Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Observation, A House Guest and An Anniversary

It has recently come to my attention that I may have a bit of a problem, where blue pinstriped shirts are concerned...

I used to mercilessly tease Sarah, back in our college days, about her propensity for buying navy blue button-down shirts.

Looks like I'm the pot calling the kettle black.

Or the shirt calling the button-down blue.

Speaking of which, my newest Garnet Hill catalog (the one that I canceled months ago) arrived a couple of weeks ago rife with fashion conundrums such as tights with open-toed sandals and vampirish models. But! They also coined my fashion genre: Tomboy Chic.

Can I be Tomboy Chic? Please, can I? It's such a happy spin on my current state, and I don't mind one bit if we all agree to fudge a little on the whole "chic" part.

This fancy lady is currently up in my 'hood. She came into town for the first time, so I did what any good hostess would do: I made her come and watch me get my hair trimmed, then I took her to the McDonald's drive-thru, then the Dented Can, then Grandma's Pantry, then I made her entertain my children while I made a pot of soup with tough beans, then she helped me clean up, then she taught me how to bake bread, then she got both of my male children all riled up at bedtime and had to personally go upstairs in an attempt to settle the oldest (it worked), then I microwaved her a cup of tea and tossed a granola bar at her and talked her ear off and called it a night.

She's up in the Fox Room as we speak, and it shore feels right.

Tomorrow we'll be meeting up with her and her and Law, there's no telling what kind of fun we'll brew.

As I was paying for my haircut, the short-haired stylish lady wearing make-up said to the long-haired stylish lady wearing make-up, "Can you believe today's the 15th?"

I, for one, did not even know it was the 15th, but I sure am glad she pointed it out, because today marks the one year anniversary of this event.

From the bottom of my maxillary sinus, I thank you, Dr. Meyer. I take back all of those nasty things I said about you exactly one year ago.

It has been a year of free-flowing, easy-breathing goodness, all because of you.