Friday, August 13, 2010

Today I...

~ Woke up smack-dab in the middle of a sad dream that lingered through lunch.

~Took Calvin Lee to meet his new teacher and held his clammy hand, hoping to pulse courage through osmosis.

~ Brushed lion hair.

~ Ate poolside PB&Js with kiddos and cousins and sisters and friends.

~ Was sassed by a Little too big for her four-year old britches.

~ Waffled between the white shirt and the grey.

~ Went on a double-date to a restaurant that smelled of plumbing catastrophe.

~ Gave a shout-out to a stranger reading The Help. (Read the book, ya'lls.)

~ Saw a movie that was funny, but not phenomenal.

~ Contemplated owlishness.

~ Lamented Summer's end.

~ Rejected (again) the television preacher-man lie that favor with God requires $1,000 -payable to him.

~ Daydreamed peach cobbler.

~ Imagined the future.

~ Washed pans and pants.

~ Looked forward to tomorrow and the day after that.


  1. Glad to hear you're still looking forward to the tomorrows and the days after...

    But summer's over? It just got here.

  2. today I made peach cobbler. I can't WAIT for summer to be over. It's too dry and hot and everything is thirsty, including my soul...

    AND that concludes my dramatic but slightly true comment.

  3. In between the bad dream, sass, and sounds like a beautiful day. Lissa recommended that book whilst we were visiting at Barn House...then you were mentioned and received loads of bloggy love from all sorts of cool chicks. Were your ears burning a couple of weeks ago?

    : )

    Julie M.

  4. Sounds like the perfect day. Minus the sass - we have some of that going on here also:) Mmmm...peach cobbler! Have a great day!

  5. i agree with joann. i am coveting fall.

  6. I need a little end or summer mourning time, too. I love the kiddos home for summer.

  7. Love your blog! It is one of 2 that I read daily. I read The Help this summer for lots of reasons , but primarily because I am a Southerner with roots in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. My grandfather went to Ole Miss and was raised in a home with a woman who he called "mam" (short for Mammy). I think she was well loved and the relationship he had with her was not atypical for most families with help in his area. Anyway, I loved the book but I have to dispute the claim that all hired help was as mistreated as represented in the novel. Also, a picky detail on my part....if you use the word y'all, the apostrophe goes after the y because it is short for you all.
    Again, great blog. You have a beautiful family and a gift for writing!

  8. Good post. I have THE HELP sitting on my shelf, but haven't read it yet.

  9. What movie???

    If you lived closer, I'd share my peaches with you. Going to turn them into pie and cobbler today (if I have energy and time amidst the four bushels of apples that will be getting smooshed into sauce). Oh yes, and there's some homemade peach ice cream getting made....

    P.S. I love how you write.

  10. I have the freshest peaches ever chillin in my fridge. Just reading the word "cobbler" put me in a frenzy. I'm a sucker for anything with flaky crust and juicy peaches.

    Loved this post. It was idyllic and interesting.

  11. Shinny, sounds like a great day to me. It's all the little moments that make up life, and I'ze glad you journalized them here. I have to be careful not to lose those little moments while I'm busy looking for the big ones. Hope today is full of the same little things for you, except maybe smelly plumbing. Now, if you like my blog - follow me, and I'll follow you. : < > (I tried, I so tried, but I couldn't help it - I just couldn't)

  12. I have peaches waiting to be sliced up for something special and some for the freezer. I had a day with some 4year old sass, some 3 year old sass, some 1 year old poops and a whole lot of kisses. We did the slip and slide and Aubrie said Grandma I love you so very much! :) I love summer too! I think we would dig hanging out!!

  13. Ew about the plumbing.
    The Help is on my stack to read.
    And I made peach cobbler twice last week. YUM! Have a great week :-)

  14. oh how i loved the help!! I find that I miss Minny! she was my favorite character! All of that sass! maybe she reminded me of me and my sassy mouth. :)

    Sounds like you're enjoying a lovely summer!!

  15. The Help. I have held, stroked, fondled its cover so many times in the bookstore, but I always put it back certain I wouldn't like it.

    Perhaps I need to give it a chance since you're the 50th person who has mentioned it and I just think I am mis-judging it!

    Sounds like a lovely day...except for the sad dream. boo.

  16. Sad dreams are not nice. Glad the rest of the day was pretty good. I can't imagine sass from a newly four year old Little! I love to read your post and then look for Jayme's comment. She always nails it.

  17. You have the most real dreams, I am sorry it was so sad,I love to hear about your funny ones. River, my pumpkin pie, I pray for her husband to- be already! And where do they get the idea that money to them equals favor with God???!!! I guess I missed that in the Bible. Go for it,make the peach cobbler! It is never the same in the winter. And yes, winter is coming! And you have my shout for "The Help". I loved it!

  18. I'd say it was a good day! Which movie? Why do I think you'll say Eat, Pray, Love? Hummmm.....

    Smiling at 4-year sass.. I won't tell you what happens at 12...13...14.... well, you'll have great practice by then!

  19. Summer's not over yet. At least not in Michigan. My kids don't start school until Sept. 7th. It sounds like a great day! :)

  20. Need to be makin' the peach cobbler not dreamin of it girl! I read the Help...very good:) I'm wondering what funny movie you went to. Honey and I saw Dinner with the Schmucks the other night and it fell a little short too.

  21. Sounds like a beautiful day with a smack of reality now and then! ;o)

    And don't tell me the movie was Dinner with the Schmucks. I was so hoping that was actually going to be worth seeing.


  22. Four year old girl sass sounds so much cuter than six foot three sixteen year old boy sass.

  23. I would type something about your post but I ws just bit my a mosquito or something and I'm itchin' like crazy! Calamine!

    Hugs, The Lady of the House