Monday, August 2, 2010

In The Hush of the Moon - A Guest Post

Have you met my friend Emily? She is a word wizard, that one. She drew me in the first time I read her, with a style so unique - clear and mysterious, at the very same time.

The more I know of her, the more sure I am that our heartbeats sound the same. I recognize myself in her, though I know that on paper we may seem to have little in common. This is the gift of blogging, you see. It connects people - across miles, across experiences, across dreams.

This friend of mine asked me to guest post on her site and I was so honored to say yes.

Then my pits got clammy and I felt certain that I might sully up her pristine space. She asked me to write about contentment, about change. She freed me up to write "as God leads".

So, I did. To read, go to her blog. And be sure to take a look around. Soak up the beauty of the truth she shares there.