Sunday, November 28, 2010

Six On Sunday - Randoms

Am I the only one who feels slightly skittish about a blog post that includes the word "Random"? I guess time will tell...

I'm fully aware that after this lame Six On Sunday post, you might have no choice but to break up with me altogether. But what if I tell you that I'm otherwise preoccupied and have a very good reason for feeling a bit...distracted? Would you forgive me, then? No, you'd probably be even more frustrated that I teased you with the "very good reason" bit. I guess I won't go that route.

All I can say then, is that sometimes, random things happen around here that are funny or beautiful or delicious and they simply fall through the cracks of other things that creep up, hot on their heels. It's a fast-paced race to the blog fodder finish line around here. But sometimes, the left-behinders get their due.

Today is that day.

1. Cory left me this note a couple of weeks ago before leaving for work pre-dawn, not to return until well after bedtime. I saw it on my desk and it made me smile. It inspired a photo, although it is obvious that I hadn't had my cup of tea yet when I took the pic. Just a few nights ago I looked closer and noticed his slip of the wrist. We had a day, alright. Did we ever have a day.

2. Calvin came home with a pedometer last week and immediately commenced in running laps around the island. His burst of athleticism lasted exactly two laps, or the pedometer equivalent of 41 steps.

(I swear, I am not intentionally highlighting my worst photos. You gotta believe me.)

3. This* is my newest obsession, courtesy of Sarah. Apparently, she's been holding out on me for quite some time. Well, the cat's outta the bag now, and it's not going back in. I have made this twice in the past two weeks and both times, I made a meal out of it. And then, just to prove my love, I had it for dessert. This isn't your ordinary bruschetta. There's something special about it. It's the lemon, ya'lls. It's always, always the lemon.
* Sarah omits the fresh parsley and mint, so I do the same, naturally.

4. True story. I searched long and hard for the perfect piece of art for the bathroom. I flirted with images of rusty, vintage bicycles as well as a whimsical ferris wheel, but in the end, per usual, I was drawn to words. I fell in love with this print (found here) and ordered it up. I already had the perfect frame, scored for $1 at a yard sale over the summer. The print arrived and I hauled it over to Hobby Lobby for a mat and some glass. 10 days later I went to pick it up and the guy informed me that the frame was cut in such a way that glass would not fit in the notch. At the time, I was happy to save the $8 for glass and it looked so pretty, regardless. It took Cute Maintenance Boy to remind me that unprotected art and bathroom steam is not a good combination. It turns out, a beautiful thing is never perfect and occasionally it isn't even useful. I'm still looking for a new home for her, but in the meantime, she looks imperfectly beautiful among dirty cereal bowls and a tired sprig of rosemary.

5. I found this and cracked UP. Several times over the summer, I forced my two oldest children out of the house. Usually during dinner prep. If you heard them tell it, it was among my meanest of moments. Forcing kids to go outside on a beautiful day? The nerve! On this particular day, they stood out on the step whining and crying until I shut the window so I couldn't hear them (just being honest) then they tried to nonchalantly just come back in. Oh, they have no idea how street-wise this mama is. I pushed them right back out, only after telling them to take some books with them. If you're gonna be miserable and tortured, you might as well be learning something.

6. I have claw hands.

Happy week after Thanksgiving! My tree hasn't even made it up to the main level yet.