Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Thankfuls

Today I'm thankful for fountain Pepsi and an unexpected visit from a dear friend who knew me way back when. I'm thankful for TJ Maxx and minestrone soup and my Honey, who picks up the slack so I can spend a day gallivanting around.

I'm also thankful for this guy here.

In the time it took me to cook dinner, he colored his hands blue, dumped out the cat food and unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper.

He is prone to fits of rage when he can't get the wheel of his plastic shopping cart up over the edge of the side walk.

When I call his name, he says, "What?" with a tinge of exasperation in his bitty voice.

He knows the tune to "Are You Sleeping" and I have no idea how. (It's a house favorite at his underground, black-of-the-night raves.)

He is angsty. His frustrations are well numbered.

But the twinkle in his eye puts Santa right to shame. He wears his orneriness like a badge of honor. He gives a whole new meaning to "challenging".

He is still calling me "Hon", a'la the tangerine-lipped lady at my first real job.

And I am hook, line and sinker.


  1. GREAT photos of you and Silas! He may be ornery and challenging now, but those traits will be of great value to him later in life, especially with you and CMG steering his little self in the right direction and turning those traits into determination and the will to never give up!

  2. I love the half CLEVER! You and Siley look like the best of friends!

  3. He is precious and I love the way your describe your children--it melts my heart!

  4. I'm always thankful for fountain sodas. I will take a cue from you and determine to be thankful if I ever find someone with blue's bound to happen eventually.

  5. I love S's irony. Are you sleeping? Amazing wit that one.

  6. Also why do you have to look so stinkin cute? A skinny belt? Could you be anymore refined?
    I take comfort in the photos that the paparazzi bring us...they keep you real, human, etc.

  7. I was always told it was much better to have a child who knows what they want, as they will turn into a leader, rather than the child who stands back as they may be destined to simply follow. I'm not sure if its true, but it made me feel better.

  8. He is so cute, and you look adorable too!

  9. These photos of you and your little boy....are priceless. You two fit so well together like a momma and her son should be. :)


  10. He's a cutie, which I am sure makes the orneriness a little easier to tolerate :)
    Love the pictures of you two together.

  11. I just have to say you look adorable! Love your outfit!

  12. I have a sweater almost exactly like that! :) I can't wait to see how he blossoms and adjusts with you guys.

  13. I just had my husband come in to read the description about Silas; we smiled, as our Ish is "prone to fits of rage" over similar things, like when he is balancing a plastic pancake on a spatula and it falls off. And I too am overwhelmingly thankful for every moment with him. ~Steph

  14. I tell ya, these pics and your words are precious. Perfectly precious.

  15. love it! our little hud has his fits of rage as well. he is 4 now (just turned) and i am finally starting to see him use some self control. for example, he used to hit me (right smack in the face) when he got mad, he hasn't done that in a very long time and for that i'm extremely thankful! it's so encouraging to see progress! i think challenging is just another word for drawing us to our knees, huh?! :)

  16. Love those pictures of you two together...he is so stinkin' cute ~ ornery and all!
    your thursday's I'd have a fountain coke

  17. My prediction (I have 3 brothers and 3 that he is an emerging genius! Hide and watch! What appears as being bad is actually science experiments :)

  18. What a precious gift you have there! Enjoy his young years :)

  19. I love the hook, line, sinker...
    I can say I feel that way about my boys too!
    I love your little man's spirit! He has such a twinkle in his eye, I bet he gets that from you...hehe. Love your outfit BTW, do you look that cute everyday or just on girlfriend days? I LOVE FOUNTAIN SODA!!!!! Boy I sure have alot of LOVE tonight.

  20. In my Korean extended families homes for some reason the Are you sleeping song was a popular one when I was a bitty. Except it was in Korean which I didn't speak but I got it. Weird.
    I like that he calls you Hon. Hopefully he doesn't start calling you Fern or Flo. Too cute that boy!

  21. Cute top, Hon!

    I go into fits of rage too...when I can't get the wheels of my shopping cart over the curb. What a dolly he is. (We're wearing matching socks!)

    : )

    Julie M.

  22. Oh my. I think my heart melted straight away. He is a stinker, that one. Emma was too at that age. You know I do believe those traits that are making you nuts now, you are grateful for later.

  23. Blue hands? Aren't you thankful he's not boring? Priceless.

  24. Fountain Diet Coke is my fav. Love the photos of you and Silas - he sounds like a handful.

  25. I have been following your blog for some time now. I LOVE it and look forward to your postings. I now watch my google reader every morning for your posts and since you have started your adoption story I have been stalking it even more. LOL My husband and I have been TTC for about 10 years. We are now going to try to adopt and your story has given us hope. We have worried about money and everything else and your blog has brought about peace to a decision that has brought mental turmoil and all the deciding to a decision. :) Thanks for your unbiased opinions and we look forward to joining you on te journey you have already taken.

  26. Love the way you describe your love for your children. You are blessed.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  27. We need to get our two together for a rendezvous then! We are in the 3-year-old, I don't wanna listen to anybody, I don't want to take naps, I'm a big girl, I can do it myself, If you make me mad I'll slam my door, If I don't get my way I'll have an epic fit, phase. Yay!

  28. He will probably never be a push over and that is good! He sure looks adorable...



  29. He is too stinking cute! I hope he stays ornery like that - my Ev is super ornery but I wouldn't want him any other way :)

  30. Look at you
    two darlin's....
    Makes my heart
    smile. My little
    challenge is now
    11 and 5'6"....
    Seemed like a blink.
    Hold on tight.
    xx Suzanne

  31. I simply LOVE your blog. Your writing style makes me smile. Thank you for drawing me back each day!

    San Diego, CA

  32. ahh so sweet! Love that he says "what" when you call him, my little does that with the same irritability in his voice, like why you a buggin' me! I miss having one that small to lug on my hip! soooo cute!