Sunday, October 24, 2010

Six On Sunday - Supermodels

You heard me.

I've been in a bit of a Nyquil fog this weekend. Those eerie, green horse-pills do strange things to me... They keep me up at night when I'm begging for sleep. They topsy-turvy me.

All night long I did the Sleepless Jig - turning, turning, turning. (And blowing my nose every 15 seconds, but that's not quite as book-worthy.)

I thought about what I would wear to church in the morning (my Rudolph-nosed self ended up staying in bed), I thought about our dinner menu for the first week of November (it's a sickness I have) and then I remembered that the next day was Six On Sunday day, and all I can tell you is that it came to me like sunshine on a cloudy day - Supermodels!

I think I've already shared my early 90's obsession. It was legendary. It was mostly secret, but it was still legendary. At least in my mind.

So, here they are - my top six runway broads (because I know you're just dying to know):

Helena Christensen
Homegirl was always my favorite. If you don't believe me, just ask Sarah. There was something about her face that was a bit otherworldly, in a good way. She was also just aloof enough to be a bit enigmatic, maybe a bit of a loner, and that always speaks to me. Plus, I like the name Helena. So there.

Christy Turlington
Turly, as they (and I - duh) called her, was one of the Big Three, back in the day. She was the nicest. And the most humble. And maybe the prettiest. Rumored to be included in the "we" of Linda Evangelista's infamous quote, "We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day", she was the very essence of Supermodel. She rocked a multitude of hairstyles, dated moguls and rock-stars, and breezed quite gracefully into post-Supermodeldom. No scandal. No hullabaloo. She's the teacher's pet of the whole lot of 'em. I'll bet she never even did drugs. (Not that any of them did...)

Kristen McMenamy
K-Mac emerged at the tail end of the reign of the pretty, curvy girls. All straight lines and scowly face, odd hairdo and piercings, she was the sour pickle to their cotton candy. She raged in with the Grungy girls and gave a whole new meaning to the catwalk stomp. I loved her for the fact that she was living proof that a girl with a very, ahem, unconventional look, could still be seen as beautiful. She created a ruckus when she shaved her eyebrows off and recently did it again when she emerged from "retirement" with naturally grey hair down to her booty. She's a rule-breaker. She defies convention and even today, refuses her spot in my center-aligned, single-file line. It's all good, K-Mac. We would expect nothing less.

Trish Goff
This cat stayed mostly above the fray. I can't recall even a morsel of juice about her. What I can say is that she was scrawny and brown-eyed and not especially striking, and I liked it.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

Keep in mind - these are my favorite Supermodels. Not my favorite talk show hosts. Not my favorite reality tv hosts. She was beautiful and a little exotic. She was also the rumored subject of a vicious rivalry at the hands of fashion's Loosest Cannon - Naomi Campbell, and we all know how I feel about underdogs...

Niki Taylor
My love for Niki goes way back to her first fashion cover - Seventeen magazine. Although it did always cause me a small measure of distress that she was just one year older than me, I faithfully rooted for her success. She was the quintessential American girl and made Cindy Crawford's mole seem almost garish in comparison. I still remember where I was when I heard the news that her younger sister, and fellow model, Krissy, died unexpectedly. They were like sisters to us. (Sort of.)

Honorable Mentions:
Claudia Schiffer - Guess jeans. 'Nuff said. In the end though, she dated David Creepyfield and that just says something about her.

Stephanie Seymour -A classic beauty with an air of mystery. And she rocked that wedding dress in the November Rain video. (We'll pretend that Stephanie's volatile, throwing-large-breakables-at-one-another dalliance with Axl Rose says nothing about her, just for the sake of the argument.)

So, there you have it.

I'm sure we'll all rest better tonight.