Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Falling

We stretched out our hands and snatched up so many gorgeous October days that they spilled through our fingers a little.

Leaf throwing in short sleeves. You cannot top it.

At least not in October.

In keeping with Fallishness, we've hauled out the flannel shirts and the water resistant eyeliner.

I asked my girl if she wanted to be a Princess for her Fall party. Or maybe a bride!

I asked late in the day, the party just 15 hours away. I was confident that one of these girly options would strike her fancy. I was hoping one would stick, because those were the only girlish dress up options to be found in this here house.

She shot 'em both down.

Homegirl had her sights set on working the land.

She rocked those overalls. Cutest farmer I ever did see, no offense to the locals.

Then there's this guy.

The scarecrow.

God bless Scarecrow Day for kindergartners. These dress-up days can cause much consternation for us mean no-Halloweeners.

But give us a specific dress-up project, and we'll work it out. It will probably be last minute and the patches on the jeans will be taped on, not sewn. We will ultimately decide that tennis shoes vs. hiking boots is not a battle worth waging.

We will kill that scarecrow costume.

Well you know, we won't literally kill it.

I don't know what's gotten into me with such gruesome language!

Must be the whole Halloween thing.

But I'm no hater.

No way, Jose.

{dramatic pause}

I may even prove it come Sunday.

{dramatic and abrupt exit}