Friday, October 1, 2010

What You Look Like From Here

A few weeks ago there was a "thing" going around Blogville. I love "things", at least in theory.

This particular "thing" had to do with showing the corner of the world where one blogs. So, I took a few photos....and never did another darn thing with them.

That wagon passed me by.

Story of my life.

But it's nearly one thirty in the ayem and I couldn't sleep for all my afflictions such as dry nasal passages, a crookish neck and temperature control issues.

Plus, I had read an extensive recounting of the behind-the-scenes drama of Jersey Shore right before I bunked down. Apparently Snookie and The Situation are getting all of the attention and I can personally attest to that fact, because I have never seen one second of the show, and theirs were the only "names" I was familiar with.

I was lying there, twisting and turning and blowing and wincing and wondering what forms of childhood angst propel one into a world in which a job is optional and a real name is frowned upon. Oh, and the whole world tunes in just to see what you're (not) up to.

'Twasn't an elixir befitting sleep.

So, a bowl of Cookie Crisp beckoned me, and the next thing I knew, I was here - up on my stool.

Can you believe I sit here? Me either. It really is as uncomfortable as it looks. And get this - back when I worked? Right here, up on this very same, very creaky stool.

I've got a few things to work out, ergonomically speaking.

But it was $2. And I'm smart enough not to argue with that.

This is cheery, no?!

It may very well be the only red item in my entire home.

It's not fair, my aversion to red. I've started feeling a bit sorry for red. We have a lot of catching up to do. We've missed out on a lot of good years together.

Look past the glare and you'll notice my beloved periodic table of the elements. This is the exact table I gazed upon in 11th grade Chemistry. It's possible that this is the exact table my Mom gazed upon in 11th grade Chemistry.

It's not every ol' day that Chemistry and History collide.

It's Chistory, in the making.

You heard it here first.

(Remind me again why I'm awake right now?)


  1. Oh girl I am awake too! I love your blogging spot. Love the chart, (Annie's too) and the stool. I have never seen Jersey Shore either but I do know of the two you mentioned! Do I know who the attorney general is... no. How bad is that?
    I love the little red stamper. The only colors I don't do alot of is purple(not a fan). I think that comes from a purple cheer uniform on this redhead was not a great color.
    By the way, after you showed all your blue and white striped shirts I noticed you also have a chair like that -and was there a couch like that in your past? I think you might have a problem. And no, the problem is not a blog stalker... namely me! Get to bed Fred!

  2. I love red. Actually I love most colors. Preferably not in one outfit though. I have gone through spells of preference but am happy to say I like them all. I had to click your tab, realizing it had been written only 2 hors from the pups waking me from REM in hopes of eating but in the end only for a potty break. Just think that table was gazed up on by your Mama, my mama, all of the aunties and they uncle (that is assumng that they took chemistry, as I am uncertain of this fact let us assume they ALL did).

    XOXO Me.

  3. Oh how I feel your pain! I too watched a little bit of Jersey Shore last night....that show is crazy! The view of the corner is beautiful, have a great weekend.

  4. I never thought you to be the kind of person to judge based on color. I've gotta say, I'm disappointed.

    I was up til 1:30 so I feel your pain. You shoulda called me!

    I love your spot but can't believe you sat in the chair long hours working. I'm all for beauty and the bargain (isn't that a Disney movie? No? It should be. I'll call them) but there is no way this back would be sitting there for any extended time.

  5. I LOVE red. And I love the periodic table of elements. In fact, I just finished reading through them with the kids. I bet YOU'D love the book---it's The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, by Theodore Gray (

  6. I love the peek you gave us of your things. That chair is not conducive to sleep! However, I too, have trouble sleeping at night. I also love your periodic table of the elements. I can recite them. sorta.

  7. Oh man I'm having lots of laughs here! The comments are as good as the post! I just never bonded with the elements. My ions are whacked I guess. :)

  8. I love your chair, but I did mean to ask if it was as uncomfortable as it looks. I also love your table/desk. In fact, I'm pretty sure it is my very, very favorite thing out of all the very cool things in your house.

  9. Okay, so I am jealous of your photography skills! I love the colors you have captured in images of your things. I am sure you have such an interesting and amazing home!

  10. Oh girlie...I love those sleepy real pictures of you. I'm still trying to figure out how I can come see you when I go home at Thanksgiving. Don't think it's the folks anniversary kids and honey with...THANKSGIVING. But it's all I can do NOT to drive to your house first thing. Maybe Spring!! Thanks for sharing your spot. Looks like a lovely place to write your masterpieces:) Have a great weekend girl.

  11. I love your space and I have a strange aversion to red too... I am a green girl. I love your table with all its memories and charm.
    have a happy weekend!

  12. Love your chair, but not to sit on :) The periodic table is awesome, and you definitely should use more red in your house. It's so cheerful. Hope you have a better night's sleep tonight!

  13. "Chistory"...oh brother?.....


  14. So neat... and tidy... and colour coordinated, save the red. I will never try this particular "thing" because my readers would never return. Insomnia... I posted a middle of the morning post before last. Probably one of my favourites. Much darker than usual though. Funny how inspiration looks different in the wee hours.
    Time to clean my "area"

  15. If I had only known! 1:30 had me taking people poo poo and fetching water and lamenting the gosh darn humidity.
    We could have met up.

    What are the odds they'd ever have an Indiana Shore?

    Also, I saw a shirt with the periodic table at a store and I thought of you.
    It was red though.
    What a conundrum.
    I love red BTW.
    See ya. Gotta eat some "chocolate soup" now, compliments of Q.

  16. Do you have a background in science? I ask because of the periodic table. The regulars here probably think that's a silly question, but I'm new to your blog.

  17. I LOVED seeing a corner of your home! Share more when the mood strikes. So sorry to hear you weren't sleeping though!

  18. crisis averted. Mr. Potato head has saved the day and I'm back for my regularly scheduled second comment.
    In other news, I'm about to sell a certain three year old down the river...or is it up the river?
    Anyway he's for sale.

    What am I talking about? CHILDREN! They interrupt my precious FPFG time. My precious.
    I wanted to say actually, that I knew there was a reason I loved you. Chistory.

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  20. Whoops, tried to edit, and it deleted the whole thing..ok, so Hi..I used to follow you when you were on Xanga. I just met Julie of Little Red Shop, and we were talking about blogs we love, she was telling me about you, and I was telling her about you when you used to have your other site, neither one of us realizing we were talking about the same person! Such a small world sometimes, I laughed when I realized I'd rediscovered you! Glad to be back! Lisa :-)

  21. oy.

    and i thought my chair was uncomfortable! how do you do that??? lol

  22. Personally, red is my downfall. If allowed, I would have red everywhere.

    Love, love your space. Love the table. Love the look of the periodic table (and I have a strong aversion to Chemistry!). . . but it just looks so wonderful hanging there.

  23. Yes, girl. You and Red DO have some catching up to do. I'm kicking myself for not asking you and Theresa to just sit down and have some tea the other day instead of hurrying you out the door of the Loft. Let me know if you find yourself with a free hour or so someday.

  24. Love your blogging space! Not loving that you couldn't sleep.

  25. oh man I gasped! I love your table of elements too! How cool are we with table of element charts - high five sista! I love the stool too and would gladly sit upon it's uncomfortableness b/c its style - how crazy am I? Anyway I think you can rock the red :) It's my favorite color, but I use it sparingly - red is a lot for others to handle! I do have a red couch though and I heart it - I heart it a lot.

  26. okay, loving the red stamper! how are you feeling this afternoon - have you gotten some coffee or a nap? it's no fun to go sleepless. great way to spend the wee hours of the night though! loved the post! :)

  27. great way, if you can't sleep i mean. obviously the nicest way to spend those hours is in a dreamy state. but that goes without saying...and yet i still felt the need to say it. i'll stop now. :)

  28. I ♥ your space! And I love reading your commentary. :)

    And, I had to smile when I got to the last picture, b/c that is EXACTLY how I sit. And was sitting, when I scrolled to the last picture. :)

    ♥ ya,

    Silver Lining

  29. Even in your tiredness you are so fun :D Your pics make even the "red" thing look interesting.

    Seems like many women I'm in touch with lately are all having these "wee morning" sessions.

  30. Looks like a good bloggin spot to me! I just got schooled on the 'Situation' this week. Exactly the reason I am anti-pop culture.

  31. Okay,
    You are a funny middle of the night blogger. I already have to read your posts with NO distractions...this one was a real chore...hehe. I hope you got some sleep after you posted, and I am hoping for a new chair for you. That looks really uncomfortable! Hope you have a great weekend friend. Still waiting for a Curly Girly post...

  32. I just had to post... I have an aversion to red as well. You stated it much nicer than I usually do. ;)

  33. The PTE always gave me nightmares....always. So, if I had to look at that, I'd not sleep either...heh.

    But I love red, and I hope you will embrace the red and give that mechanical stamper thingy a friend to hang out with, okay?


  34. I love your periodic table and love it more that it was the one from your school. Your office space is just cool. I would work there and love it. I think that stool has a spell on you :)

  35. red is passion, baby! ;) I've always tried to avoid it and just can't get away from it. I give :)

    I love your's so old-quaint-schoolhouse-ish. I hope you feel better, lovey.

  36. crack me up girl

    love that periodic table--did you score that on your schoolhouse adventure

    red? no red? seriously? i so see your fun cheery self being a kindred red lover
    i'm so disappointed to discover this is not the case

    lets hear it for cookie crisp
    or lucky charms
    or oh's
    now we're talking

  37. I'm sorry Shannan. All I can do is giggle.

  38. Your space is so cute!!!
    It just drives me crazy when I can't sleep too!

  39. looks like a nice cheery spot to do all your creative writing. hope it's not keeping you up at nite!

  40. Well, I do love red -- my house is covered in we don't have that in common. But I am all for using a periodic table as art -- I mean, what else could it possibly be good for (English major, can you tell?!). Seriously, that is way cool, I love it.

  41. Law girl - what are you gonna do when you are up and ailin' with the menopause? You be gettin' no sleep at all. No sleep. I love your stool, but most of all, I love it when you are up on it.