Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Day in Food

I had lunch with Sarah today and it was about doggone time.

We met up first at the Farmers' market. How I love thee, Farmers' market.

She will be cooking up some Moroccan stew and a peach pie. I'll be making Grilled Corn and Tomato Salad, along with something blueberry/rhubarbish.

Over my Panera Greek Salad she gave me all the skinny on her newlywedness. Word on the street is, I get first rights on the For Real wedding pics, pending their arrival. I'm thinking this calls for a full-blown FPFG interview with the bride. Don't you agree?

I knew you would.

The scary part is, she said she would be interviewed by me only if I would then be interviewed by her.

My adolescence - most of which she was privy to - flashed before my eyes. And then I thought of all of those times I called her that name. And then I get all hivey and my pits got clammy and in an unfortunate knee-jerk reaction, I hissed "Ozzzzzzzzyyyyyyy....".

In retrospect, that may have been the wrong response.

After lunch, while Cory and Calvo went fishing, and Silo napped, Ruby and I made cupcakes.

And then I made this for dinner with pea pods from our garden. (And no, Martha Stewart is not paying me...yet.)

I implore you to make this drop-dead delicious meal. Especially if you happen to have an Asian child or two in your care. Calvin had seconds, then a cupcake, then polished off the rest of the rice. White rice - it's in their blood. I've never seen anything like it. Kimchi? That's another story...

After the Littles were tucked in, us Bigs hit the garden and came in with a bucket of loot, including our first very woeful looking Pink Girl tomato. I'm hoping to high Heaven that her sisters buck up and represent.

And speaking of woeful...have you ever seen a sorrier excuse of a pie photo?

Alas, the never-ending peanut butter pie finally gave up the ghost. It was time. A memorial service was held in the North cornfield. Please send more pie in lieu of flowers.