Sunday, November 14, 2010

Six On Sunday - Sneak Peeks

First of all, am I the only one who finds it terribly unfair that "sneak" and "peek" rhyme, but use different vowel combinations? I become deeply troubled in instances when the English language makes no sense.

My beloved former boss once told me that he and his wife had concocted their own method for teaching spelling and reading, based primarily on the fact that there are "very few cases where phonics do not make sense". As I am prone to do, I took that as a personal challenge to prove him wrong. (Now you're glad you don't know me in real life, ain'tcha?)

Inked for posterity in the journal that I theoretically keep, and have theoretically kept since 2003, (even though it's not even a third full) I made a list of "Words That Don't Make Sense". It is dated 2/24/04. It has exactly two damning pieces of evidence against the theory: Who and Woman/Women. Apparently I felt that it was only right to include both woman and women, but I did not feel inclined to include all of the other "Wh" Words that Don't Make Sense.

I really should call him up and throw this inflammatory list right in his face. Except he's the smartest man I know. And my list includes only two State's Exhibits.

And I have no idea why I'm telling you this because it has nothing to with a sneak peek. Except for those pesky vowels.

As I was saying, I'm a huge, huge fan of surprises, clues and anticipation. I also have a list of things - earth-shattering things - that I keep forgetting to tell you. So, because I just returned from a smashing out-of-town weekend with my family (our third in a row), and because I have the tiniest sprout of a headache creeping up from the bridge of my nose toward my eyebrow, and because I served Cookie Crisp for dinner, and because I am wearing jeans when I should be wearing sweatpants, I have opted for a dual-purpose post tonight.

Number one: I will have a reference list of things that I need to tell you.

Number two: You will see teasers for all six of them, in one fell swoop.

Don't come barking up my tree if you are unable to sleep tonight.

1. A very handsome, maintenancy person took this fantastic photo. I love it. And the taker. He has agreed to guest post for me sometime in the very near future on cameras and photography and other techie things like that.

2. Heavens to Betsy. This fellow has plum worn me out for nearly one week straight. I think I'm ready to talk about it. (ps - Mr. Park has a tiny freckle on his inner eyelid. Swoony, right?)

3. I won this giveaway oh, about 8 months ago. This fantastic girl created a custom logo for me, as seen above. I loved it at first sight. I have big plans for it.

4. I bought a new necklace. That's all I can say about that.

5. A friend found something super cool for me. That's all I can say about that.

6. We recently painted. Scratch that, it wasn't really that recent. But it's certainly deserving of a spin around the ol' blog.

And speaking of "spin", I will leave you with this conversation, between myself and one, Mister Lee, whilst driving to dinner Friday night to meet up with his best pal, cousin Jake.

ML: Can I please sit by Jacob?
Me: I'm sure you can.
ML: Because we really need to talk about some things for our band. Like...will we have beat box? Will we have an electric piano?
Me: I like both of those ideas.
ML: We also might have this really cool machine in our band. It plays these really big CDs, only they're black and shiny and they spin around and make cool sounds.

Moral of the story: My kid does not know the proper name of a record player. It pains me.