Friday, October 1, 2010

What You Look Like From Here

A few weeks ago there was a "thing" going around Blogville. I love "things", at least in theory.

This particular "thing" had to do with showing the corner of the world where one blogs. So, I took a few photos....and never did another darn thing with them.

That wagon passed me by.

Story of my life.

But it's nearly one thirty in the ayem and I couldn't sleep for all my afflictions such as dry nasal passages, a crookish neck and temperature control issues.

Plus, I had read an extensive recounting of the behind-the-scenes drama of Jersey Shore right before I bunked down. Apparently Snookie and The Situation are getting all of the attention and I can personally attest to that fact, because I have never seen one second of the show, and theirs were the only "names" I was familiar with.

I was lying there, twisting and turning and blowing and wincing and wondering what forms of childhood angst propel one into a world in which a job is optional and a real name is frowned upon. Oh, and the whole world tunes in just to see what you're (not) up to.

'Twasn't an elixir befitting sleep.

So, a bowl of Cookie Crisp beckoned me, and the next thing I knew, I was here - up on my stool.

Can you believe I sit here? Me either. It really is as uncomfortable as it looks. And get this - back when I worked? Right here, up on this very same, very creaky stool.

I've got a few things to work out, ergonomically speaking.

But it was $2. And I'm smart enough not to argue with that.

This is cheery, no?!

It may very well be the only red item in my entire home.

It's not fair, my aversion to red. I've started feeling a bit sorry for red. We have a lot of catching up to do. We've missed out on a lot of good years together.

Look past the glare and you'll notice my beloved periodic table of the elements. This is the exact table I gazed upon in 11th grade Chemistry. It's possible that this is the exact table my Mom gazed upon in 11th grade Chemistry.

It's not every ol' day that Chemistry and History collide.

It's Chistory, in the making.

You heard it here first.

(Remind me again why I'm awake right now?)