Monday, July 26, 2010

Our 5-hour Vacation

We recently surprised the kids with an impromptu visit to Silver Beach.

We lined 'em up on the couch post-breakfast and broke the news.

Each expression perfectly summarizes the individual wearing it. Calvin played it cool and may have even been a little nervous. Ruby was so excited and overboard that she probably didn't hear where we were going, and Silas saw an ideal opportunity to shriek without consequence.

We packed our lunch, so this trip didn't cost us a dime.*

At midnight, the night before, I realized that I really needed to make some salsa for the trip. Ladling it into the margarine tub the next morning, it hit me: I think I may have a problem.

Our day consisted of digging...



Baywatch practicing...

Then - a salsa break.

I think the raspberry is the very picture of Summer, don't you?

We spent a little time at the Super Size splash pad - the perfect antidote to a fresh sand coating.

Home boy did much better than I had expected, although he did endure a moment of sheer panic when he was caught up in a torrential splash pad downpour. He emerged bearing a strong resemblance to a drowned rat. Cutest rat I'd ever seen.

As we were walking down to claim our parcel of sand, I said to Cory, "This is something Silas would have never experienced in Korea." He's been with us for four months and I alternately marvel at how quickly the pages have flown off the calendar and realize that four months is really nothing to a toddler who lived a whole life before us.

After just 3 hours, we packed it up. We're wimpy like that and we don't care who knows it.

Heading home, we hit the McDonald's drive-thru for a Diet Coke for CMB, where the drive-thru lady was the frosting on my day. She was genuine and funny and joy-filled. She called Cory "Sweetheart". I don't think I would be all of those things if I was passing paper cups through a little window with an awkward bow-tie around my neck. So, it's settled - that's who I want to be when I grow up - the Mickey D's drive-thru window lady with the smile as big as Lake Michigan.

*Parking is typically $8, but they don't take debit cards and couldn't break our fifty, so we parked for free!