mentioned recently that I am pining for color.

Well, here's a lesson I'm learning (over and over again) this year: I have all I need.

Of course, in a perfect world, carrying that knowledge around in my pocket would effectively eliminate the part of me that wants to try something new/switch things up/paint my black cabinet kelly green.

But it's no secret - this world is far from perfect.

I am prone to episodes of "the grass is greener", only in my view, it is also lusher and requires fewer mowings. I idealize in such a way that the impossible is realized - at least on paper, in my mind.

This fickle girl used to satisfy her whimsy-itches with a tube of Silverstone lipstick or a $0.99 bottle of Wet 'n Wild, but as she grew, so did the stakes.

A gallon of Behr Premium Plus runs more than a buck, you know.

It's all too easy to browse around this eye-candy storehouse and decide that my kitchen would look so much better if only I could have gotten the white cabinets, like she did. Maybe I should toss these boring beige curtains and order up some fun! Maybe I should scrap the whole darn thing and start from scratch.

These are thoughts torn straight from the pages of my noggin.

But sure as sugar, I'm beginning to see a new path - edged in fieldstone, beautiful as all can be. The grass isn't necessarily the greenest, but the mower hasn't made it out of the shed for months.

I am creative at my core. Beauty is my motor oil. Fluffing my gasoline.

These are truths.

But that's not all of them...

Beauty uncovered trumps beauty bought.

Perspective kicks desire's can.

This journey is far from over. I will never be immune to wanting something new. And new things are not always bad things. But I am drenched in gratitude that for whatever reason, at this particular season, my eyes and my heart are learning to take a different view - to just look around at the color in my world, more noticeable than ever against my sea of gray/black/beige.

It's begging to be believed, this truth: I have all I need.