Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Proof of A Good Day

Saturday found the whole lot of us dressed up and looking for trouble.

I excavated the blow dryer from its dusty tomb. Cory shaved. Calvin wore a numberless shirt. The day was all different kinds of noteworthy.

We were Back Home for my cousin's wedding and the day was all hot and bothered, but the moment was perfect. I am a sucker for love - it's true.

As it turns out, I surprised myself by not shedding a tear. I'm usually your garden-variety wedding crier. Not this time. I think it had something to do with a most unusual distraction -- homemade fruit leather.

In a gesture of goodwill, my mom loaded up her purse with all manner of gadgetry and snacks to quell the wildlife during the ceremony. Two different times she passed a wad down the aisle. As misfortune would have it, my kids don't really hanker for homemade fruit leather. As greater misfortune would have it, I was the end of the line.

The way I figured, I had three choices -make peace with sticky hands, stash the Goods in the zipper pocket of my bag or take a bullet for the team and eat it.

In the end, I chewed.

And chewed.

I have to admit - those rascally kids don't know what they were missing.

And also, homemade fruit leather is the perfect antidote to wedding tears.

During intermission, before the fun, rowdy Firehouse reception, we snapped some photos. I needed proof that I own a dress and remember how to apply eyeliner.

"Hi, my name is Keisha. I'm Shannan's sister. Since I could never narrow it down to just one thing, my favorite things about Shannan are: her spot-on fashion sense, her insistence upon minding her own business at all times, and her salsa. She's also a particularly impressive tub scrubber and she does a mean (in the good way) impersonation. What I'm trying to say is, I love every darn thing about my big sister. She truly is the best!"*

My goodness, wasn't that heartfelt and sweet!

(Keisha really did write the above words. But don't ask her about it, because she's really, really shy about making such public proclamations. Whatever you do, don't ask her about it. But they really are her words. I definitely didn't write them myself, because that would just be strange.)**

While we were all gathered up, colorful and happy, we got a family shot.


Ta-da! A up-to-date shot of us'ns.

So, it seems witnessing two love-birds promise a lifetime of love, double-stranding a nearly forgotten necklace, strapping wee toes into sandals, munching on the best corn and barbecue piled up with slaw and banana peppers, finding my octave in a chorus of familiar laughs, heading into the evening with my favorite peeps and happening upon a chance encounter with life-long friends at the fork of a road is the very best way to spend a hot, late-summer day.

*This may or may not be a fabrication.
** This is the exact opposite of the truth.


  1. Sounds like a great summer day to me too.
    I love the family shot ~ very pretty.
    Great words from your sister.
    Have a great Thursday.

  2. Sounds like an incredible outing. Sometimes just being surrounded by additional family is the greatest gift in itself. Love the dress btw!

  3. The day sounds great. I have to admit when you said the distraction was fruit leather I was thinkin' what is that??? Never heard that term but I figured it out! I love the necklace. You all looked dandy. I love how your sister can articulate just the right sentiments. I bet she can write a righteous blog too! ;)

  4. I too am in love with that necklace, and that dress...and the fact that your blow dryer was entombed.

    Also, your sweet little sister! She's saying the same things to you that my little sister says to me!

  5. Oh there are so many funny touches to this story, but picturing you chewing on a wad of homemade fruit leather makes me laugh just typing it. Is it good? I've seen Darby's recipe and even printed it out once, but then abandoned ship when I saw that it had to sit in the oven for 10 hours or something. You are a beautiful family and you clean up real nice, although I love you in your blue jeans just as much!
    p.s. Love the sister shout out.

  6. You guys are such a cute family... and to not miss the opportunity for a new family pic (as well as the couple pic). Ya gotta get those in when you can... before you know it those cute "littles" of yours will be all grown up!

    And I believe your sister... really I do.
    Chris :)

  7. Well don't you all clean up nice! :) You look fabulous! That's a great color on you. And yay for updated pics! Glad to hear you guys had such a nice time.

  8. So sweet of your sister to write that. It's fun to get cleaned up and purty once in a while...

  9. Your sweet family looks absolutely lovely :)

  10. I love that Calvin is still wearing a sweat arm band (or at least it appears that's what the red thing on his wrist is) and camo. Awesome!

  11. "I'm usually your garden-variety wedding crier.." - This made me laugh as it describes me too! Will have to remember the fruit leather trick!

    Beautiful family photos!


  12. Love your disclaimers! And it goes without saying what a beautiful family you have.

  13. You're so beautiful! How fun to get all dressed up!

  14. you are gorgeous, and i want some of that fruit leather. yum yum. :)

  15. ((smile))

    Looks like, sounds like a real fun day by all.

    Beautiful family.

  16. I just HAVE to ask. Why is Calvin wearing a long sleeve shirt if it is so hot?

    Great post! Excellent photos! And man, you're sister is clearly in awe of you...hehehehe.

  17. You all look great...such a beautiful family.

  18. Lovely dress. Beautiful family. And fruit leather? Yum. Sounds like a perfect day.

  19. Beautiful family photo - so colorful! Thought of you all over the weekend - hoped you were having a great time away :)

    I knew the whole time I was reading "Keisha's" words that it was a fake!!! You're an excellent writer but poor portrayer of the opposite of the truth :)

    Looking forward to seeing you soon,
    Heather C.

  20. I see you got him in a numberless shirt, but is that evidence of a sweatband I see peaking out from under his sleeve?!? :)
    I love your dress. I've never worn one of that style because I thought it would make me look all gangly with my long legs and arms. But you've pulled it off quite nicely....maybe I wouldn't look as weird as I think. Hmmmmm.

  21. You are simply adorable. Homemade fruit leather? Why, I have never heard of such!

  22. You guys look great in that photo - what a gorgeous family.

  23. Blow dryer or no blow dryer....You Are Dazzling!

  24. What a beautiful family, Shannan! I really enjoy your writing. God bless you and your darling little ones!!
    Cathi Clapper

  25. Well lookin' good girl. You glow in that color...just beautiful. So glad you finally got a pic of the two of you. Geesh about time!!! I'm gonna have to try some homemade fruit leather. That's sounds tasty. Your sis is a cutie too. Sorta looks like you.

  26. What an adorable family you have and can I just say love, love, love the color of that dress your wearing!

  27. I would of ate it too.
    Can't stand sticky hands.

    The Lady

  28. my dearie, you look gorgeous!!!
    that first photo especially ~ the priceless joyful radiant smile of a mama, just beautiful xo

  29. oh, shannan,

    this post made me laugh. I just loved it. lol love the pictures...super cute!! :) and your sister is so super sweet to write such, ahem, thoughtful words about you... :)

  30. Look at your cute family! I'm so glad you guys got a family shot AND an updated shot of you & your mister!
    "finding my octave in a chorus of familiar laughs" that!

  31. What a beautiful family you have! I am a fellow Hoosier (by birth Boilermaker by choice) AND a farm wife AND your newest follower. Please stop by for a visit to the farm at

  32. Oh, you all are so cute it hurts.
    p.s. What is that on Calvin's pocket?
    p.p.s. Do they make Ruby's shoes in my size?

  33. Gorgeous! You. Your family. Your sister. Your freshly blown out hair!

  34. Beautiful pictures! You guys all look wonderful!

  35. I just so happen to stumble across your Blog and I am so glad that I did. I do not blog myself but so enjoy the way you write. You have such a refreshing way with words. Love and enjoy your talent :)