Friday, August 13, 2010

Today I...

~ Woke up smack-dab in the middle of a sad dream that lingered through lunch.

~Took Calvin Lee to meet his new teacher and held his clammy hand, hoping to pulse courage through osmosis.

~ Brushed lion hair.

~ Ate poolside PB&Js with kiddos and cousins and sisters and friends.

~ Was sassed by a Little too big for her four-year old britches.

~ Waffled between the white shirt and the grey.

~ Went on a double-date to a restaurant that smelled of plumbing catastrophe.

~ Gave a shout-out to a stranger reading The Help. (Read the book, ya'lls.)

~ Saw a movie that was funny, but not phenomenal.

~ Contemplated owlishness.

~ Lamented Summer's end.

~ Rejected (again) the television preacher-man lie that favor with God requires $1,000 -payable to him.

~ Daydreamed peach cobbler.

~ Imagined the future.

~ Washed pans and pants.

~ Looked forward to tomorrow and the day after that.