Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wedding Talk With Sarah, A.K.A... (well, nevermind that)

You may recall that CMB and I had the high honor of hosting my Best Girl, Sarah's, wedding, back in sultry June.

I've patiently, then not-so-patiently, then downright impatiently awaited the arrival of her Big Day pics so that I could share the exquisite loveliness with you. The day was so beyond perfect. The bride was entirely, magnificently, all-eyes-on-her gorgeous and happy. It's only right for me to share the love.

It's only right to share the whole lot of it - the good, the bad, the poop on the grass - as told straight from the mouth of the ever-swoony Mrs. Hughes.

We sat down a couple of weeks ago along with our trusty side-kick and fellow bridesmaid, Holly, with plates of Sarah's apple pie on our laps, and dished.

FPFG: Let's get down to business! What was the most stressful part of preparing for your wedding?

SJH: (Glares) Well, the tight budget is kind of a given. Aside from that, it was definitely the food. Specifically, trying to accommodate, at the last minute, "picky eaters" and kids. My MIL felt that I should add supermarket fried chicken to the planned, gourmet picnic menu. In the end, I compromised by adding a ham and cheese wrap, which Rick (husband) likes to point out were eaten in greater number than the other options, but whatever.

We also decided to serve homemade pies instead of a traditional wedding cake and with just two weeks left until The Day, I still had nothing lined up! Serendipitously, my caterer came through with a last-minute suggestion, and, in the end, we had fresh strawberry pie, blueberry pie with crumb topping, and old-fashioned apple pie lined up and ready.

FPFG: It's common knowledge that no wedding goes off without a hitch. Were there any "little things" that went wrong on the Big Day?

SJH: Let's see... the best man realized 10 minutes prior to the ceremony that he didn't have a belt, Rick wore black shortie sports socks and would have gotten away with it had his parents not noticed and made him switch socks with his dad, a kid crapped on the grass during the toast at the reception, my nephew (ring bearer) was rumored to have picked his nose during the ceremony, and the DJ goofed on the recessional song.

FPFG: I think what that's called is Wedding Day Charm, right? Except for the grass pooping. Nothing charming about that...

FPFG: Speaking of the recessional song, mad props on that! Tell us about the song you chose and why.

SJH: We chose Crazy Little Thing Called Love, by Queen. It was a painfully long process to find the right song and be in agreement on it. We knew we wanted something fun, something that popped. We listened to so many songs!

FPFG: While we're talking about music, rumor has it that I missed the best moment of the entire day - your solo turn on the dance floor! Dish it, girl.

SJH: I've been waiting all my life not to get married, but to dance at my wedding! Anyone who knows me well knows that I secretly picked my solo dance song five years ago. Dance All Night, by Ryan Adams. The lyrics say it all so perfectly. It was exactly what I wanted to do - Dance all night.

FPFG: Tell us your best moment of the day.

SJH: It had to be watching my mom dance to the Whistle Song by Juelz Santana. Come to find out, it was Rick's dad who somehow lured her out. I never dreamed that she would get down at my wedding! It was so much fun to see.

I also clearly remember walking down the aisle and seeing so many people who had been at my dad's funeral and were now there for my day. It was so meaningful. I really wanted all of my guests to know how much it meant to me that they were there. I strived to make it personal and special for them.

FPFG: OK, I'm all out of order here. (Who hired me???) Back to the preparations, did Cute Maintenance Boy come through for you?

SJH: Yes! He's so relaxed! He did an amazing job with setting everything up for the ceremony and the best part is that my Dad would have loved it. I could totally see them working on it together.

HBY: Did you think about your Dad a lot that day?

SJH: I did. I thought about him so much leading up to the day. Using things he had collected over the years for the ceremony decor was the perfect visual reminder of him. I had always dreamed of getting married at home, and in the absence of that possibility, I was glad that his presence was such a big part of the day.

FPFG: How happy were you with your Matron of Honor?

SJH: She went above the call of duty by single-handedly (along with CMB) organizing and designing my ceremony design. And Holly hooked me up with my photographer, my caterer, my minister (her dad!), my programs and my invitation. On second thought, I'd like to retroactively make her my maid of honor!

FPFG: Why, I never!

FPFG: On a scale of 1-10, how happy were you with your hair?

SJH: Ten Plus!! My hair looked A-mazing!

FPFG: Do you have any final thoughts to share?

SJH: One thing I loved most about the day is that unlike what everyone says, it did not go too fast. It went slow. It was long and good. I enjoyed and remembered every part of the day and I was well aware of it throughout the day.

FPFG: Last question - Have you forgiven me yet for the Ozzy Incident?

SJH: I have forgiven you until one of your readers brings it up again.

FPFG: You heard the girl, readers. My fate rests in your hands.

Sarah - I love you and the memory of your wedding has burrowed deep into my heart. Thank you for allowing me to be such a big part of it all and thank you for sharing it with all of us here!

Smashing photography by Scrole Vision.

Divine food by Cuisology.

Dreamy pies by Joan Mansfield.