Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Thankfuls

Today I'm thankful for fountain Pepsi and an unexpected visit from a dear friend who knew me way back when. I'm thankful for TJ Maxx and minestrone soup and my Honey, who picks up the slack so I can spend a day gallivanting around.

I'm also thankful for this guy here.

In the time it took me to cook dinner, he colored his hands blue, dumped out the cat food and unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper.

He is prone to fits of rage when he can't get the wheel of his plastic shopping cart up over the edge of the side walk.

When I call his name, he says, "What?" with a tinge of exasperation in his bitty voice.

He knows the tune to "Are You Sleeping" and I have no idea how. (It's a house favorite at his underground, black-of-the-night raves.)

He is angsty. His frustrations are well numbered.

But the twinkle in his eye puts Santa right to shame. He wears his orneriness like a badge of honor. He gives a whole new meaning to "challenging".

He is still calling me "Hon", a'la the tangerine-lipped lady at my first real job.

And I am hook, line and sinker.