Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Post We're All Writing Today

I'll only speak for myself here - I love a day (a season!) that inspires gratitude on all sides. I think back on the past month and I remember that first smooth stone, tossed into the pond. Gratitude. It slipped beneath the surface and the concentric circles formed and before we knew it, we were all thinking harder about the things we are most thankful for. So, to whomever let that first stone fly - thank you.

If we all decided to log our every thankful, wouldn't we each have a volume so thick as to require its own shelf on the book case? I think, in the end, that our time might be better spent living gratitude than writing every whip-stitch of it down. So, let's make a deal. Let's agree to pen our thankfuls on the inside surface of our hearts, every day. Let's promise to press down hard when we write.

For tonight, I'll not attempt the unabridged list. Instead, I'll share some here-and-now, bright-burning highlights.

I'm thankful that I'm spending my first Thanksgiving with my Computer Programmer. Last year my heart was a little fogged over. My family incomplete. This year, I have new wrinkles and a new tinge of weariness, but what it means is that he's with us, and I'll take it.

I'm thankful for Frick and Frack, who live their days as best friends. Tonight, that meant stuffing Stripey and Jumpy into empty baby bottles and pretending they were astronauts for one hour straight. It meant that Calvin carried Ruby's laundry to the hamper, without being asked.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to bake three desserts in less than 24 hours, starting with an apple crisp that indeed lives up to its name. Incidentally, I'm also thankful for Andrew Zimmern of "Bizarre Foods" fame. Upon discovering this show streaming through the internet, my oldest, pickiest child has grown quite fond of trying anything and everything I offer. It turns out, he does like apple crisp. And pickled beets.

I'm thankful for unexpected surprises left on my baking station, at the hands of Ruby River and half a roll of tape. (Sister's got mad scissor skillz! And she's a lefty...)

I'm thankful for the cachepot of friends I have collected - who have added me to their collection - since this time last year, many of which came to me through this very machine.

I'm thankful for the hope of a new story.

I'm thankful that I am much more than the sum total of all my failures.

I'm thankful that Tom & Jerry humor transcends generations.

I'm thankful for the guy at the other end of the couch.

I'm thankful for the rattle and whir of a furnace, for air scented heavy with orange, for ponytails and Haven Kimmel, for ugly blue blankets and cinnamon rolls in the fridge for tomorrow morning - the kind that you have to whack on the countertop to open.

I hope all of you have big fun brewing for tomorrow.

And remember - press hard.


  1. Well said, you! I am definitely thankful for new friendships this year. God is so good!

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your adorable family!!!

  3. Thankful to have met you here, to have had a glimpse into your story, to have met those precious to you. Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings.

  4. Such a well written post. Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving! And I am pressing hard! Hugs, Judi

  5. Happy Thanksgiving... you couldn't have said any of it better! I went to a seminar this past summer on "happiness". The speaker said there are three things you need: gratitude for the past, zest for the present and hope for the future. I've been working on all 3 since then.

    And I'm thankful we still have a roll of "whack on the counter" cinnamon rolls in our fridge also... since we ate one on Sunday... I guess that fits with gratitude/zest/hope! Hope I don't burn them ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,

    PS. The astronauts with baby bottles is so creative and way too funny!

  6. Love it. Love you. Love the lizard.
    Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful to know ya.

  7. I am also thankful for the prospect of mashed potatoes and gravy...and pie.

  8. Perfectly said! I love that thought.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your adorable family...I'm glad it's finally complete. :)
    Sarah xo

  9. I'm thankful for you and your funny "littles".

    I love to take a smile to bed with me!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

  10. We don't do Thanksgiving...obviously. We live in the wrong country for that holiday. But, I'd like to say today that I'm thankful I found you and I'm very thankful for that photo of Ruby and Calvin cos it made me laugh out loud and turn my head 90 degrees so I could view Ruby's face. x

  11. I am thankful for you! Have a great day tomorrow!

  12. I am thankful for you, your family and your blog. It has been a real pleasure and inspiration reading your posts and story. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, every day of the year, but especially today.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  13. Beautiful! Happiest of Thanksgivings to you today!

    PS-What Haven Kimmel are you reading?

  14. Thankful for your writing, your honesty and your humor. Hope we get to meet this coming year...

    happy T-day Shannan.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving! Skip-a-loo over to my blog and see what I'm thankful for!


  16. And I'm thankful for YOU! and your wonderful words that bring so much emotion and love to our souls every single day!


  17. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your lovely tribe today - best wishes from the UK, Belinda xx

  18. I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I have not commented since your new blog design, and I love it!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving Shannan! Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse into your world, it is such a pleasure to read each day.

  20. you're awesome!
    i love your posts my friend
    have a fantastic wonderful blessed warm & cozy day

  21. ps-i'm so glad that whatever you did to your blog i'm now able to post while i'm at work. ha!

  22. Shannan, I just love you! (And not in the creepy way :) Thanks for such a fun and sweet post!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving farmgirl! Thankful for you and your heart and that sweet family of yours! Much love sent to you guys from Texas!

  24. Love the lizard! That is so adorable! Happy hanksgiving to you and your super sweet family! Traci

  25. I'm staying home tomorrow.
    Or...going uptown to the cute coffee shop. Can't decide which one.

    Love your list:)

  26. happy thanksgiving dear Shannan! i just love you, my friend! :)

  27. love all the things you're thankful for....

    your space here in blogland is so refreshing....

    so thank you for writing from your heart and always extending yourself and God's grace to us!

  28. thankful for your blog and your writing. It never fails to touch me in some way.
    PS We call those whop biscuits bc we whop them on the counter to open :)

  29. Here's to new starts and it all marching in with gratitude.

    I'm excited for you and your adventures.
    So thankful to know you, dear friend~

  30. My life isn't exactly what I want, but I am so very grateful for all that I do have: Family, friends, home, work, and so much more. I appreciate your messaage to press on. No matter the circumstances, as long as we keep trying, we will get there...eventually : )

  31. take a peek over at my blog
    you inspire me with your beautiful words of truth
    thank you for what you bring to my heart and mind

  32. "Let's agree to pen our thankfuls on the inside surface of our hearts, every day. Let's promise to press down hard when we write."

    Do you mind if I quote that? I'm creating a sentence-a-day journal for our women's ministry; the goal is to be encouraging women to think about what they are thankful for, appreciative of, how they see God moving in their lives, but I really want to encourage them to be thinking that way throughout their day - not just when the journal is open in front of them...