Friday, July 23, 2010

This Must Be Your Lucky Day

I'm ba-aaaaaaaack! It's Throwback Friday, ya'll, and we're kicking it old-school, circa Winter '10, with a trip down Grocery Store Confessional Lane.

I'm going to get right down to business, because I can hear you clamoring all the way from here.

But first, I have a disclaimer - My budget's all shot in the hiney. Silas swept in and with him, another mouth to feed. Go figure. Also? We're in the midst of significant change around here, and cooking is my Warm & Cozy. Sue. Me.

Without further ado, I give you the list!

Except I feel compelled to also point out the fact that it's a triple-digit heat index here. It's that time of year when all anyone wants to eat is watermelon and cold cereal. And salsa. And cheesecake.

It's been hotter than snot here for two weeks running and just to throw my peeps off I've served soup twice. Hey - once you've downed a piping hot bowl of minestrone, who really cares where the mercury has landed? You'll find yourself in a January state-of-mind. And you'll thank me for it.

Sweet Corn Charlie's (local produce stand)
1 dozen ears of sweet corn - $5
2 tomatoes - ??
1 vidalia onion - ??
Total: $8.00

90 count floss thingies - 1.99
Kids Crest - 2.17
Bananas - .73
Cilantro - .69
Old Orchard Apple Raspberry frozen juice - 1.18
Diced tomatoes - 1.06
Meijer wheat bread - 1.19
Spaghetti - .48 ($1 off coupon)
Black olives - 1.49
Paper Towels - 1.49
Canned whole tomatoes - 1.49
Prego spaghetti sauce - 1.92
3 lemons - 2.00
Santitas tortilla chips, Baby! - 2.00
Suave shampoo - 2.12
Italian bread - 2.29
Caesar vinaigrette dressing - 2.67
Kix - 3.17
Cinnamon Chex - 3.29
Right Guard Antiperspirant because Cory is a deodorant diva - 3.69 (ouch)
Strawberries - 2.00
2 cans tuna - 1.18
Red grapes - 1.57
1 head red leaf lettuce - .88
2 heads ol' fool Romaine - 1.82
Bing cherries - 3.95
Baby Kosher dills - 1.99
2 limes - .50
Sausage patties - 2.19
2 boxes raspberries - 3.00
Seedless watermelon - 3.99
2 bags Lays potato chips - 3.99
2 gallons 2% milk - 4.00
Whole wheat sub buns - 2.00
Grape tomatoes - 2.00
Quaker rice cakes (2 bags) - 2.50
Eggo frozen waffles - 1.67
Subtotal - 77.04
$10 off coupon from pharmacy
Total - 67.04

Grandma's Pantry
Pearled barley - 1.25
.6 lb hard salami - 2.12
.7 lb honey smoked turkey - 3.62
.5 lb provolone - 2.08
Total - 9.07

Grand Total - 84.11

Not too impressive, right? Well, what if I told you that this will last us THREE weeks??!

It's not true, but that would be impressive, right?

As for the week's menu - I decided to keep you in suspense. I know.

Now scoot back from the edge of your seat and pour yourself a bowl of cold cereal. Do it in honor of me. And watch FNL while you munch. That's what I'll be doing in about 7 minutes.

-Grocery Girl


  1. I'm sure you'll laugh, but these confessions are what hooked me to your blog!! I'm quite convinced you feed your family more affordable that man and I feed just the two of us. Of course, we also don't really track our grocery bill that closely... can you tell we don't have kids?!?

  2. I'm soooooo happy to see the grocery post again! Grocery shopping can be a bit of a "chore" and this puts a fun spin on it. However, I'd never post my grocery list - my husband is the PLAINEST FOOD eater you will ever meet. We're talking plain meat, plain potatoes, plain rice, plain vermicelli (only vermicelli no other past), etc. No sauces - EVER. Needless to say, I usually don't eat what he eats.

    So I think the grocery post is kind of fun... and interesting too but maybe I'm a little strange! ;)

  3. Too funny...I was painting away the other day...thinking about all my blog friends, and I thought to myself "I wonder what Shannan has on the grocery list for the summer. I haven't seen her post about that in a while"...(yes, I think about you while I am painting furniture). Weird, I know.

    Glad to see you go all crazy retro on us and give us the low-down on the list.


  4. I love this! So how long will these groceries last? We are on a major budget freeze while we adjust to the cost of living in the city, so these posts are so helpful!

    Enjoy FNL!

  5. Not bad! I'd say you did pretty well staying in the budget. I remember when my kids didn't eat as much...I miss those days. Anyway, what are you serving with those ingredients?

  6. I have been trying to cut back out grocery budget forever and I never can quite do How long will this food last? can't wait to see the menus

  7. What a fun idea! I love shopping for groceries at Meijer - they always seem to have better prices.

  8. Three teens at home here - and two of them boys - I WISH I could come close to that!!!

    Happy Friday,

  9. I'm with Cory on the deodorant thing. Once you find one you like that works and doesn't irritate, wearing anything else is like wearing someone else's clothes.

  10. Ahhhh - I've missed these posts. I've done set myself up with a $350 a month grocery budget - $175 per pay period - and when it's gone it's gone - and Glen misses his potato chips - but what's a girl to do? All the toiletries come out of this, as well as my Great Slushie Project 2010. I'm glad to see that you buy smoked turkey, cause I don't cotton to anything else. It's been hotter than the dickens here, that's fo sho....are you back in IN?

  11. Dang. I always leave here hungry. And I just ate. We're about to go to the envelope system for groceries and I will be tuning in for more of your budgeting brilliantness. (That's not a word, is it?) I miss Meijer. We lived in IN for 5 years and shopped there all the time.

  12. What? Now I gotta see what you feed them. I have family of two, yep just two, and we blow that receipt away every week. PS, you make me giggle with your honest to goodness sense of humor.

  13. A fellow FNL-lover?! I think that is our all-time favorite show around these parts! You will really appreciate this post about my dad selling our floor to "Julie":

  14. Isn't it somethin how one more mouth can change your grocery budget! I am trying to get a weekly "amount" in stone for our family grocery bill - but it's soooooo hard! With 5 growing bodies that consume varying degrees of food every week.......I'm just going to have to throw the dart and shoot for a close proximity :) And yes, the menu is a must. That practice alone saves $'s. Thanks for the reminder - I'm off balance with my boys returning from conference today (that alone saved us considerably on the grocery bill last week! Just kiddin!) Have a beautiful weekend!


  15. Ha! I just finished a nice crisp bowl of Tootie Fruities for dinner! Have a yummy weekend!

    : )

    Julie M.

  16. whew, groceries must be cheaper in your neck of the woods...or do I live in Alaska and not realize it? Since when did Alaska have 111 million degree temperatures?


    Dorritos trump Lays.
    oh oh, and SWEET CORN CHARLIE'S?!? You make Indiana sound THRILLING...and grocery shopping sound fun.

    I bet you could make paint drying an olympic event. You just spin everything into GOLD (or at least into 1 dollar off spaghetti coupons)

  17. 12 ears for $5??? That's what I pay out here in Calif.! I can't remember when my groceries came in for less than at least twice your total for the week, except last year when we were in the same boat as you (no work for 3 1/2 mos.) and all of a sudden certain items weren't that important anymore. You'll get through this and then you can stock back up on the pate' and caviar.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  18. such a riot. i just got back from the grocery store "just to pick up a few things" and almost left with a bigger bill than you and i will have to post this on my site but, seriously i felt like i was in an amusement park. my kids had just finished swimming lessons and it was a quick stop. first they wanted the BIG cart and then they were hungry and begged, pleaded, got on their hands and knees for donuts!!! then they wanted to push the cart and then they found the merry-go-round.

    let me conclude by saying it was not a quick stop.

    come on by and check out the giveaway on my blog!

  19. Hotter than snot? You're killing me here. I love your shopping lists, keep it up please.

  20. Hi,new follower from Indiana(south of yall)We love your blog and I mean that as a family,we read it on a day to day basis.OMGosh the grocery bill kills me I try to budget but it seems to always go up somehow.Please feel free to stop by for a visit.

  21. It's hotter than snot here too. Our heat index has been triple digits for days, and there's no end in sight. I really don't like being hot - so I'm excited that August is around the corner, which means fall is on it's way. Sort of....

  22. I think I see your yummy salsa recipe in there! It rocks!!!

  23. You have inspired me to greater heights on our grocery adventures. I thought $400.00 every 2 weeks for all things grocery and gas for the car was good. Thanks for raising the bar...I love a challenge!

  24. Wow! You put me to shame. My budget is $80 a week, and it's just my husband and I. Fresh corn... I want some now!

  25. I can't even imagine. You go girl with your budget shopping. I am so horrible at that. Can't wait to see what yummy meals you come up with:)

  26. did i ever love seeing favorite thing in the wrold is getting a grocery cart that has somebodies grocery list still in seeing what people's groceries are....

    this was FUN...


  27. i once read that drinking something hot will make one feel cooler on a blistering day. of course, i cannot confirm nor unseat this claim, as i am too wimpy to try it out. but. your soupishness has emboldened me, so perhaps i shall know by the end of this week.

    i will report back.

  28. Our grocery costs have dropped by at least $50-80 a week just by making Hubby stay home while I shop alone. He was buying waaaay too much.


  29. You never fail to make me laugh! I love your grocery store confessionals! It will be especially helpful since I'm going to be on my own for grocery shopping very soon!


  30. Love all the fruit on your list!! Why aren't you growing those grape tomoatoes in your garden??? We're overloaded with them right now. Wish you were close enough to share with. Miss ya!

  31. Food and thrift or the attempt there of. These are my favorite topics! Some weeks I hit the mark and others I miss it all together! Love you. It was great to hear your voice the other day. Though I was talking a mile a minute...I just had so much to learn from you.

  32. red grapes for $1.57?? how did you do that? or did you just get one stem... Yikes my highest red grape purchase was once..umm...$14

  33. You're so funny. We spend $350 every two weeks. Yeah. I need help.

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  37. You really impress me with your cheap shopping! I need to come take lessons from you.

  38. Canning was my therapy last week. Tomato juice and apple butter. No suing from here.

  39. i'm sorry that you wasted .69 on cilantro. i would have left that out fo sho...:) thank you so so much for posting this. i have new inspiration for my post vacation grocery shopping trip tomorrow. yay!