Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer of the Peach

I do declayah, this is the Summah of the Peach!

I declared last Summer the Summer of Country, but Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban and all the Good Ol' Boys done ruirned that, this year. (If only every country song could be this good. This kind of country music makes me wish I could say "won't" instead of "want". But I cain't. I just cain't.)

The Summer of the Peach began with Glow Haven...

My friend Carla, whom I now call Saint Carla, showed me the ropes of canning peaches.

We thought it best for Canning Day photos to focus only on the hands, baby. Only on the hands.

(Have we ever talked about my double-jointed thumbs?)

We put us up some swell peaches, and we didn't even blow the place up.

Thank you, Saint Carla!

And I'll surely thank you again, come frost January when I find myself wrapped burrito-style in my ugly blue blanket with peach juice all a'dribble.

The Summer of the Peach, coupled with my recent, tragic bout of snuck-up-on-me lactose intolerance, found me many a'morning enjoying this.

Who am I kidding... I always had two.

I've also become a big believer in this. In fact, I started a fan page for "homemade" Jiffy waffles with a drizzle of syrup and a chopped up peach on Facebook. (Or was that just a dream?)

This dumb thing was a big flop. I like to call it the Woeful Peach Omelette.

Many apologies, friends with the beautiful, new baby whom I served this to. It sounded so good on paper...

Incidentally, the Summer of the Peach also included a trip down meatball lane.

But that is really neither here, nor there.

Because this post was supposed to be all about the peaches. And as Calvin would say, "Speaking of peaches...." He's a big fan of the "speaking of..." transition, you know. Last night I used the word "speak" in conversation and he interrupted to say, "Speaking of speaking, I need to speak to you." And then we both doubled over in laughter. He surprised even himself with his ridiculosity.

Where are the peaches, Lady? This was supposed to be about peaches!

Alright, alright.

I'll leave you with two final peach tales. One is happy. The other? So very sad.

First the good news: Peaches and Cream Shortcake. I invented this, ya'lls. Jiffy shortcakes, sliced up, sugared down peaches, with a dollop of cream cheese whipped with powdered sugar, vanilla and a splash of OJ. Mmm Hmmm.

And the bad news: Paula Deen's peach cobbler. I had such high hopes for this, and it went so terribly, terribly awry. I think my self-rising flour had up and kicked the bucket. All's I know is, wasn't nothing rising up in my kitchen. What I had on my hands was an open-faced peach pie with an exorbitantly thick, leaden crust. It was alright warm, and in a pinch. But once those peaches cooled off, it went downhill, but quick. Next time around, I'll be sure to bleach my teeth, pop in my electric blue contact lenses, and fluff my white wig first. Maybe that was the problem.

Many apologies, family members with the beautiful, new baby whom I served this to. It sounded so good on paper...

Since this Summer of the Peach has been so overwhelmingly good to me, I have made the executive decision to end on a high note. Fresh peach cupcakes with brown shuga frosting.

In a word? Salivicious.

Juicily yours,
Madam Peach


  1. You know what? You're just peachy!!!

    I've been afraid to cook, because cooking makes messes, and who knows who will be stopping by to have a look see. I mean, here you are with every dessert known to man, and I'm serving leftovers! You are a Saint too!

  2. Two things: I cracked up out loud when I read the little tidbit about Calvin. Of course! And I need you to know that even when you think your desserts don't taste very good, I'll always think they taste good!


  3. You know what cracks me up the most...that you labeled this post under claw hands! Girl you need HELP!!!

    I love peaches. I got really big and fat and round warfing lots and lots of peaches when I was preggars with Big Chick. So they hold a special place in my heart:)

  4. Now I feel like I need to can peaches. Any helpful tips?

  5. You are just down-right halarious, you know that???

    I'm still snickering...

  6. Speaking of peaches, I just picked a dozen up off my very own tree. White peaches even. Smells of heaven and tastes like it too.

    Speaking of meatballs. I've been making BBQ meatballs for 25 years and they are my favorite thing in the world, and yet they've neva been featured up on my blog.

    Speaking of Paula Deen - I made her Spinach Bacon Quiche tonight with my silky eggs and took it up to a local dinner with some new friends.

    Speaking of lactose intolerance, I noticed the same thing overnight happened to me. It's ok now as long as I don't put it on my stomach first thing up in the morning.

    Speaking of Fabio. I'm heading your way tomorrow with my Periodic Table of Elements, lab coat and microscope. Please have meatballs and cupcakes waiting. I will be sitting up on your stool.

  7. I love canning peaches. Not because I love canning them because that's actually a big ol' hot sticky pain in the patooty but because I love having jars and jars of summer all year long.

    Calvin's tidbit - hilarious!

    Peach cupcake recipe - thank you!

    This blog post - two thumbs (single or double jointed) up!

  8. the peaches are so vibrant they look like mangoes! :)

    oh and is that a pampered chef bowl?

  9. Peechy Keen! I love it! Calvin totally cracks me up...He totally reminds me of my Johan. Both are about the same age, and totally have similar word interests!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Love the peaches....great post and really pretty blog..Happy Saturday.

  11. Mmmm the thought of fresh peaches is making my mouth water, but I am stuck here in the big city and not on the farm :) Maybe I can find some at the farmers market in the morning.

    Do I detect some possible mocking of dear dear Paula? Bleached teeth and electric blue contacts LOL!

  12. UGH! Just saw FGP's comment and THIS IS WHY I can never properly stalk you! Your labels are amusing but they prevent me from reading your cohesive life story! How dare you!!

  13. This post was so much fun, you make me want to go peach picking!


  14. "Speaking of speaking I really need to speak to you" bwwwhahahahah. That KILLED me. How hilarious is he??? OMGosh. I am laughing out loud. My husband is going to wake up and think I've lost my mind.


    PS. I love peaches.

  15. You make me long for summer to arrive [Southern, Southerner here].
    They really have a quadruple-edged whammy effect don't they...the way that they look, the way that they feel [all downy-furred and all], the way that they smell...AND of course, the way that they taste.
    Thank you for this scrumptuos post.
    x Felicity

  16. I discovered Glo Haven peaches this year and LOVE them. For years and years I was putting up Red Haven, but now I've seen the light. Yeeeeeee-HAW! Still, I put up 4 bushels of Red Haven before I got around to trying the Glo Haven this summer.

    And then I discovered a luscious peach cobbler. I saw Paula Dean's (and I have had many other so-so peach desserts over the years, but now I blame it on the Red Havens), but scrapped it for this one: a peach cobbler with cornmeal biscuit. I've made it a half dozen times and it gets scarfed down super fast.

  17. you've been peachin' it out girl!
    looks yummy... gonna have to try those muffins soon:)

  18. I'm SO, SO, SO jealous!!!! We live in the middle of some major peach country here ... yet I have failed to find a RIPE peach yet this summer!!!!! I continue to buy peaches, hoping that they'll ripen on my counter top (they don't really ... they get soft, mushy and spoil before they really get rip). Whatever happened to the RIPE peaches??? :-(

  19. Isn't it great how kids grab on to a new phrase and just have to work it out? I get lots of "as wells". Which according to my husband I say a lot too. "Mommy, will Max be coming as well?" "Do we have to stop at the store as well?" Funny stuff. But those are the little things that can get forgotten. You'll be so glad to look back in year to come and remember his "speaking of..." adorable-ness.

  20. Oh yum. It looks so delicious. My grandmother taught me canning. It's a long day and a LOT of work!!!

  21. Yum, Yum, and Yum. I usually freeze my the recipe for canning them? You know you'll need to share!

  22. speaking of cobbler, I made a blackberry one this week which i had trouble with setting up. I had to bake it for 40 minutes instead of 20. But in the end it was delicious! It had cinnamon in the crust which I didn't know if I would like but I loved it! All of this peach business makes me feel like I should bake something with peaches.... like maybe those cupcakes?

  23. Peaches are my favorite fruit and your post is very sweet. :o) Love the thought of Calvin saying "Speaking of..." - reminds me of when my daughter was three and started using "Well, actually..." at the beginning of her sentences.

    BTW - I gave you a little shout out on my blog this morning. Hoping you'll get a few new reader fans as a result.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  24. Brings back many childhood memories... mom and us 5 kids in the kitchen with crates of peaches, pears, green beans, and whatever else was being prepared for the next year.

    Happy day to you!

  25. Hi! You don't know me very well but I love all of your peachyness! I'm getting ready to go a family reunion and sure family has been assigned the color peach! Which means I need to bring a type of food with peaches in it as well as have everyone in my family wear the color peach. Could you pick out some outfits ideas for me as well as a peach dish that I could make? I'm thinking about wearing nude hose to show off the peachyness in my legs and also incorporating some peach eye shadow and blush...I have a james and the giant peach shirt that I think I'll have one of my boys wear...I thought about also using some attire that is kind of furry to resemble peach fuzz...I'm looking so forward to your reply! Perhaps we could get together to meet someday...I don't live too far away...just over in fort wayne...

  26. Love peaches, but all I know for sure is that the peach cupcake plate is probably going to go missing sometime in the next month or so. Don't say you weren't warned.

  27. Yum, Yum, and Yum! I laughed, I snickered, I salivated!

  28. Love peaches...hate the fuzz. It really sends shivers up my spine...kinda like wooden spoons (now that's a whole phobia in itself). The first thing I ever made for Mr. D was a peach cobbler in his own little ramekin that we had received as a wedding gift. I got up early while he was all cute (ya know, newlywed cute) sleepin in...pealed and sliced tender peaches fresh from the tree (ok..I opened the can). A dash of cinnamon, some Bisquick, Viola! He got up, came in the kitchen, asked what I had made. Then in the most polite way he could, began to tell me how much he really didn't like peaches. I was devastated...all my peachy dreams came crashing down around me. (Actually...I thought, "More for meeeee!")

  29. Don't you find such satisfaction in glancing over at your counter where rows of newly canned fruits and vegatables await?

    Life is good, Farm girl!

  30. love love peaches...and I think it all looks good....YUUUMMM!

  31. YOU are a PEACH! Don't change a bit! Anytime you feel like cannin somethin - call, I'll stop whatever I'm doing and can somethin with you :) Golden Delicious Applesauce is coming soon to the Chupp Farm near you......once you've canned it, you will never go back to the store to purchase it!

    Have a beautiful day - whenever you get to reading this!
    Heather C.

  32. yummy yum yum YUM!! i am super snacky right now and these all look so good!! (they would look good had i not been snacky too just for the record). very good, madam! :)

  33. My husband and I were rolling with the Paula Dean bit. Girl! you need to move to Idaho Ya won't to? I just caint imagine how much fun we might have! *wink* I think it would be JUST peachy.... geeesh, I'm a dork. Hugs, The Lady

  34. Hello Shannan,
    You are so cute!
    I want to learn how to can peaches.... I haven't canned a thing since I was in Home Ec... Which has been awhile... : )
    My husband loves canned peaches...
    Love your Paula Deen's Peach Cobbler story!
    I bet it was delicious!

  35. This winter when I want fresh peaches for my cobbler, I'm coming to see you. I know you'll help a sistah out because you yourself are a peach. P.S. Please, teach me how to put up peaches one day!

  36. oh love me some peaches...fresh off the tree or in some home made ice cream...looks like you got some nice tomatoes as well...they say summer to me...the shortcake sounds wonderful...

  37. Okay your Paula Deen comment had me howling... you nailed it!

  38. oh madame peach i love your peach post. glad your summer has been filled with peaches...good and bad.

  39. this was my weekend for peaches too, my fruit-loving-friend, and i wish i could have canned with you and your double-joints :) i think you should write a recipe book. or get your reviews published. you write with such flourish, and i adore it. xo

  40. Shannan - thanks for saying on here that you made something that did not turn out well...tonight, in the grocery store I actually thought to myself: I wish I was Shannan Martin and I could cook yummy, healthy, food. You need to have "Shannan Camp" next summer and sell lessons on how to be more flower-patch-farm-girlish in everyday life. I would pay a deposit in full, right now.

  41. The peaches look yummy and all (and I am a bit jealous that somehow you find all the time to do this yummy cooking/canning and such) but I'm still not quite able to get past the part about lactose intolerance? Is this a for real, forever kind of thing? Because I'm not so sure how you're going to survive without your late night cereal and ice cream. Although Foiler might tell you that it's probably because of the late night cereal and ice cream eating. :)

    p.s. when can I see you again?

  42. brown sugar frosting? do tay-ell...puhleas!

  43. uh, the cupcakes got me....oh yes they did, send some peaches to me, my son will gobble them right up....he is quite the peach and speaking of peaches, ahh just kidding! happy monday!

  44. Feel free to send some canned peaches my way - they look divine!