Monday, November 1, 2010

My Name is Shannan And I Approve This Post.

Oh, Ohio. How I miss thine hotly disputed, swing-statish political contests.

Indiana had our moment in the spotlight two years ago and have mercy, did I ever get riled up over the whole hullabaloo. Two days prior to election day I came down with a cold sore and a UTI, and I'm sorry if UTI is TMI, but I'm making a point here - I care passionately about these things. I'm all-in.

The truth is out - I'm that girl - the one (and only?) girl who truly enjoys the drama. I'm the girl dreaming up snacks for tomorrow night's show. I'm the girl planning Asian Cuisine for dinner, because that's just the right thing to do on election day and delivery isn't an option in these parts.

I'm the girl smiling extra wide over the fact that this year, for the first time in ten years, the immediate future of my family does not dangle precariously chad-like in the polling booths of this district.

Bottom line: there's just something about the reality of people treading the same soil but believing views so polar-opposite. We are allowed to disagree in this country. We are encouraged to debate. We are invited to stand and be counted.

Flex that democracy muscle tomorrow and thank your lucky stars that you have the right. Do it on behalf of every person depending on your vote - whoever they are, whatever the reason.

Own it, whatever "it" is. Work it. Vote it.

ps- I have no idea who Kasich Taylor is, but if I lived in Ohio, I'd totally vote for him for the simple fact that his name makes me think of Taylor Kitsch. Riggins for President, baby!