Saturday, October 2, 2010

Practice Sunday

I've been confused pretty much since the moment my right eye opened this morning.

For one thing, Cory and I have taken to the Fox Room for the past several nights. Just like my whole couch thing, I also get an itch for the Fox Room, every now and again. It all started when we spent an entire month up there, after bringing Silas home. The walls are closer, the bed is shorter and our toes hang off the end, just a little. But in that room, I am sandwiched by Silas to the West, Ruby to the East, and Calvin just a little further down. I love knowing that we're all so close. I love the weight of the duvet. I've been taking stacks of magazines and books up and burrowing in snug. It's a pretend retreat. A free one.

By the time my left eye opened, I was blow-drying my hair and Ruby was asking, "Are we going to church?" We were pulling on khakis and skirts and making our hair look nice. Classic Sunday morning material.

My breakfast didn't help matters - two mini chocolate-dipped pretzels rolled in toffee chips. To go.

And with that, we were off.

Today was family picture day.

10 adults.
1 7-year old.
2 5-year olds.
1 4-year old.
2 3-year olds.
1 2-year old.
1 newborn.

In the morning.
In the cold.

Silas did not smile for a single photo.

But all things considered? The troops were on gold-star behavior.

Cory took a few out-takes after the main event.

My brother-in-law took one of us. I've grown!

From there, we rushed home for vegetarian quesadillas, then naps.

I don't even want to talk about my wanna-be nap.

But the whole routine had me echoing Ruby all day long. Today is Sunday. Today is Sunday.

I wonder if I'll remember to go to church tomorrow?

I wonder if it will feel Groundhog Day-ish to live this day all over again?

Here I sit, under ugly blanket of blue. The heat just kicked on for the first time in months and it's giving off that surprisingly pleasant first-furnace-day smell. I have no Autumnal candle burning. I have no mums.

What I do have is the unexpected notion of a Double Sunday, and that's not a bad thing. I have a fridge full of food. I have knee socks covered in hearts. My honey sits beside me. My babies are mid-dream.

This is good, this feeling that it is time to draw things in and double-knot the bow. The season of closeness, of staying home, of cooking up a mean streak is upon us.

Bring it.


  1. Bring it is right. BTW, your outfit is just lovely.

  2. oh shannon - we just lived this tonight. after naps, we showered everyone and did hair and picked out pretty outfits and went off to my moms to snap a few christmas picture hopefuls... it felt very much like a sunday morning! and i do believe we didn't get a single shot. and i also do not have any mums or good smellin' candle for this time of year and that has made me kind of sad. but we'll see, they may show up still, maybe. :)

    hope you got some good shots :)

  3. You and Rubes are rockin' the boots, girlfriend! I can't wait to see the pics of the big family, LOVE family peectures!

  4. vegetarian quesadillas? As in tortillas with cheese? As in, not vegetarian by nature? As in you use a weird meat/cheese hybrid?

    Also, it's raining for the first time in a million years over here. I went for a walk in the dark, but the lightning scared me so I ran home, right before the downpour. I'm so excited. I love being snug. I love your skirt, and your boots, and your belt OVER your sweater.

    It was like, 100 degrees today. I can't wait to be wearing sweaters. The rain gives me hope.

    You must get mums.

  5. Yay new pics of the two of you. Now you're just showin' off;)

    I did by my mums this week. Have them sitting on my porch with my pretty punkins. I'm actually starting to embrace the idea too. It's gettin' really chilly tonight. Makes you just want to cuddle in with cocoa and fuzzy socks!

  6. Ah, your family...beauties!

    Yup, it's time to bring out the cozy sweaters, crank that furnace and hunker down for a season of rest!

  7. I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOUR AND YOUR CURLY GIRL. Ruby is soooo cute. I love that you have socks with hearts on them...hehe. Quiet fall evenings with a warm cozy blanket...can't get much better than that!
    Bring it!

  8. LOVE IT, girl! Fall is so, so spectacular!

  9. Friend I have the feeling you are/do going to have a very special closeness with Ruby!! You too look so happy together. ;)

  10. A beautiful post! You really have a gift with words, I felt right there with you... Thanks! Lola

  11. i almost turned the furnace on yesterday too. but i stuck it out and was a bit chilly all day...
    looks like you have a beautiful family, your pictures are just great!

  12. You are such a beautiful woman, friend, wife, & mom. Scratch living near you...I want to join the family. Will you take the 3 of us?


  13. I have the candles going and the pots of gigantic mums sitting on the porch. Now it's time to follow your lead and get out the big boots and tights.

  14. Lovely....all of it. I love that first furnace of the season smell too..



  15. you look happy.
    enjoy your second sunday today:)

  16. I always enjoy seeing family photos from bloggers. Isn't this season wonderful? Best time for photos outdoors.


  17. You and Ruby are adorable. The photo looks like it could be in a J.Crew catalog.

  18. I love it!!! Especially 'my babies are in mid-dream' Well done :)

  19. the words you use are poetry. just awesome!

    I love your Sunday clothes. I think I may need to step up my church going attire...

  20. ah... Fall is beginning to settle into my bones ... this year has been the first year I don't want it to come...??? =) but today... after a lovely sermon at church... we stepped outside and the misty rain was falling... the smell of rain on concrete after a 'warm' spell ... ah... Fall... and the colorful trees yesterday helped too... I am ready to embrace it now... cozy, warm, snuggling... ok... bring it.

  21. I love the way you captured why I love Sunday afternoons/evenings in autumn so much - season of closeness!

  22. I think I would love the Fox room.Sounds like a great place to cozy down with magazines! Fall has finally arrived here too. Turned on the furnace, got the fireplace ready to go. Bring it- Ditto!

  23. Wow - the Farmgirl Family looks gorg-eous! You and Ruby are a magazine ad just waiting to happen.

  24. Love the outfits! I bet the photos look great - even if Calvin didn't smile. Love that you have a retreat room.

  25. Yep, totally slacking here too.

    I got my entertainment center decorated and one shelf on my bookcase. I have the scarecrow out and a couple "Halloweeny" things in the flowerbed...stick-ins. Two pumpkins on my porch. I usually go ballistic on Halloween...just not in the mood. All I want to do is curl up in my bed for a week and sleep.

  26. oh, my goodness, Cor looks just like Big Jer!!! I can't wait to see the pictures.

  27. I love the almost-matching Mommy and daughter outfits. Sometimes I house-sit at my Mom's down the road just to feel like I'm on vacation. Love the idea of an extra room taking on this role. I agree, I'm ready for burrowing too! It suits my hermit nature. :)

  28. I'm totally on board with autumn and all it brings as well. I'm even looking foward to... dare I say... winter! Summer is always to rushed for me. I love the slow-down that autumn and winter encourage us to take.

  29. I want to close the windows and stay home til April. That's the mood I'm in... I want to smell bread and soup and the furnace and catch up on The BL and email friends and think and write and stay in the cocoon of fall and winter. I think I shall right after I visit you and get my camera!