Saturday, October 2, 2010

Practice Sunday

I've been confused pretty much since the moment my right eye opened this morning.

For one thing, Cory and I have taken to the Fox Room for the past several nights. Just like my whole couch thing, I also get an itch for the Fox Room, every now and again. It all started when we spent an entire month up there, after bringing Silas home. The walls are closer, the bed is shorter and our toes hang off the end, just a little. But in that room, I am sandwiched by Silas to the West, Ruby to the East, and Calvin just a little further down. I love knowing that we're all so close. I love the weight of the duvet. I've been taking stacks of magazines and books up and burrowing in snug. It's a pretend retreat. A free one.

By the time my left eye opened, I was blow-drying my hair and Ruby was asking, "Are we going to church?" We were pulling on khakis and skirts and making our hair look nice. Classic Sunday morning material.

My breakfast didn't help matters - two mini chocolate-dipped pretzels rolled in toffee chips. To go.

And with that, we were off.

Today was family picture day.

10 adults.
1 7-year old.
2 5-year olds.
1 4-year old.
2 3-year olds.
1 2-year old.
1 newborn.

In the morning.
In the cold.

Silas did not smile for a single photo.

But all things considered? The troops were on gold-star behavior.

Cory took a few out-takes after the main event.

My brother-in-law took one of us. I've grown!

From there, we rushed home for vegetarian quesadillas, then naps.

I don't even want to talk about my wanna-be nap.

But the whole routine had me echoing Ruby all day long. Today is Sunday. Today is Sunday.

I wonder if I'll remember to go to church tomorrow?

I wonder if it will feel Groundhog Day-ish to live this day all over again?

Here I sit, under ugly blanket of blue. The heat just kicked on for the first time in months and it's giving off that surprisingly pleasant first-furnace-day smell. I have no Autumnal candle burning. I have no mums.

What I do have is the unexpected notion of a Double Sunday, and that's not a bad thing. I have a fridge full of food. I have knee socks covered in hearts. My honey sits beside me. My babies are mid-dream.

This is good, this feeling that it is time to draw things in and double-knot the bow. The season of closeness, of staying home, of cooking up a mean streak is upon us.

Bring it.