Sunday, September 19, 2010

Forgotten, but not Gone

I'm going to level with you - this is not a real-time post. I'm a big fan of writing in real-ish time. When I fail to do so, life keeps on moving and I lose track of things. More important things happen, I lose my zest for those things swept away like yesterday's bread crumbs.

Stale bread - that's how I feel about old news.

Unless it involves the three cutest kids on the planet, the perfect late-Summer evening, and a hike.

(Speaking of hike, could someone hike up this kid's britches?)

The way I felt on this hike is the way I feel right now - I am heart-achingly in love with my life.

It is hectic and frazzly and on nights like tonight, the troops get fed a mere three hours late.

(You'd almost think that three hours late is a big deal to small children, the way things were getting, up in the hood.)

But my son tells me things like, "I love our family", and it melts me.

And I have a church family whose heart beats in a rhythm that I really understand.

I have had fair food twice in one week. It just feels right.

I've spent the past several days with friends comfier than my blue blanket.

And much, much more attractive.

I'm near the bursting point, I fear.

Is it bad, when one bursts on account of happiness?

I could see that going either way...

All I know is this: Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God.

Thank you for making my world so vivid and full.

Thank you for slowing me down enough to notice.

Thank you for slowing me down enough to overlook the laundry piles and the smudgy floor. Thank you for giving me better things to focus on.

Thank you for bringing me babies and heart-friends and a husband who loves me right back.

Thank you for your love, stacked so tall that I strain my neck trying to see all the way to the top.

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