Monday, November 15, 2010

Mid-November Slow Down

Today happened to be one of those days where everything was half. I surprised even myself when I hopped into the shower at an appropriate time of day (i.e. prior to lunch), only to realize half-way through conditioning that we had visitors due to arrive in less than 10 minutes.

Our company arrived and I emerged from the bathroom smelling like some sort of a fruit smoothie, but my good intentions for a fit-for-public hair day slipped down the drain as I looked the other way.

I dotted concealer over my ghoulish undereyes, but nothing else ever made it out of the bag.

I wore a normal (i.e. non-fleece) outfit, but in a mad rush to get Calvin to school on time, I laced my running shoes over my heart patterned knee socks, and I never did find the gumption to trade them in for something that made more sense.

Dinner was homemade mashed potatoes and chicken and noodles, but I forgot the rolls.



Somewhere in the midst of it all, I invented the best sandwich this side of the Rio Grande.

It should be noted that I work from a pretty loose interpretation of the word "invented".

Behold - the Wonder that is the buffalo turkey sandwich on an "Everything" bagel thin. There's no good reason why I am only now discovering the allure of this particular deli meat. But I'll tell you this - toast up that bagel thin and slap a round of Farmer's cheese right on its crusty surface. The heat will goo that cheese up right nicely. Add the meat and some unfairly maligned iceberg lettuce. Drizzle on some ranch salad dressing. Then bless the day you ever met me.

It is entirely possible that I am a genius.

And yes, I do, in fact, work from a somewhat loose interpretation of the word "genius".

In other news, was anyone else unaware that we are now officially half-way through November? In usual fashion, I'm not ready to be half-way through. I'm checking the brakes, and they're a bit spongy.

But these seasons, these holidays, they don't ask my permission. They sweep right through and I've learned the hard way that they have no sympathy for stallers.

I just want to give Thanksgiving its due. Heck, I want to give tomorrow its due. I want to slow it all down to half-time. I'll take these next two weeks in slow motion, thank you. I'll pull on extra layers and inexplicably garish socks. I'll wash the flannel sheets, worn down to jersey knit from years of overuse. I'll daydream about tackling what some have dubbed "The Best" apple cobbler. I'll lean slightly inward, because it's just what I do when the air cools. Perhaps over-insulation is to blame, but I get to pondering. And wondering. And grappling. The same thing happens in Spring, and many of you lived to tell, so just consider this your biannual warning.

For now, I'd like to give a shout-out to the universe that brought me the following autumnal freebies:

* One gorgeous mum
* Four wee, perplexingly home-grown pumpkins
* Two smallish, gifted pumpkins
* One medium-sized kindergarten field-trip pumpkin
* One lovely fall floral arrangement

It seems my new fall panned out quite nicely.

Oh, this Universe of mine also delivered to me a Ziploc of the dreamiest cookies I've had in a good, long while. And I don't say that lightly.

So, two weeks, my friends. We've got two weeks ahead of us, lined up and at attention, begging to be noticed. They've scrubbed their faces and smoothed down their fly-aways. They know they aren't the most popular. They feel the cool of the shadows in which they stand. But they are gifts in their own right and they know it.

Christmas will have its turn. In time, snow will blanket many of us up in full-throttle winter.

But the next two weeks happen to hold a fistful of mystery. They may be burn our throats, but then again, they may sing-song to us, "leave your jacket at home!" They offer wide-open, unrushed opportunity for reflecting.

Grab ahold. Lace your fingers into theirs. Ring-around-the-rosy with them, just because you're smart enough to do it.

And then? We'll talk Christmas.


  1. done got fancy!! LOVE the new look!

  2. Firstly, love your new look!
    Secondly, I must try this sandwich. Have you ever baked brie with ginger marmalade? You simply must. Glob some ginger marmalade on top of the brie, wrap in in philo pastry, and warm it in the oven.
    Thirdly, I am not ready to be two weeks away from December. I love fall, but it never stays around long enough.
    I hope you and the fam enjoy your two week....I must say though, I'm getting a little excited for Christmas!

  3. Girl, I've been feeling like my whole weekend was "half" as you say. I can't believe we are approaching Thanksgiving. But I do love this time of year. It's our anniversary time and such good memories. Crisp days. Good for snuggling. Daydreaming. Being Thankful.

  4. I LOVE the new look! I'm so not ready for December and really appreciate your efforts to slow these next to weeks down for us! :-)

  5. ...two weeks exactly until my book is due to my editor. How will I ever slow down and enjoy with THAT on my shoulders?

    Teach me, wise genius, puh-lease??!

    I think those bagel thins are perfectly dreamy and I wish they were gluten free. :)

  6. I can't believe how November is just passing by us! Where does the time go?!

  7. You're blog looks fantastic! xx

  8. Absolutely adore this post. Touched my heart because I love Thanksgiving!! Probably number one pet peeve, people decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. I'm a pretty much go with the flow kind of person but a girl has to draw the line somewhere and Thanksgiving is my line. My teenage daughter gets mad at me because I don't allow Christmas music in the house until day after Thanksgiving. She will listen when she drives the car or will walk by me with her Ipod saying, I'm listening to Xmas tunes...And I know everyone does not feel this way, it is just one of my quirks.

  9. We have the most dreamy Mennonite Meat Market here in our quaint little town. They sell the most scrumptious deli shredded buffalo chicken that you ever did meet. It would look lovely on that bagel thin.

    We still have an empty crib at our house, but I did mention your blog on my blog today. :)

    Joy K in SC

  10. Love the new look!

    Im a firm believer in the bagel thin sandwich. Yum:)

  11. I make smoked turkey sandwhich goodness on an everything bagel, with the ice burg and ranch(homemade).. The part you forgot? Garden vegetable cream cheese. Do it next time, you'll love me!

  12. The new look is good... even great but it will take some getting used to.

    The sandwich looks fab, I'm gonna have to try those bagel thins I see everywhere these days.

    I'm ashamed to say I've been neglecting November. Thanks for the reminder.


  13. Give me a minute....I must just sit here for a bit and soak up all the lovely that is your new blog design.
    Love it!
    p.s. What is this buffalo turkey you speak of? As in buffalo chicken wings style?

  14. oh me oh my!! I love the new design. Tres chic. o la la...

  15. *love* *love* your new design!!
    i can't believe november is half through!! i'm for sure taking each day at a time!

  16. Mercy! This new looks is A-MAZING! I love it...

    I love that the photo with adoption is a gift.

    What is this bagel thin you speak of? A skinny bagel? Is this an American thing? Cause gosh darn, I think a skinny bagel is a right fine idea, I hate all the thickness of a bagel. Or is this a 'light' version of a bagel?

    Girl-you ARE a genius.

  17. Shannan, I love the new look! It's fantastic! :) Great post! As always. I don't want to rush into Christmas either. I am enjoying November and will enjoy Thanksgiving. Then comes Christmas.

  18. Oohhh, what a nice surprise. I'm loving the pinstripe down the sides. :)

  19. Love the new look, and this post. Just a great little package.

  20. Law, Shanny, that new look of yours really does strike my fancy!

    And if i do say so myself that was quite a nice compliment i just received. I'll be pulling out my betty crocker-ness a little more often. :)

  21. Will you just go ahead a publish a book, already?? I'd buy it, and read it over and over. I think you're genius ;)I love your writings! And I adore your new blog-look, it's so cute and organized :)
    If you EVER get one extra minute, could you check out my giveaway?
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  22. ~*~*LOL!! LOVED reading your post!! Too funny..~**~ Hugs,Rachel~*~*

  23. I have so much trouble designing my blog. I want it to be perfect and reflective of me, but BAM you change it over day and it is beautiful. Just like the words you write on the page, your new look is delicate, but fiercely confident.

  24. Golly.
    Now I want a sandwich.
    Like REALLYreally want a sandwich.
    Lovely new look around the blog, dear!

  25. Excellent!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Please pass the cookies and tell your blog that I love its new outfit.

  26. no one has ever said it better sweet girl!!
    i love it!!!
    i couldn't agree more!
    love this post
    love your new bloggie makeover
    love that you love your life
    YOU are an inspiration to me this morning

  27. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I do declare that this house shan't see a Christmas decoration no sooner than Dec. 7th. I love Thanksgiving because it's about being thankful - a place I try to live year round - it's about pumpkins and poultry - and there are no gifts to be bought - only gifts of the heart to be given upward and outward. And pie. There are pies. You must adore a holiday that showcases pie. I could go on, and I shall. I love Christmas, and I get misty-eyed talking about it. But I abhor the rush that it puts us all in, rushing to 'finish' the decorating, the gifts - why the rush? I want to soak in every bough, and wrap each gift with love and appreciation for the person. I want to realize how blessed I am when I make the gift list instead of fretting over it. I want to bake cookies on Christmas eve. I refuse to rush it. I refuse to start it before Dec. I've said my peace. Thank you, and Amen. Respectfully yours- The Coop Keeper

  28. I couldn't agree more - hate rushing through Thanksgiving to get to Christmas.

  29. Girlie I can't even concentrate on what you wrote I'm so excited you got a FACELIFT!!! It's bea-u-ti-ful! Now your blog matches your amazing talent...yay:) Thanksgiving indeed...ha!

  30. Looking sooooo good! Loving the new design and of course, your photography is AMAZING! I am already wanting to try that awesome looking sandwhich!

  31. I have to comment before I even read...I LOVE your new blog look, love it!

  32. I thought I had clicked on the wrong blog when I saw your new look! I love it..super fun and fresh :)


  33. Don't shun me, but I put up my tree last night! We take off for Disney soon, and are gone for Thanksgiving & I'm thrilled about it :) I couldn't wait for Christmas - I'm all about the glitter baby!

    PS - it's almost lunch and again you post all this food & now I'm starving - I want those cookies!

  34. Ok, this is my 2nd comment on this that even allowed? Anyways, your new look led me to read through all of your "home" posts..and I am totally in love with your house! I must have started following you after you posted about your fabulous kitchen and bathroom renovations. I'm totally jealous now ;)


  35. The blog remodel is FAB! Where do you buy everything bagel thins? The sandwich sounds yummy. I love these two weeks of calm before the snowstorm of Christmas arrives :)

  36. I have never heard of a bagel thin. Will it make me slim??xx

  37. Whoaaaa Nelly! Where am I? I am easily confused. Fancy pants. Love your personalized FPFG logo. The pinstripe on the sides really is you. Reminds me of all those danged shirts you always wear tucked under Grandpa Sweaters. That's right...I pay attention. What was this post about...oh whatever.

  38. please let me be the 451st person to say i LOVE your new look. i am hereby abandoning my blog and jetting over to live here.

  39. Your new blog look is PERFECTION!

  40. I usually wait on Christmas til after the turkey feast but this year, as I know I have go on and on about Disney, I have decided to start with the decorations so I can enjoy all the traditional movies and relax into Christmas season. I love how you write... however I fear this may be one of the too smart for Annie posts. hehe
    PS My favorite movie of all time is a Thanksgiving movie... Plane ,Trains and Automobiles. It is my go-to happy and cry movie. LOVE it so!