Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday - Unwrapped (on Tuesday)

You know what I love today? I love an unexpected change of venue on a Sunday night that lands me at this table, at this home.

I love a hodge-podge dinner, planned days in advance across cyberspace, Holly insisting on Sarah's rhubarb pie, Sarah countering, "Only if you make your raspberry chicken", and me chiming in, "I need Donna's potato salad in my life!"

If only all hodge-podginess could be this kind of hodge-podginess...

I'm not gonna lie. I love all things birdie. They are captivating. Oh, and I also just so happen to love salt. Double score.

I love, love, Adore these pretty girls. Each has welcomed me into her life at different times, under different circumstances. They listen to my heart, kiss me on the cheek, ask about my babies, feed me so very well.

All too quickly, the sun dipped, the glasses emptied, the skeeters nibbled, the night was over.

This is precisely the way, every now and then, to cross that bluesy expanse between weekend and week.

Shake it up a little.
Spend evening hours listening to those who reflect different parts of yourself - girls who inspire growth.
Fill your soul along with your belly.
Eat pie.

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