Friday, November 12, 2010


Right now, if you are waist-high or shorter, and you live up in my hood, you are taking a nap.

It's not everyday that I find myself upstairs during naptime, but when I do, I have no choice but to take a peek. And today?

I saw this.

So, of course, I rushed down for the camera, hoping all the way that she hadn't moved.

She hadn't.

So, I thought I would tempt fate a bit and get up in her face, because that face, well, it does things to me.

I find it irresistible, that face. I find her irresistible. Who wouldn't love a sleeping, hooded child such as this? Who could look away from those spider-leg eyelashes and those gumdrop lips?

I was up on the bed, clicking the shutter right in her mug, and she never flinched.

Girlfriend's naps may be brief, but they're intense.