Friday, November 19, 2010

A Bushel And A Peck And Two Bags

This is the magnificence of life: just as the last leaf drops and the skeletal trees begin to shiver and my brain shifts into its seasonal "Winter-is-a-long-time-with-three-little-kids-and-lake-effect-snow" mode, a surprise sweeps through like a Nor'easter.

A few weeks ago I won this contest. It was the funniest thing, because I am not prone to entering contests. I had read her post - I read them all, but I didn't comment, because I tend to feel that someone else might need a surprise more than I do. Days later, for reasons I cannot recall, I found myself reading that post again, only the second time around, I just felt so proud of my friend. I imagined what it might be like to create something with your own heart and hands and launch it into the world. I wanted to support her and encourage her, and at that moment, my comment did not feel like tossing my hat into the ring. It felt more like a high-five.

And then...I won.

Who would've thought that 208 was such a lucky number?

I first met my friend Jeanne back when I bought this skirt. Sister Friend has style to beat the band. She's generous and goofy. She inspires me out of my sweatpants. She is genuine and understands to her core the particular magic of a gift.

I spent the entire day of my win with a tab opened to her shop. I pretend shopped. I waffled. I lurched from practical to extravagant and landed somewhere right in the middle. Two bags strike me as perfectly, extravagantly practical, wouldn't you agree?

Truth be told, I felt a little odd, choosing pretty things for myself, for free. It was unfamiliar territory, but I pushed through.

A couple of days ago, I received a box fulla swoonery.

Glory hallelujah, did I ever put that bag on.

Oooh, and the necklace. I want to marry the necklace.

I grocery shopped in style, yes I did.
I found reasons to rummage around in the bag.

And there's a whole 'nother bag, up in my boudoir.
2 bags, I'm saying.

Incidentally, the boots were not from Jeanne, but it only seemed fitting to shine the spotlight on them, too.

Thank you, JB.

I'm sorry for telling you all of the time that I want to steal your clothes/you're lucky I don't live closer or I might stalk you/etc.

I feel sorta bad for all of that, considering.


  1. You go girl! Great choices, I love Jeanne too.

  2. someone was doing jumpy claps when you just might have been me:)

  3. LOVE the bag and the necklace! Congrats!
    Off to check out her shop...


  4. You deserve it all! I'm so glad you shared what your choices were...can't wait to see the other bag!

    I bought a skirt from her shop after you introduced me to her! :)

  5. ~**~ LOVE your new stuff! I bought the same bag but in brown with ruffles..I LOVE it too!! Hugs,Rachel ;) *~*~*

  6. I was so excited for you!!! You look pretty snazzy with all your new loot:-)

  7. Bag envy!! How will I evah asleep?

  8. Ohhhhhh, I don't like to use the word jealous too many times in a day, but jealous I am! I could be swooned by that bag in a skinny minute.

    Incidentally, my attention has quickly shifted from handbags to diaper bags as we will be whisking off to the hospital in the morning to pick up a package of brown sugar tied up in a frilly pink bow. So, why exactly is it that I am commenting on your blog instead of treasuring the last few moments I have to sleep? I have no idea.

    I am still so jealous of your mail!

    Joy K. in S.C.

  9. I have to tell you, I just love and adore your blog. Every time I read it, I am so inspired by your ease of writing and the love you have for your family. I hope, one day, to have kids that I feel as deeply and madly for as you do.

  10. Love it all! You are such a doll!! ;-) Enjoy your gifts!

  11. Some people wear superman pajamas, superman wears chuck norris pajamas. :)

  12. Are you not a fashionista girl. Love that bag and the necklace and boots. We need to gussy up for grocery shopping. It makes you feel good. I know I am late in saying this but I LOVE your new blog layout. It is perfect. The logo is so cute. :)

  13. Good for U! It looks rad on your hip there Girlie & yes that necklace rocks it.~Enjoy Kim

  14. Gorgeous bag! Just gorgeous!
    You do make me giggle, girl!
    Now tell me/us, have you done something with your hair? It looks different somehow. Loving it!

  15. Oooh, I love it all! You blog redo looks great, too.

  16. i for one am glad you won. you give a whole lot of love to so many of us, you deserve a little love sent your way to. you picked such a lovely things!! i want to marry that necklace to, and that bag is so pretty. i bet it makes grocery shopping way more fun. ;)

  17. Love the bag. Seriously, what a fun giveaway to win!

  18. Congratulations on the win! The bag and necklace are just spectacular! They look perfect on you.

    Am I the only one who sees something terribly wrong here? It's almost criminal... I've got to say it and I can't hold it in anymore...

    Here it goes...

    Don't be mad at me...

    Why haven't you written a book? Are you working on one? What's the hold-up? I feel almost selfish indulging in your writing. Honestly, it needs to be shared with the world.

    You have a gift.


  19. You are such a lucky girl. That must have been amazing fun. I covet her collection. If only I wasn't on that silly 'ol budget. I can't wait to see your other bag.

  20. Cute new look to your blog! LOVE that you splurged on yourself. We all need to do taht from time to time, but it always seems such a hard thing to do!

  21. The bag and the necklace were made for you. You look so cute in them. Love your new blog look and the side picture you picked of your family. Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. I don't even know you but ooooh, for months I have missed you more than you know. I've been away from the interwebs for a few months now but catching up here today made my whole. entire. day. Will you be my best friend?

    Oh, and PS - LOVE the bag and the baubles (and the packaging). :) Way too cute!

  23. OK ~ so, hoping the boots were a recent and as good a purchase as the Shamago boots.
    Do tell. Please :)

    ~Andrea in NH

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  25. So I just posted and realized it sounded goofy and weird. Anywho, I am going to try again. I am so happy that you won. Well, I have been ever since I got over not winning :) I love that necklace!

  26. you look fabulous in your goodies!!
    i have the same bag & i too feel very hip and cool when i'm sportin' it !!!
    have a wonderful week :)

  27. I have been wondering with anticipation what you were going to choose and was hoping you'd share it with all of us. Great pics! I love the bag! It's swoony!!!!

  28. I did see the corner of your bag the other day when we met, but there was so much to chat about that I forgot to compliment you on it. It is DARLING!

  29. Holy guacamole... you have the longest legs on earth. I realize that this has nothing to do with what you were talking about, but I happen to have the SHORTEST legs on earth so I notice things like this. The bag is nice and all...but what I REALLY want is long the sell those too anywhere?