Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Is A Day For...

Coloring before breakfast with kids so sweet they make my teeth hurt .

Homemade waffles plated up in jammies and flip-flops.

Almond Joy brownies puffing up good and gooey.

Beds freshly smoothed.

The promise of not one, but two parties.

Morning emails detailing silliness, heartache and truth from a kindred.

Bible-school soundtracks.
(From the page to your heart God's word is where you are. Read it now and your life will change. It's exciting, surprising, each and every day, read it now and your life will change.)

Lego building.

Last-minute showers before dashing out for tacos with a friend.

Flowers on the island.

Grass-scented air drifting through the screens.

Holding the hand of my honey.

What is your day just begging for?