Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Post - SweatPant Couture

I am day-tripping again, this time over at SweatPant Couture. (Love that name!!)

Stacey hosts super fun Mama interviews, and today she asked me to join in!

Click here to hop over and say hello.

ps - Thank you all for your comments about Calvin Lee's decision. I can't stop thinking about it and it's so much fun to feel the excitement of my blog friends, too. Thanks for rejoicing with us!


  1. That's a GREAT blog name! I'll go visit, but now I need to read about this rejoicing first. I missed it!!

  2. Great post... I love getting to know more and more about you and your adorable family! :)

  3. ...and you will never ever stop thinking about it...for nothing else in his life will ever mean as much..."i have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in the Truth"...blessings

  4. Praise God. I can't help but cry when I here of people accepting Christ as their savior (especially children). What a blessing!

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