Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Observation, A House Guest and An Anniversary

It has recently come to my attention that I may have a bit of a problem, where blue pinstriped shirts are concerned...

I used to mercilessly tease Sarah, back in our college days, about her propensity for buying navy blue button-down shirts.

Looks like I'm the pot calling the kettle black.

Or the shirt calling the button-down blue.

Speaking of which, my newest Garnet Hill catalog (the one that I canceled months ago) arrived a couple of weeks ago rife with fashion conundrums such as tights with open-toed sandals and vampirish models. But! They also coined my fashion genre: Tomboy Chic.

Can I be Tomboy Chic? Please, can I? It's such a happy spin on my current state, and I don't mind one bit if we all agree to fudge a little on the whole "chic" part.

This fancy lady is currently up in my 'hood. She came into town for the first time, so I did what any good hostess would do: I made her come and watch me get my hair trimmed, then I took her to the McDonald's drive-thru, then the Dented Can, then Grandma's Pantry, then I made her entertain my children while I made a pot of soup with tough beans, then she helped me clean up, then she taught me how to bake bread, then she got both of my male children all riled up at bedtime and had to personally go upstairs in an attempt to settle the oldest (it worked), then I microwaved her a cup of tea and tossed a granola bar at her and talked her ear off and called it a night.

She's up in the Fox Room as we speak, and it shore feels right.

Tomorrow we'll be meeting up with her and her and Law, there's no telling what kind of fun we'll brew.

As I was paying for my haircut, the short-haired stylish lady wearing make-up said to the long-haired stylish lady wearing make-up, "Can you believe today's the 15th?"

I, for one, did not even know it was the 15th, but I sure am glad she pointed it out, because today marks the one year anniversary of this event.

From the bottom of my maxillary sinus, I thank you, Dr. Meyer. I take back all of those nasty things I said about you exactly one year ago.

It has been a year of free-flowing, easy-breathing goodness, all because of you.


  1. Law, you gals are so blessed to be all together! And free from sinus congestion too.

  2. What striped shirts? I'm still trying to get over your mad ironing skills! Oh, if my closet looked so neat.

  3. I just have to admit I have a thing for striped shirts also - particularly in blue! Must be a farmgirl thing!

  4. Have fun with Jayme and the girls! Def. wear a pin striped shirt.

  5. When you find something that works, go for it. Including pinstripe shirts. I bet they're super cute with jeans.

    Hope you have a wonderful time with your visiting friends, don't forget to bring your camera on any fun adventures.

    We love your pictures.

  6. Heavens! The two of you are back together again? Guess that means all of us in blog world can look forward to reading some good stories. Enjoy!

  7. Law, I don't even own a striped shirt! I think tomboy chic is a great term....wish I could pull it off. I am not sure of my style. Hip, sexy but not desperate...Nah just foolin'- more like it fits this week and looks moderately well!
    Have a great time with the gang. Can't wait to hear of your shenanigans! Have you checked the coop's bra , did Jayme bring the baby chick?? Some restaurants post that you know. No shirt, no shoes, baby chicks- no service.

  8. I happen to think you sound like the perfect hostess....keepin' it real! Love that!

  9. I thought owned a multitude of black tees was crazy. I recently organized my closet by color- silly like that- and was amazed at the sheer obscene amount of black. I asked a friend "What does that mean?" as you know we women always question. She said simple- maybe you THINK you are fat. WAAAA!
    Happy breathing !

  10. It's like a mystery novel reading through that posts...finding out who's there and who'll you'll be meeting and what magical event happened on the 15th. I love it! Kinda jealous about your "friend" being in the fox room;) That should be ME! Ha!! And my don't you look marhvelous a year later. You need to do a tutorial on tomboy chic.

  11. Love the term tomboy chic!

    How fun to have someone to talk their ear off. Especially someone who teaches you how to make bread :)

  12. I don't own a single button down shirt can you believe it. I think it's mainly because I loathe ironing in all forms! Love the nose post - I was seriously cracking up over it & I hope you ladies have a grand time living it up over the countryside :)

  13. Oh what a blessing to have her there. Looks like the two of you need to go shopping for some new shirts. Maybe some floral or solid bright colors! It's ok step out and be wild leopard is always right in fall! lol

  14. It's a good day when you can breath clearly and wear a striped shirt! Glad your enjoying your days.


  15. I want my deviated septum fixed BAD! Too scared though. The saying is once the nose goes everything goes. At least thats what the impatient Doc told me. No I am having weird ear issues on the same side as the blocked nose. I may possibly be deaf and have a weeze before you know it. Then and only then will I have the courage to get the dang thing fixed. All that said, if you can do it I can right?

  16. I have no words, you are such a crazy girl. That post was like playing hide and seek in blog land! Regarding the clothes, I think if you find something that works for you, you feel good about the way you look, and you are out of sweats....then stick with it! Maybe you should link up with "What I wore Wednesday..." then we could all follow your striped attire...hehe!

  17. i like you. there i said it. i follow WAY too many blogs for one person to actually read on a regular basis and i'm embarrassed to say that this might be my first comment. but i just read this post and thought to myself "i like her." so i wanted to tell you. hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  18. are you by any chance talking about the Grandma's Pantry in Wakarusa? If you are, she ( owner Anna Mae) is my sister:)

  19. you 2 have fun ya hear! hearts, the lady

    p.s. you're the epitome of tomboy chic. for sure. you with your blue pinstripe and pearls, right?

  20. my husband has many dress shirts in very similar/identical shades of blue. most from lands' end or van heusen outlet. here's us trying to discuss which of his shirts he would like ironed. (sometimes one at a time is all i can handle)
    danny: can you iron a shirt for me for tomorrow?
    layla: sure. which one.
    danny: the blue one with "checks"
    layla: the mostly blue one with white checks, or the mostly white one with blue and grey boxes?
    danny: blue checks
    layla: van heusen or lands' end?
    danny: i don't know, the one with a missing "collar point"
    layla: how 'bout i just pull out 3 and you pick 1?

  21. you are a funny funny girl! hope you had an awesome time with your friends!

  22. and by funny - i mean that in only the best of ways! :)

  23. I too have a problem with blue striped shirts:) Blue is my favorite color and I can never turn down a good striped shirt so when the two are combined I always have to have it! Did you ever make the spaghetti squash? It kinda does have that veggie taste, you will either love it or hate it:) Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. This means that I have officially been reading your blog for over a year! It's been a major pleasure getting to know you and your talented self! Tom-boy chic, "law" saying you! muah!

  25. YOu can make your own stylish name up,its' your style but don't be surprised if it becomes really famous!!!!!I love your blog and reading your cute funny daily journaling.I have an award for you ,all you need to do is come on over to my blog and pick it up.
    Blessings from Indiana

  26. The photo of all of the striped shirts made me smile! Our youngest sons closet looks like that. All of his clothes look the SAME. Blue.
    Have a pretty day!

  27. Yes, mam you are difinitely Tom Boy Chic :) Have fun with the ladies.