Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Round II - Jen & Em

Day two of Luckiest Week Ever was right swell.

I adore Jen.

Do we just radiate serenity and contentedness, or what?

Don't judge. Drastic double chins call for drastic measures.

And Jen was nice enough to play along, too. She had sympathy for me and my girls. That's what I call my chins - The Girls. I know many of you may have, a time or two, referred to other, finer features as The Girls, but for me, it's all about the chins, Baby.

Back in college I yukked it up with the best of 'em over Richard Fish waxing poetic on the virtues of the waddle.

I'm not laughing anymore.

FPFG: I can count on one hand the number of times I have blow-dried my hair this Summer.

Jen: (It's true what they've been saying - she's let herself go. Poor thing. Maybe she just needs someone to listen...)

FPFG: Do I have corn in my teeth?

Jen: (Smile, Jen, Smile! Make her think she's sort of normal! So very sad...)

Jen: FPFG, I think you should consider leaving your farm once in a while. I think you might benefit from some...civilization! I'm just sayin'.


Jen: Also, as your friend, I'm here to tell you as nicely as possible that your hands are even more claw-like in person. Especially when you hold them like that.

Jen: (I still can't believe she put peppers in the salad!)

FPFG: anyways, our house is for sale. You should buy it! We could pick blueberries every Wednesday and have book club every Thursday and every Friday, we could have dinner together! Friday Night Fajitas!! You like peppers, right?

Jen: (Note to self: Never again stray North of Kokomo. It's just not safe.)

Jen: (Please. Stop. Talking! Is it 3:00 yet?)

I love our day, JJ. I loved every sweltery moment. I loved the blueberry picking and the Dented Can browsing and the back-roads driving, but I especially loved the lemon bar eating.

Next time, let's actually take some pictures, M-Kay?