Monday, August 2, 2010

In The Hush of the Moon - A Guest Post

Have you met my friend Emily? She is a word wizard, that one. She drew me in the first time I read her, with a style so unique - clear and mysterious, at the very same time.

The more I know of her, the more sure I am that our heartbeats sound the same. I recognize myself in her, though I know that on paper we may seem to have little in common. This is the gift of blogging, you see. It connects people - across miles, across experiences, across dreams.

This friend of mine asked me to guest post on her site and I was so honored to say yes.

Then my pits got clammy and I felt certain that I might sully up her pristine space. She asked me to write about contentment, about change. She freed me up to write "as God leads".

So, I did. To read, go to her blog. And be sure to take a look around. Soak up the beauty of the truth she shares there.


  1. I am simply speechless... Your writing is amazing.

    I've said it before, but I would stand in line to buy your book, if you wrote one... that you do it here for "free", well WE should be the honored ones.

    Everyday you inspire me.

  2. i would buy your book too, friend, in a heartbeat. you honor me. xo

  3. What a lovely post you wrote. I am surprised you are not already a famous author--you have a gift.

    You know, I have looked at her blog before, but found it hard to read--only because of the white print on black background. I dunno...maybe I'm just getting old, but I have to highlight her writings before I can read them! ssshh...dont' tell anyone ;~))

  4. I want one of the first copies of that book also! I've said it before, you write beautifully! It's such a blessing to be able to go to your blog and read what I'm feeling. We have just made the decision to down-size after being in this home for 14 years. I thought we would be here until they carried us out. I mean we are old (63 & 65). Now I'm making my home ready to go "on the market". It's hard to pack away all of our personal things, pictures, etc., to make this very personal nest not so personal. So that someone else can see themselves living in My home. Then I remember, it's not My home, it's His home. We dedicated it to Him 14 years ago, just as we have dedicated all of homes to Him when we moved in. An I know He has the most perfect home that He is preparing for us. Thank you Shannon for reminding me to be content with Gods plans for us. Sometimes I think you may actually have hidden wings!!

  5. Well, there was definitely no "sullying" done on Emily's blog today. (See my comment on your lovely, heartfelt post over there.)

    And so I popped by here for a visit, since I figured we'd already been introduced. I'll visit again, because I like it here. A lot.

  6. I'm very new to your blog, and I came across it after reading the Coop Keeper. Or was it the Farmgirl, then the Coop Keeper? Which came first the chicken or the...ok, bad joke.
    We just moved to Anderson from Mishawaka in January, after several layoffs over many years, for my husband to be in a steady, consistent, "welcome to retirement" job . I should be thankful...I really should. I'll confess that this move has not brought out the best in me. But, it's posts like today's that, not just reminds me, but draws me closer to Him...It's like you unzip your heart and the amazing love of God just pours out in deep thoughtfulness. A book would be a wonderful way to share this sweet gift.

    In His Grip,

  7. Can't believe my friend can write like that. You are unbelievable. What a gift!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Also in the midst of changes that God has asked us to make. No sacrifice our family makes could ever compare to His sacrificially love! I absolutely love to hear the words you speak. Thank you:)
    (Btw, just wondering if you received my email I sent a couple of weeks ago?)

  9. I felt all kinds of tingley reading this post. Lovely.

  10. i re-read your post this morning, and it made me cry. thank you. again.

  11. I'm taking the line about God taking old dreams and turning them on their sides as my new mantra for the days ahead...

    Thank you for being such a blessing.

  12. Thank you for your post. It was beautiful. I have fought a similar battle this year. My first year of marriage, my first home...I got caught up in making it lovely and lost sight of what truly matters to God's heart. Not new faucets and rugs, I dare say. We've been in Colorado for the last three months living in another family's home and are just about to return to our home. It's been a good break for me, a loosening of the tight grip I held on material stuff I believed would make me happier, cooler, and prettier. I'm praying that God will keep reworking my dreams into His.

  13. You inspire, you inspire us, your readers to notice things around us, think differently and be better. Thanks.