Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Half-Full

My day began with the following news, "I didn't put the pee pee in the think. Calvin did it."

Calvin, quick to his own defense, corrected her. "No, no. It wasn't pee pee. It was just potty water."

Oh, well, in that case...

This is what happens, folks, when the parents stay in bed for 15 extra minutes after the big kids come downstairs.

The day began there and it somersaulted through its usual course of frustration - exasperation - unbridled joy - humdrum monotony - tears - belly giggles - snacks - wipings - beauty - drudgery - and unexpected heart-piercing pangs that result when the sum total of love in one's heart exceeds the available square footage.

Every day, it's the same mix.

Every day.

And I'm sure you've noticed my propensity for yammering on about these days of ours, serving up proof of their magnificence and worth via snapshots.

But you and I both know - they're only that. They're snapshots. Split-second clicks of a shutter that elevate the simplest moment in time. It's my life - with a bow in its hair.

I could focus on the dirty socks or the well-worn path to the time-out chair, and sometimes I do.

But today?

I'll take my Pie straight out of the pan.

I'll keep my eyes on the happy boots and ignore all of the reasons one might own a pair.

I'll remember that I dug through the bag of pretzels for that wonky "N"...

...and I'll cut myself some slack for the time(s?) I lost my cool.

I'll remember that cute kids are cute kids, even with perpetual, chilly-weather nose crust.

I'll listen closer to the gibberish songs my baby sings all the live-long day and gloss right over his toddler-thug demands.

I'll drop to the ground to tickle a wily toddler and look up just to take in the cockeyed view of provision.

I'll nick my record with a butter knife so it skips on purpose - "let it be an opportunity for joy".

Go on ahead, haul the toys onto the island and tell me I'm the best cooker ever while I chop up the veggies. Who am I to turn down a little color in my world?

Life, it seems, is a heaping pile of election-day Asian Cuisine.

And now? You'll have to excuse me. There's election-day salsa calling my name.