Sunday, July 18, 2010

Playing Tricks

Life plays tricks on me sometimes.

For instance, my calendar is telling me that it's Sunday evening, when in reality it has to be Tuesday. Or maybe Wednesday? All I know is, I most definitely did not partake in a weekend.

Some of us did.

Calvin got to go For Real camping with his Daddy. For Real camping entails the pitching of a tent on ground that is not located in one's own yard, toilets without flushers and mosquito bites to beat the band.

He's gone and learned how to catch a fish, this one. He casts his line like he means it and reeled in a small-mouth bass entirely on his own, while Daddy lazed around the campfire, some 20 yards away. Or so the story goes.

I enjoyed "camping" for just two short hours on Friday night. Then Ruby got sick and I spent the rest of my "weekend" cuddled up with her, and doing my best to harness the energy and will of Siley Pie, which turns out to be no easy feat.

Here's the thing - I'm really not a camp girl. I enjoy what I know of it, but my knowledge is quite limited. I was not Born to Camp. It may have something to do with my long-standing aversion to outhouses or it may be related to my woeful hair that really must be washed daily.

It's not that I'm a wimp, though. No, it's definitely not that.

In theory, I should have been more than happy to opt out of "camping". But there's something I haven't told you about said camping trip - she was there.

You don't believe me? I'll prove it.

Lawsie Law - it's her. Camera in hand.

I know I've told you this before, but we lived next door to each other our Sophomore year in college. We shared a wall, ya'll. And I cannot remember one single conversation with her. It's all a travesty, if you ask me.

I had my reasons. I was busy color-coding my mens XL American Eagle flannel shirts and teasing my bangs. I was busy writing sonnets and day-dreaming about boys who would be but a memory just one short year later, upon the entrance of CMB.

The point is - I was a stark-raving fool to have missed out on her.

So we hatched a plan to meet up while they were in town. We were a collective ball of nerves, the two of us. But while our mutual introversion-spurred awkwardness could very well have spelled disaster, it didn't. As it turns out, we had plenty to talk about.

And then night fell and the little girl got sick and I never saw her again.




The moral of the story here? Go meet your neighbors. Do it today. You just never know what treasure may wait one door down.


  1. I DO.NOT.CAMP. either. I'm so sorry you missed out on more time with your friend though. Hope Ruby is feeling better.

  2. No camping for me, either. That sleeping on the ground with bugs and other creatures kinda freaks me out. Right now we have a skunk walking around in our yard......yuck.
    I hope your sweet girl feels better soon.

  3. I'm not a camper...unless there are bathrooms and air mattresses.
    Does that even count?

    Everytime I meet my neighbors, I have to move or something. What does that mean???

    Is Ruby better yet? you need to include such vital information in these posts...

  4. i am a camper, but the older i get, the more i long for soft mattresses... yes. i need to meet my neighbours. so hard, when you're new in town. but i will. thank you for this, friend.

  5. I'm a camper. I would prefer to be a camper with an old trailer cutified with pillows and quilts and gingham curtains. But my husband and boys are tents and no flushing toilets or electricity kind of campers so I am too by default. In fact we just went this weekend. :)
    I hope your Ruby is feeling much better now.

  6. If I could camp without mud, and mosquitoes I could do it. But the two of them seem to follow me around and nest in my shoes and hair, and I just don't like it. Crazy, I know. I will knock on my neighbours door tomorrow, or maybe the next day. Soon.

  7. If I could camp without mud, and mosquitoes I could do it. But the two of them seem to follow me around and nest in my shoes and hair, and I just don't like it. Crazy, I know. I will knock on my neighbours door tomorrow, or maybe the next day. Soon.

  8. I camp, but I'm the wimpy kind of camper. I don't mind saying it. I'm the kind that has the queen size bed & flushing toilet camper-behind-the-truck kinda camper.

    And yay for Calvin!

  9. Jeez FPFG! What a week you've had. I think you packed a month of socializing in there. So sorry you missed out on more time with your friend and hope you will be able to make it up sometime.

  10. You are right about the neighbors...absolutely right:)

    Love the pictures...I haven't been in forever...but looks so peaceful just from the pics...but actually doing it again is another story too

  11. I am not a camper and I actually met my husband on a camping/canoe trip! We've never camped since! I am a daily hair washer too! That's only part of the reason why it's not my thing. This was a fun post to read and I's a good idea to get out and meet your neighbors!

  12. Goodness, I haven't been camping in a long time. As for meeting the neighbors, Hubby and I have just started doing that over the last few weeks. And now we are probably going to move out in a few months. I wish it was something we'd taken the time to do sooner...

  13. Don't feel bad I'm not much of a camper either. I've only been a few times and I think if I had an actual CAMPER...maybe one of those uber cute silver airstream ones with cut flowers and lacey curtains...air conditioning, running water, bathroom, bed...then it might be right up my alley:) I checked out that girl's blog. She so you did miss out back in college;)

  14. ooh shoot, sorry you missed "her". I much prefer a spa weekend at a ritzy hotel to camping. Even though my hubby sells motorhomes for a living, when customers come for dinner, I try to be enthusiastic about their new purchase!
    I too have a love/hate realtionship with time. I absolutely know for a fact that my little guy who wears his tiny red canvas tennis shoes with the white rubber toes, is NOT about to turn 20 in two months, how could that possibly be? I must have the same calendar as you, one that fast forwards without our consent :(

  15. I'm not a camper either, unless it involves actual running water and flushing toilets! I can take sleeping on the ground...

    I hope you're able to catch up with your friend. I do believe that fate (or a higher being) has us meet people at the "right" time. My husband and I grew up in a middlish sized town. We met when I was 16 and he was 17, however when we looked back there were many, many times our lives crossed each others. He lived next door to my uncle, he was in my sister's class (twice) in elementary school, his mom was my cousins campfire girl leader, his sister worked with a good friend of mine, he was best friends with our neighbor, etc. I guess it wasn't the right time until we were "older". :) Chris

  16. Camping? I don't see the point. Why have bugs buzzing around your ears and the threat of wild creatures nibbling at your toes at night when you can just get a hotel room? I just never understood the concept of sleeping outside.


  17. you? are a ninja photographer. i didn't even know you got this (or i would've sucked in my gut and stood on my tippity-toes or something).

    'twas so very good to see you for the bit that i did, but it was akin to eating one cheeto when you are famished. i need more of your cheesy goodness, and soon.

    ps i totally washed my hair in that spring.

  18. Oh my gosh, I hate camping. Unless it's in a Holiday Inn. (You can do s'mores indoors, can't you?) I still think eventually I'm going to get talked into it since childhood really isn't childhood without at least one "i slept in a tent" experience.

    I hope Ruby is feeling better!

  19. Awww what a bummer that Ruby got sick. For the longest time, the joke between my friends and I was that I'd say "I'll be there unless one of the kids throws up". My kids were notorious for getting sick when I had plans. Now I know, it wasn't their fault. Just saying I know how you feel. :)

    P.S. I'm not much of a camper either.

  20. Camping, schmamping... not for me. Did it as a kid. Now, I have to have the nice shower and clean bathroom! So sorry sissy got sick.
    I had a neighbor that I sort of knew from bible study, then she moved, we wrote letters and I realized she was fabulous. Lucky for me,, she moved back and married another neighbor! We workout with each other ever day and I thank God for his genius plan!!

  21. Everyone in my husband's family is into the whole outdoor camping, hunting, boating thing. Not me. I'm the one who believes camping is staying in a hotel without room service.
    I've spent many a day and night on vacation nursing a little one back to health while the other half of the family did the fun stuff. Why do they always get sick away from home?
    Hope Ruby is up and at-em again and that you have another chance at frienship with HER.
    Heidi -Heart and Home
    PS has my little package arrived yet?

  22. I am not a "real" camper either. I will only camp where there is running water, toliets, and decent showers. Hope Ruby is feeling better! I do have to agree with you about neighbors. We do need to take the time to get to know them they could be a golden treasure!


  23. Siley pie...cute, I'll have to remember that one. Our Silas is often called Silacito. You know, as if he's Latino? I have no idea why.