Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today was a day for triple-batched pumpkin bread, the inaugural pomegranate of the holiday season, two rounds of the rhyming game and a last-minute (the best kind!) invitation to dinner. It may or may not be true that I never made it to the shower and, henceforth, spent my day in a circa-1996 ball cap. I should know by now that the last-minute invites never come when I'm gussied up.

Silas was a dream-boat. I think he caught wind that some of his secrets had gotten out. He was in full-on damage control mode, and that's alright with me.

Ruby walked downstairs from her nap this afternoon, fuzzy-haired and dreamy-eyed and said, "I just love you, Sister Friend."

So, it seems, Sister Friend clearly does pay attention when I talk.

She has also started telling Daddy that he's "adorable".

Any way you slice it, she's a keeper. That's all I'm saying.

Calvin continues to forge ahead with his crack-up self.

For one thing, he announced today, out of the blue, that when he grows up, he would like to fight in the Korean War. He is nothing if not loyal to the Motherland.

In other Calvin-related news, we had our first parent-teacher-conference this week. It seems Mr. Lee has a bit of a problem keeping his trap shut whilst schooling. I could not believe it. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the news.

Or not.

And speaking of speaking about Calvin, I need to speak to you about our bedtime convo from last night.

Calvin: Why does Ruby have brown skin even though Shoshy has white skin?

Cory: Well, because Ruby's birth daddy is from Africa, so he has really dark brown skin.

Calvin: did their two skins communicate to make Ruby's skin?

Me: Well, a lot of times, a baby looks a little bit like the birth mommy and a little bit like the birth daddy. Like, sometimes baby Macy looks like Uncle Kevin, and sometimes she looks like Aunt Lindsey.

Calvin: Do you have a picture of my birth daddy?

Me: No, but I wish we did! I'm sure he must be really handsome.
(Right about now, I'm getting nervous that this conversation is veering dangerously into emotional territory, which is never a good thing right before bedtime.)

Calvin: OK, I have one more question, but it's complicated.

Me: (Oh dear.)

Cory: Go ahead.

Calvin: After the Titanic sank...

Me and Cory: {hysterical laughter}

Me: Calvin, go to bed!