Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sweet Cheeks is 4

Birthdays around these parts are low-key. We will celebrate with cupcakes and extended family on Sunday, but today? Today our goal was just to make one little girl, freshly foured, feel like the Princess of the Palace.

I did not hang balloons or streamers or a hand-painted sign or even the Martha Steward pom poms. I did make Pillsbury Orange Rolls and stuck four candles in the tops. (Note to self: Piping hot cinnamon rolls will melt candles.) We also had watermelon (a Ruby favorite) and she was served on a special Birthday Princess plate (aka a piece of flowered, thrift-store china).

It was her idea to don the Purple Princess attire. It was perfect.

I smooched her 'til my lips hurt. And we took turns saying what we liked about Ruby the best. Calvin said "She plays with me!" Silas said "Abickabicka". I told her that she's very kind and a good helper with Siley and that I love it when she gives me hugs. Daddy likes her energetic and daring spirit.

Part of our celebration day included being lax with the PBS Kids shows. After Dinosaur Train, she opened her gift from us - a gymnastics leotard and lessons, courtesy of us and GG (Great Grandma). Her first class is next week.

She got dressed, I tamed her "Lion Hair", and she was all set for her Daddy Date to McDonalds and a matinee of Toy Story 3. Just the two of 'em.

Later this afternoon, we had another special present waiting for her, from her Birth Mama.

I read the poem and my voice cracked. Her gift was a pair of pink butterfly wings and a butterfly necklace. Her gift is a circle of family wider than most. Her gift is love from all directions that never stops circling back.

Our gift is Ruby River.