Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today was a day for triple-batched pumpkin bread, the inaugural pomegranate of the holiday season, two rounds of the rhyming game and a last-minute (the best kind!) invitation to dinner. It may or may not be true that I never made it to the shower and, henceforth, spent my day in a circa-1996 ball cap. I should know by now that the last-minute invites never come when I'm gussied up.

Silas was a dream-boat. I think he caught wind that some of his secrets had gotten out. He was in full-on damage control mode, and that's alright with me.

Ruby walked downstairs from her nap this afternoon, fuzzy-haired and dreamy-eyed and said, "I just love you, Sister Friend."

So, it seems, Sister Friend clearly does pay attention when I talk.

She has also started telling Daddy that he's "adorable".

Any way you slice it, she's a keeper. That's all I'm saying.

Calvin continues to forge ahead with his crack-up self.

For one thing, he announced today, out of the blue, that when he grows up, he would like to fight in the Korean War. He is nothing if not loyal to the Motherland.

In other Calvin-related news, we had our first parent-teacher-conference this week. It seems Mr. Lee has a bit of a problem keeping his trap shut whilst schooling. I could not believe it. I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the news.

Or not.

And speaking of speaking about Calvin, I need to speak to you about our bedtime convo from last night.

Calvin: Why does Ruby have brown skin even though Shoshy has white skin?

Cory: Well, because Ruby's birth daddy is from Africa, so he has really dark brown skin.

Calvin: did their two skins communicate to make Ruby's skin?

Me: Well, a lot of times, a baby looks a little bit like the birth mommy and a little bit like the birth daddy. Like, sometimes baby Macy looks like Uncle Kevin, and sometimes she looks like Aunt Lindsey.

Calvin: Do you have a picture of my birth daddy?

Me: No, but I wish we did! I'm sure he must be really handsome.
(Right about now, I'm getting nervous that this conversation is veering dangerously into emotional territory, which is never a good thing right before bedtime.)

Calvin: OK, I have one more question, but it's complicated.

Me: (Oh dear.)

Cory: Go ahead.

Calvin: After the Titanic sank...

Me and Cory: {hysterical laughter}

Me: Calvin, go to bed!


  1. That Calvin's a keeper! The teacher put on my daughter's report card- she's very social!!! with all the exclamation marks!

  2. I love your family! Isn't it funny how their little minds work and what comes out of their mouths...mine used to crack me up all time, usually though it was when they were being bad. And you can't laugh out loud then...or you shouldn't!
    Sounds like a wonderful day with lots of memories ~
    Hope you all have a great weekend!

  3. i imagine the conversation between our kindies would be hysterical. good laugh for me before bed! xoxo oh wait it's only 8. :)

  4. This was GREAT!!! Again, may I have Calvin??

  5. OMG, Calvin's my kind of guy. Bedtime? Nah... and he sure knows how to pick a diversion. The Titanic, that's classic.

  6. Oh my Lord. I'm on my way. Please have all three dressed and ready with their bags packed. I'll take good care of them, I promise - and I'm only 105 minutes away. You can come anytime you'd like and visit.

  7. Props to the Corkster for the great photos...!

  8. oh. my. holy. ever. lovin'. land.

    i am so in love with all three of them and i don't even real-life know them.

    hilarious. squeeze 'em good tonight! :)

  9. Sister Friend and Mr. Lee had me cracking up CUTE!

  10. Oh! I am so glad that I decided to peruse Blogland one more time before bed! This post was so well worth it. You are the icing on the cake girl! I have laughed like it was my day job.

    By the way, thanks for the adoption series. Today was especially meaningful to me. Just a few weeks ago I said to God, in my most smarty-pants voice, that I was tired of waiting on my precious soul to arrive. He said, in His most patient voice, that I still had some things I needed to know first.

    So, in the past several weeks He has been showing me that my day that I celebrate her arrival will most certainly be her worst day. While I will gain, she will have lost. The day I long for, will be most likely be the beginning of her sorrow. It will be hard. It will not be fun. As I read your post today about Silas I couldn't help but think that God put me where I needed to be right then. To read those words, to understand a little better. Thanks so much for writing them, and for sharing them.

    I don't mean to post every time you write something, but if you weren't so darn good at writing I wouldn't be compelled to do so!

    Joy K. in S.C.

  11. Calvin for President....or send him to Hollywood. Same diff. The kid got game.

  12. P.S. I love your shiny new look :o)

  13. Your kids are rockstars! I wish I'd written more down that my kids said. We have a notebook for the grandkids gems.
    Red rover, red rover send those kids right over!!

  14. Okay sister friend...our kids need to mingle. That would be a hoot!

  15. Love your kids and your blog. You should consider having your blog printed and bound each year. All of this will be treasure to your kids as they get older and of course their future spouses.

    "after the Titanic sank..." priceless.

  16. That's hysterical!!! Calvin is such a thinker. And I love him even more cos of the Korean war thing. MASH is my most favourite show everrr!

  17. Kids say the sweetest things, don't they? :)

  18. Wow. If he's that good at thinking up well attempted diversions at this age, just think what he'll be able to gather up in his mind in his teenage years.
    I'd consider this Titanic story your warning...

  19. Sounds like a glorious day all around...

    I'm still chuckling. ;)

  20. I am going to snatch that sweet baby boy right out of that little stroller. Adorable little folded hands, one pantleg up, one pantleg down with a cute little patch of a cute little leg peeking out. Shall I come and get him, or do you deliver?

  21. Your kids just crack me up!! I would love to know what's going on in Calvey's mind all the time.. clearly some deeper thoughts than I'm having!

  22. Ess,

    Please don't ever stop blogging. :-)
    Well, unless you get lots of big, fancy-schmancy book deals and don't have time to blog because you're too busy writing amazing hard/paperback books for us to read. (Which I 100% believe is just a matter of time!)


  23. Laughter that brought tears. "How did their skins communicate?" "After the Titanic sank..." Oh baby, I'd love to be in that boy's brain just for two minutes. You could write a whole book on conversations with Calvin.

    Oh, and can we please arrange for your Ruby and my Seth to be married in 25 years? He's a hard worker and he loves Jesus. No dowry required.

  24. Oh he is hilarious. Seriously we could put him and Aubrie in a room together & the things we'd hear - love it! Can we do an arranged marriage? ha!

  25. and now i'm laughing hysterically...

  26. i'm smiling, thank you so much for sharing. i really need a light hearted something fun with kiddos. maybe i need to buy a pomegranate to lift the mood? hugs!

  27. Your kiddos are all sooo stinkin cute! ~Enjoy Kim

  28. oh goodness, the cuteness just doesn't stop now does it! Love love love converstations with kiddos, mine were all about santa last night, which kinda baffles me cause school doens't talk about santa and surely the pool man and I have not talked about him THAT much, but the punk knew everything...I think someone is telling him behind my back so he gets more presents....he thinks santa is coming today! seriously! your stories, have a fab weekend, mkay!

  29. my youngest boy took to calling me his "sweet potato". I LOVE IT! Kids just have a way of melting your heart like no other. btw love the new lay out :)

  30. if our families lived closer to one another...we'd be really, really good friends.

    and, we'd eat dinner often without makeup or gussied up clothes.

    the end.

    calvin makes me smile.
    silas being so cute will help him when he's having "hard" days.
    ruby...well, she says "sister friend" so we're like twins.

  31. Love the way Calvin's mind works. By the way, I don't know if I've ever confessed this to you but for years I have craved adopting a little Asian girl. I feel my dream dying so I have put pressure on my girls to provide me with a little Asian princess. Then the other day when you left that comment about Emma maybe being too old for Calvin it occurred to me...a marriage between the two would guarantee my dream coming true. So there we have it. It's as good as done.

  32. Calvin is hilarious and also very smart. Is your baby in a doll stroller. I remember walking to the park in Colorado with my granddaughter. She pushed her baby stroller.
    No one told me at the time that she wouldn't walk home on her own. So Grammy put her in the baby stoller on the sidewalk. I walked in the street and pushed her all the way home. Walking in the street kept me from bending over to push the stroller. Saw this picture and it made me remember that funny day.

  33. So funny! I love the Korean war comment!!!

  34. Um...I really wanted to know the Titanic question. :) And you reminded me that I need to extend a last minute invite to dinner. :)

  35. I'm catching up on your blog. Thanks for always sharing such great stories! I laughed out loud at the end of this post! PS Not sure I told you but the post about Johnny Jumpy Kitty with the pics was shared with all my friends..ok and my Mom and my Auntie. I love a sweet story! Thanks again!