Sunday, August 15, 2010

When Plans Change

I had big plans to write about the horrific state of my vegetable garden.

And I was brewing up one heck of an analogy between the meaning of life and rotten peaches.

I thought I might whine a little about the weekend coming to an end before I was ready.

I had my plans, but some plans were meant to be changed.

My boy asked Jesus into his heart tonight.

I was not expecting it. I fumbled around for the pause button, knowing all the while that there wasn't one. I had always pictured Cory by my side when "this" happened. And I surely never imagined it coming on the heels of a bedtime battle.

My guy has made leaps and bounds, but he's still prone to anxiety. He worries about bad dreams and he hasn't said so, but I know he's nervous about school starting on Tuesday.

Now, come Tuesday, I'll be sending him off with his new watch, his gigantic backpack and Jesus in his pocket.

I never imagined it this way, but I couldn't possibly have imagined it better.

*All photos courtesy of CMB. Holla.