Monday, August 16, 2010

Cory's Project

Back when our world started to change, Cory and I decided that we were going to start looking harder for creative ways to reach out from our comfy cocoon to the world around us. What had once been a blurry notion that there were many suffering people out there somewhere started to come sharply into focus. Once that image was fixed in our hearts, the only thing left to do was something. Anything. Our understanding began to shift from knowing to acting. Gone were the days of chalking it all up to blessings undeserved. It wasn't good enough, and we knew it.

The thing about it is, once you hear God speak very specifically, you can't pretend that it didn't happen. And when He starts in with what seems a little like crazytalk, when things get so jumbled up and weird that you might be tempted to tell yourself that you're just not thinking clearly, that's when it really starts to get interesting. Especially if you happen to be Cory.

Because if you happen to be Cory, that's when you end up training for a half-marathon.

Homes has not run since High School, and I should know, because I'm the expert on Not Running.

{Gratuitous Runner's Calves Shot}

He's doing the work, putting in the time. He is running for World Vision, on behalf of Africans whose very lives hinge on clean water and basic nourishment.

In just a few weeks, he'll run the Chicago half-marathon, along with his brother and sister-in-law.

I'll be there, doing my thang, cheering them on and maybe eating some salsa.

I'm proud of my Honey for saying yes to something that seemed so impossible, so positively funny, all those months ago. I'm inspired by his willingness to sacrifice in such a personal way.

*For anyone itching to get involved, you can go here to donate to the cause.


  1. you excite me. I love your heart.

    I thought of you today. We had people walk through our house a second time...the closest we've come to selling it...and we've pretty much settled on the idea that it wont sell.
    So if it sells, what shall we do?
    Guess what we threw around today? What crazy, out of the blue idea?
    Downsizing. And it sounded oh so good.

    So, I thought of you, because YOU are crazy, and God does crazy, and I think I might join your crazy club...if the crazy house sells...which would be crazy.

    We shall see. I'm against all boxes for who's funny huh.

  2. i love it!!!!
    i love that he's doing something great for himself and something life changing for another!

  3. That is so wonderful and defniitely something to be proud of him for:)

  4. Hoping for a rewarding day for you all as he crosses the finish line, and for all those who will be helped. Such a healthy and creative way to bring aid to those suffering. Have a joyous day.

  5. My hubby is a long distance runner and I know the hours, the hardwork and even the pain that goes into training for these events. So you should absolutely be proud of your hubby for this! What an awesome undertaking! Praying for his and other runners' safety.

  6. I'm so impressed with da bode of ya's. Astounded even. I'm biking for hunger today - riding m'self up to the Tastee Top. I always feel like I'm cheating on you when I go with someone else.

    On a serious note - yes, I do have those - I'm inspired by your obedience to the Lord. You make me want to listen harder, do more, give more. Thank you Shab.

  7. go cory!
    *the chicago part sounds especially fun:)

  8. Yay Cory! I sponsor a little girl through World Vision. Her name is Pramila Kumari. We take clean water for granted and all the things it affects. God bless you, I wish more people would look outward.

  9. I am so proud of you kids! Who would have ever thought Cor would pull this off?? It has to be a God thing. We will be pulling for him all the way, and cheering your new journey as a family.

  10. How awesome is he! And you for supporting him! What a great cause! I am a complete non-runner and the thought of running that long makes me nervous just thinking about it! Best of luck to him & enjoy the salsa on the sidelines!

  11. We were at a children's pastor's conference and they did a presentation about this. I so wanted to do it but chickened out because, like you, I'm an expert on not running. I seriously wish I had the guts! Go Cory! And go you with your salsa eating self! :)

  12. GO!!!!! When my life fell apart nine years ago, I woke up one day and decided to train for the Mini Marathon (Indianapolis). I ran two then ran the Chicago Marathon in 2002. Then I had kids and I have been longing to do it all again and I will one of these days...

    So glad to have "met" you today, fellow Hoosier! Your family is beautiful. Would love to chat with you sometime about your adoption story - we have recently felt a call to adopt and we are not sure what to do with that. :) Yes, my children are 5, 3, and just-turned 2!

    If you get a chance, let me know where you live in Indiana! I'm not going to stalk you or anything (whew) but thought it would be funny if we were close to one another. We are in West Lafayette, Indiana. My email is

    Have a wonderful rest of your day!

  13. My mind would be on ..."where can we eat after he's done running?" Have a good time and Run Cory Run!

  14. As I read this post all I could think about was Forrest Gump. Love you Cory.

  15. Thanks for stopping by today! Love that you are the expert on not running...I would say I am probably high up on the expert chart in that area as well! Awesome cause though!

  16. That's awesome! My husband trained for a half last May and got the bug and will be running the full in Chicago on October 11th - so proud of him as I'm sure you are of your hubs! Dan is running with the Hall Steps Foundation and they also support World Vision and International Justice Mission, as well as some youth mentoring initiatives (which is what my husband does here on the west side of Chicago). Here's his running blog if your husband is looking for a virtual training partner :-):

  17. Whoo-hoo Cory!
    p.s. I love Not Running.

  18. Shannan, I have a post up on my Korean littles on my blog today if you want to see them.

  19. Oh good for him! I can't even imagine.