Sunday, October 10, 2010

Four Star Weekend

Despite the fact that I got my third-ever migraine headache, I squirted Light mayonnaise in my eye, and a spider ran down the front of my shirt, this was a stellar weekend.

And at least it was light mayonnaise. Can I get a witness?

We kicked Friday morning out' the park and I can't tell you how right now, because that would ruin the fun. But trust me, we rocked the 10AM-11AM hour. And we have proof.

Nevertheless, the run-of-the-mill stress of the day had me edgy as a rooster and ever ready to sink into the comfort of my couch, with a Heart friend on the other end. She brought me a mum. We talked and hooted and hollered and I knew that I was wrecked. I was the most unattractive version of myself and I just couldn't be bothered to care. I was tired and happy.

Until the headache, and even then, I was sick and happy.

Until I went to bed and got the chills and the shakes and Cory had to get the blue puke bowl out just in case and I thought I had an aneurysm. I was a little scared and in too much pain to flutter my eyelid, but even then, I was happy.

The pharmaceuticals kicked in and I finally fell asleep.

For about an hour.

It turns out Silas was throwing another solo toddler rave next-door and I wasn't invited, although I might as well have been. It kicked off at 3:30 and ended just before dawn.

I woke on Saturday, fit as a fiddle, raring to go. I was so super excited for my Pie Class! A saintly lady invited a bunch of us over to teach us the ins-and-outs of pie.

I promise you this - you throw some kind of a pie party? I'm there.

I volunteered to roll the dough out once and ruined it up with my overzealous rolling.

For lunch we dined on Almond Joy pie, Delicious Apple Pie, Peach tartlet and Pecan Pie.

Belly full of pie, I slow-poked it back home just in time for Date Day.

We had a sitter, beginning at 3:00. That never happens.

I power napped on the way back to the city, then we did what any respectable people would do - we hit up a matinee with stealthy bottles of pop in my bag.

A couple of things about The Town:

1. Ben Affleck is dreamier than I remember.
2. Baahston is intriguing.
3. The movie was gripping, gritty, car-chasey and sad. But very good.

Which brings me to number four:

4. Do you think J. Lo watches Ben Affleck movies? It seems to me like she probably shouldn't, but then again, she's an entertainer and what if The Town is nominated for awards or something? Can she, in good conscience, not watch it? But how could she? Wouldn't that be weird? Mightn't Marc Anthony find that uncomfortable?

I'm so glad I never dated Ben Affleck.

After the movie, we Thaied it up. Yeah, Boyee.

I've come to an important conclusion about eating out. I prefer to spend my limited eating-out dollars on Mexican or Asian food. Or Olive Garden. And mostly Mazatlan. Yes, maybe the occasional pizza or Jimmy Johns and of course I can never resist Taco Bell, but that's Mexican, right? Anyway, this is my new rule. Because I can't really cook authentic Mexican or Asian food. It's never the same. Everything else? I can probably cook up a passable replica.

I had some kind of vegetarian something-or-other with a garlic ginger sauce. I wanted to lick the plate.

We were home in time to tuck in the babies and watch 48 Hours Mystery.

Today we nursed snotty noses in the morning then ate greasy burgers for lunch, since everyone knows that's the best remedy for a cold.

We ran around a secluded park for a while because today was The Day. That one day in Fall when the Magic happens.

The air was warm and smelled like dead leaves. That's not a combination you'll woller around in any old day.

The light poured liquid gold and my record skipped on "I love my life."

Ruby Safety-Danced her way though the leaf-strewn path.

Calvin worked his center of gravity.

Silas lounged in the stroller, then wailed for a while, then found a pile of dirt and powdered himself in it like an old lady with a pink puff.

We had dinner with Cory's family.

The girls stayed behind to watch Babies.

I made homemade spinach artichoke dip for the movie and grated the knuckle on my right index finger, but I also got to wring out a box of thawed spinach.

Have you ever noticed that spinach wringing results in the softest, creamiest hands?

There's some kind of chemical sorcery happening up in that spinach. Every time I give it a squeeze, I notice that my hands are so...smooth. So...creamy.

And really, isn't that what we're all after? Creamy hands?

**Many thanks to my Paparazzo husband for his smart, snappy documentation of our weekend.


  1. your take on life. I too, am glad I've never dated Ben. I adore his wife and then we wouldn't be able to be friends one day, ya know?

  2. You still get me with your writing - you make even the ordinary weekend read like a great novel.
    Hope everyone is feeling better for the new week ~

    I'm after creamy hands! :)

  3. Great pictures-awesome story. Thanks Shannon ♥

  4. 1. Sorry about the migraine
    2. Almond Joy HEAVEN! Recipe por favor?
    3. Can I have your purse. I loooove it. And don't tell me you got if from a thrift store 5 years ago for $2.00. Salt in a wound my friend.
    4. The picture of you, arms up, pretty lights....I likey.
    5. I have seen Ben Affleck fer reel yo. In real life and he is a tall handsome drink of water in person. And he gave me goo goo eyes. Burned in my memory forevah.
    6. Is babies good? I still want to see it.
    7. Good night.

  5. I had the *best* time reading your post! Wow! You made me feel like I was right there with you all weekend.:) Sorry about the migraine, but glad that all else was joyful. Thanks so much for sharing... Lori

  6. Love you, love this post, love your weekend full of family, love creamy hands too, and happen to sell lots of wonderful lotions for creamy everything..., and love the last picture! Hope you have just as great of a week, and can't wait to see your first pie after your lesson! : ) Praying for sleep for Silas and the rest of the house!

  7. What a great weekend . . . both what you got to do and your perspective. You have a gift for being thankful, you do, and it helps me find those moments in my own life. Blessings!

  8. Oh gosh girlie, I totally love reading your blog. I SOOOOO know those lights and that little strip mall. I think it's the only one that still plays music in the parking lot. Please tell me they still do that. I'm sorry to say, I've never been to Noodle Alley. Cosmo and Susie's, YES! China Wok was always our place for take out, and I use to work at Ponderosa when I was 16. Ahhh...memories! I totally can't make authentic Mexican food either. Last time I tried to replicate "M's" chili Colorado I spent the rest of the evening with my hands soaking in milk and yogurt because I didn't use gloves to cut up the chili peppers.

    I'm with Susie, Almond Joy Pie??? Is there such an amazingly wonderful thing?

  9. They have authentic Mexican food in your area? HA!
    What the apron? Don't think I didn't see? Who is this friend? I think she is hilarious times four.
    Killing me.

    I'm sorry you were sick and kept grating yourself. I am nursing a cold over here. Oh I think I told you that. I'm good at reminding people of my ailments until they send me pie. Or ale. Get it?

  10. Also, Silas needs to PIPE DOWN. Can you um...shucks. I got nothing. My 16 month old thought that 4 a.m. was up time. It took some mighty firm and articulate talking to get him back down. I made derrick do it because me? I have NO nice button when I'm half awake. I turn green and get really big and roar and break furniture. You wont like me when I'm angry.

  11. This was a long blog post. I hear ya. I had words pouring out of my fingertips tonight too. It's the fall weather. Anyway, it's gonna take three comments tonight, to cover all the ground see..
    That leaf picture is amazing. CMB makes your life look so beautifullllllllll. I mean, geesh.
    Also, where the heck is the sausage soup recipe? You are a tease.

  12. Your blog makes me happy. I love the pics. I love the way you make me feel your happiness. But most of all, I love it because you crack me up! And if I were J.Lo, I'd watch his movies... he's dreamy! Awesome apron you're wearing!
    P.S. Loving the reference to The Safety Dance.
    Try explaining that to your 16 year old.

  13. Seriously, we could trade closets and no one would know. I have that blue and white button up sleeve shirt, too! And from here on out, I will be wearing it under a tan sweater, because it looks smashing. :)

  14. I so wish I were in that pie line up!

  15. OUCH!!!! You wrapped up two of my biggest fears in one weekend...spiders, more specifically...spiders who like to run on people, and cheese graters. I don't even like to think about them. I do, however, like to think about homemade spinach artichoke dip (YUM!), and pie classes, and cute kiddos, and movies, and tall drinks of water. My friend Patrick did locations for "The Town." Were they pretty nifty? I've yet to see it...which I will...even tho' we dated.

    I'm sorry about your pukey head. Maybe it was busy workin' on some great new thoughts.

    : )

    Julie M.

  16. I can't believe you were able to get up and go on Saturday after I migraine. I just had my third one ever and was on pills for a week with lingering twinges and sore eyes.

    But I'm GLAD you could keep going ... because you sure did have a lot of stuff to keep going for! (I agree about the ethnic food thing---they're the only restaurants I want to go to, too.)

  17. Could you please choreograph a weekend plan for me that sounds this wonderful--(without the migraine, though). I'm glad you all had a good time and your husband did a wonderful job of photo-journaling, I especially love the last photo.

  18. I love your writing! Especially when you throw in phrases like, "Yeah, Boyee." :)

  19. i love your weekend and your family and your life and YOU. and i was thinking during the date night part how funny and fantastic it is that cory brings his camera along.

    ps absolutely, j lo watches ben's flicks, but only after they come out at redbox. any sooner might give marc hives.

  20. *Love that apron. Love it.
    *How does one squirt light mayo in their eye?
    *I'm sorry about your migraine, but a bit relieved it waited till now instead of making an appearance on the drive back from Ohio when it was first thinking about showing up.
    *Give Silo a bump for me.

  21. So much to comment! First off ick on the migraine. Poor thing. Glad you felt rarin' to go for the pie party...FUN! I would have loves that. BTW I have your exact apron;) Oh and the Town. Saw that last weekend with my honey...sooo good. Made me never want to live in Boston though. YIKES!!

  22. stop. you had me at olive garden. now i know we're meant to be. you better get here before it snows:)

  23. I don't even know where to start - there was so much here! The spider on your shirt literally gave me the chills - ugh I hate spiders. Mayo in the eye also sound terrible although I truly am in love with Miracle Whip -not mayo so I'm hoping you whad MW with you. The kids are beauties as always and a full date day - lucky lucky gal! I bet JLo & Marc don't watch his movies - that would be weird. I met Jade so young we didn't have exes, but I have to admit watching a movie with an old love in it - wouldn't sound like a fun date to me!

  24. I'm laughing because I have wondered sooo many times about Hollywood exes watching each other's movies. Like Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley (aka Noel from "felicity" the best show ever in the whole history of the world.) interesting...

    Sounds like a perfectly heavenly weekend~!! Signed, the Adverb queen. lol :)

  25. Ok, so I was awake all night with fits of coughing, so I found myself in front of my computer reading my fave blogs. Although I didn't comment last night for fear of making less sense than usual, this post made me so happy. I love your way of being thankful in everything. So, thanks. :)

  26. way to rise above all those naughty things flying at you and enjoy the weekend.
    you DID have some good stuff going on there!
    date day!? yessssssss.sounds fab.
    and pie party!? holy moly.

  27. Oh sorry about your migraine!!!My husband has them a lot and it seems painful. The pie class seems like a lot of fun!!!!!! I love all the aprons !!!!! I am re-starting my apron collection.I got rid of some vintage ones years ago(during a move).Have a great week!!!!! Sara

  28. You actually made me laugh out loud with the ben affleck pondering...I rarely find something funny enough to actually laugh out loud all by myself, thanks!

  29. Your posts always make me smile then tear up. You have such a sweet and wonderful way with words. Always such a treat. You make my day happier.

  30. Sounds like a great weekend! I love this post and the pictures are wonderful.

  31. I always have to did God know that three months was going to be just about right for each season. How is it that we are all programed with a timer that goes off in October that says, "ding" ready for fall now. I love that He knows, so I don't have to =)

  32. Ha ha! Wooo for shadow pics! Aw, your husband captured the weekend beautifully. LOVE your blog and your photos and those beautiful children!

  33. Five stars would have been a weekend including an ND home football game no?

  34. I am a witness to your migraine. I get two a month and sometimes they obey and go away with half a relpax and two aleve. Sometimes they hang around for 5 days and even 6 relpax can't touch them. I pray for the Lords sweet mercy to come down and slice my head off and give me a new one. glad yours was just one day. Someday I will have a pie party and I expect you'll attend.

  35. Ending a Saturday with 48 hrs is my idea of a good time too. Glad you had such a nice weekend despite the migraine.

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  37. fabulous weekend high five! would love to hear more about what you learned at the pie class for my weekly pie party! hope your head is feeling better, maybe you need more pie?

  38. I couldn't stop the lyrics from the Facts of Life theme song from rolling through my head as I read this. "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have..." That's what your weekend seemed to be!
    I love the first hand-holding picture! And Ruby's dance moves. And Silas' screaming. :) I hope your good weekend led right into an even better week!

  39. you have, by far, my most favoritest blog! i love your kiddos. they are super adorable, and your take on life is just plain uplifting. i'm jealous of your farm though! thanks for all of the smiles and for sharing your positive spirit :)

  40. hope your migraine is pie making...the peach sounds amaaazing!!! And I wonder about that too if she does watch him movies...thanks for that comment...made me laugh out loud!!!
    Hope your week is well...the pictures were great of the kiddos

  41. What a great weekend (sans the headache of course)! My friend brought me a mum this weekend too! I think she felt bad for me that, for the first fall ever, I had not bought one for myself. And shortly after that we donned our aprons as well, but instead of baking pies, we sewed up a storm!