Sunday, September 5, 2010

Outstanding In My Field

Oh Lordy, that joke just nevah gets old!

It does get old?


I guess I hadn't gotten the memo.

All jokes aside, what would you do if you were about to embark upon a 4 hour car-ride back to Crazyville and you happened upon a crackly corn field awash in 24 karat glow, with a catwalk mowed right down the center?

Would you run pel-mel down the length of it and do a peculiar leap at the turn-around?

Me neither.

Would you spank yourself?

That would be pretty dumb. Not to mention humiliating.

Here's what I would do. I would stop goofing around just long enough for one descent shot. I would feel lucky that I noticed in the first place. I would thank my lucky stars that I have my own, personal stalker. I would ignore the buckled-up hollers of my three Wild & Unrulies. I would feel tucked in safe, between rows taller than my own bad, tall self. I would wonder why cornfields call my name so clearly and I would know something that not every girl knows - that cornfields can, in fact, be bundled up and carried in your pocket.