Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dinner Last Week

I told you I would fill you in on last week's menu.

Let it be noted - I am a girl who keeps her promises.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad and Sweet Corn

Last minute Take-out Chinese with my SIL while the husbands took an assortment of children to the fair.


Apple fritter French Toast, Sausage Patties and Raspberries

Pasta with Green Beans and Tuna*
Heirloom Tomatoes with Basil and Balsamic Vinaigrette
(Why does it always sound better when you add "Heirloom"?)
*I added chopped capers and fresh thyme to the sauce and drizzled the sauce all over the top of Cory's and my food. The kids ate theirs plain. (More sauce for us!!)
PS - This meal ROCKED.

Date Night
We shared a chicken fajita quesadilla and a steak fajita quesadilla and a peach margarita.

I have a confession. The Date Night picture I posted early on Friday was from a different Date Night with a different date who just so happened to wear the cutest dress ever. The Other Date photo worked in a pinch. It conveyed the appropriate sentiment.

For this date night, it was only fitting that I dress to match the sign of my beloved Mazatlan. So in love, we are.

And for the good of the order, the bracelet from the Other Date photo came from Girly Chic Boutique. {The owner blogs here.} And the grey shirt is from Marshalls.

Last night found my bad, sweatpant-wearing self writing out this week's list in low light whilst my stalker lurked in the shadows, honing his skilz, all the while swearing that he would delete every "practice shot" he took.

The memory card doesn't lie, baby.

And my hands have never looked more imposing.


  1. ok. i'm officially starving...... !!

  2. Breakfast for dinner... love it. Reminds me of my childhood, my mom used to do this once in awhile.

    And for the record, the picture of your hands.. well I think they look fabulous!

  3. Yummy food! I think I need to try the pasta recipe. And we love having breakfast for dinner around here. ;)

  4. Your dinners look amazing! I need to step up my game a little I think!
    I wish my hubby liked breakfast for dinner! He finds it not right... haha!
    Have a pretty day!

  5. I'm with Red Gate Farm! Take a chill pill FPFG, you're hands are beautiful! So are your plating skilz. Even though I'm a vego, your food looks beautiful.
    As for that very cute, yellow top. Wow! Loving the frilz!

    Now, re: any suggestions to help with the shrieking Silas. Well, the ONLY suggestion I have is to persevere with what you are already doing. I don't have any answers I'm afraid. I often feel I have no control whatsoever over my 3 year old Monkey. Boys! They're just plain hard work, but man, they give the BEST hugs!!!

    Ky x

  6. looks like a weeks worth of yummy meals! I love that you had breakfast for dinner. Who doesn't love that???
    AND! I love that you are already planning for this week. You are one organised mama. I will try to channel you this week as I work on organising my 'office area'.

  7. Thanks for sharing your menu! It all sounds so yummy! So glad you guys had a nice date night!

  8. okay, your meals look beautiful and delicious. quite impressive...and cute cute yellow shirt! :)

  9. Could you be any lovelier?

    .. I think not.

    Also, I'm coming over for dinner, k?

    (this comment is super creepy. haaha. sorry. promise I'm not a creep)

  10. everything look delish! (even you!) ;)

  11. I know you had no intentions on bringing tears to my eyes this morning, but as soon as I saw that yellow awning, and purple trimmed window, I knew where you were. I'm deeply homesick and that truly is our favorite place for date night, lunch, and if they served breakfast, we would have been there. We continue to compare every Mexican restaurant to it. "Is the chili Colorado like Mazatlan's?", "I wish they had a burrito Cancun like Mazatlan's!" "Wow, this door isn't as heavy as Mazatlan's!" I could go on and on.
    God Bless,

  12. I can't get past the fact that it looks like you took a blow dryer to your hair. Say it ain't so.

  13. If I haven't told you 342 times already, you're too cute. You know...just in case I hadn't told you.

    P.S. Sayonara, Summer! I am a true fall lover and I can't wait for it!

  14. I can almost hear your voice as I read your words. It's like you are doing a voice over and it just cracks me up. Love that you matched your shirt with the sign. Very GQ of you!

    If I made meals like that every night for my family they would probably all fall right out of their chairs. Maybe you should write a cook book/novella:)

  15. Everything looks so delicious and I am drooling over that Apple Fritter French Toast!!! Perhaps you should come and plan my weekly menu!!!

  16. is there a recipe for that french toast?!

  17. That Jayme always gets ahead of me. I thought your hair looked like you blow dried it too! You are a cutie patootie!

  18. Noted!

    Wednesday's breakfast has me drooling..

  19. Mazatlan! Now I know how you found Candy Apple Corner all those years ago, that's my neck of the woods. I love the hair, it's very date night looking!

  20. You are adorable! Love this always!

  21. Yum! Everything looks delicious!

  22. I like breakfast for dinner. My husband, not so much. You look very in your yellow ruffles. I like the idea of dressing to match the restaurant. ;-)


  23. Look at you all sunshiny yellow in your ruffley cuteness.
    Love the fresh, delicious, beet/baloney free menu. yum.

  24. You make me hungry, and you make me want to go shopping.
    I'm so glad you got to go on a date. YAY!
    I too, have been getting some awesome adult time in with my favorite adult. It's precious. Sadly, I didn't look as cute as you do.
    Anthro is having a sale. I went crazy and now I have to take stuff back, but when will THAT happen? Sadly, (I am full of "sadly's" today), Derrick was not impressed with my choices. He's like my personal shopper and I flounder without him. I did, however, find a gorgeous coffee mug for three dollars there. Just saying.
    What's my point? If you were my shopping buddy, I would probably get the thumbs up every time. Oh, and I'd buy you a coffee mug. OH and I love mexican food, but I bet mine is better. I'm closer to the border!
    OH AND! Those tomatoes are amazing! Good job Suzy Greenthumb!

  25. p.s. I think it's mean to post what you ate for dinner this week without somehow including the recipes. It's just plain MEAN and it makes me want to yell "FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER TELL US HOW TO COOK THAT GRUB!"
    I feel better now.
    For the good of the order= awesome writing and mad skilz.

  26. dare I say, You amaze me!
    O and... gorgeous hand photo! :):)

  27. I wanna go back to Girly Chic with you! And I want to go on a date night. Sigh. Those are both going right on my to do list.

  28. I am a french toast kind of girl! Your meals look wonderful and you look especially beautiful in your yellow ruffled blouse!

  29. I'm still befuddled at the volume in your hair. Befuddled I say.

  30. I am suddenly hungry and feeling the urge to shop for cute, ruffly shirts. I haven't been by in a while and I just read the last, like, 10 posts. Girl, you make me laugh one second and then sigh the next. Beautiful, beautiful writing. Oh and about the running, I do it and it's the only thing that keeps me sane with 3 children. Keep it up!

  31. I made the pasta with green beans and tuna for dinner tonight (also with added capers) -- It was awesome! That's going in my regular rotation. Cheap, easy and super delicious :) Thanks for sharing!

  32. Can I hire you to cook for us? Amazing pics girl!
    Hey! btw - I mentioned you in my "pockets." post today.

    Hugs, The Lady of the House

  33. Thank you for the bracelet info! I was in OH for 2 1/2 weeks & just saw this post. I'll go check her blog out now.

    Funny thing...while I was visiting my Gama she had a similar ring in her jewelry box which she let me have! :)

    Thanks again!

  34. oh gosh... your meals are inspirational! One question tho - do you meal-plan before you go to the store, or arrive at the store and meal-plan as you go based on what you see there, or just buy stuff and work with what you have when you get home? gosh... I'm sorry... that was a very long-winded question! :)

  35. Okay...I'm going through your recipes because everything you post looks amazing...what's the recipe for the Apple Fritter French Toast???