Monday, October 11, 2010

Magic Reheated

Remember how I said that The Magic only lasts for one day?

Well, I lied.

Today we were served up a heaping bowlful of left-over Magic, only in this case, The Magic just so happened to be of the taco soup variety. Everyone knows taco soup is better the next day.

This air. Well, I've officially decided that this is the reason I love fall. I don't love it for the "cozy" days or the cable-knit tights or the stay-in-and-watch-tv-in-your-jammies-because-it's-cold-and-wet-outside.

I love it best, and maybe only, when the blue sky has a yellow cast and dry leaves crunch beneath flip-flops that should've been thrown to the wolves a month ago. I love it when my arms are bare and I'm cutting perennials back and it just smells like a new start. It smells like a familiar beginning, like something is blooming even as it fades.

My love for fall is situational. I've accepted it.

So, tomorrow may sequester all of us with gloom and rain that chases those leaves right to the ground, stealing their pluck, drowning them into sodden brown.

But today?

Today we drank tea in the fall-scented sun.

We left our jackets on their hooks.

We worked and we played and it was hard to even say which was which, because it was just that kind of day.

We wore stripes with big dots with little dots with tiny, argyle socks and we didn't brush our hair until we really had no other choice.

It didn't matter that we didn't match, because it was just us and we're pretty forgiving.

And then we went and got groceries, and we didn't change one darn thing, because it's ok to wear our personality on our sleeve... and our pants leg... and our feet. It's ok to just be.

The leaves on certain trees slid from luminous into withered in just the span of today and I'm happy to say that we noticed.

All day long, Silas called me Honey. And Hon.

"Honey! HON! Joo! Be!"

("Mama, may I please have some juice?")

With lips like those, Pie, you can call me almost anything.

Today, we geared up enough to sweep the remnants of our busy weekend out the door and slowed down enough to take in the glowy panoramic view that buzzed on every side.

Today, we ate really, really well.



The truth is, I'm not exactly sure what's gotten into me these days. I've never been one to yammer on about fall, or "Autumn", as yammerers are prone to call it.

Any day now, I'm bound to stop giving play-by-play accounts of our days. I'm sure it's getting a bit redundant.

But from where I sit right now? Exciting seems overrated.