Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Farm Bash

Sunday marked the third annual back-woods fireworks bash here at the farm. The guys get all giggly about it months in advance.

OK fine, they don't really giggle, but they definitely do the male equivalent. And sometimes, let's be honest, they giggle. But just a little.

All I know is, these dyed in the wool Dave Ramsey-heads suddenly find wiggle room in the budget for this.

They constructed a quite elaborate and very sketchy contraption for setting off the loot. They were all abuzz.

I offered the foreman the rights to an exclusive interview, but he declined.

Scared-y cat.

Around here, we've got little boys in droves, and ain't nothing little boys like more than pretending to be their daddies.

They labored for hours on a pretend fire-works contraption of their own.

Most of them labored. Colin opted to enjoy his cookie while overseeing the operation.

Is now a good time for me to come out and admit that Cory took all of these pictures? I was too busy shooing flies away from the melon and eating peanut butter pie. And pickled beets. But not in that order.

Is now a good time to admit that my buns still hurt like the dickens? I don't know what it is...something about this shot got me thinking about my burnin' buns.

Our Independence day was the best kind -- lawn chairs scattered about, a long table full of taco dip and apple salad and desserts out the wazoo.

I can't think of one part of our day that was remotely "magazine worthy". But the kiddos wore their bathing suits around all night and slurped up patriotic popsicles.

We had a slip-n-slide down the bank-barn hill and a cornhole tournament.

I'll come right out and admit that as the post-bedtime hours ticked away, things started to get a little quirky...

...a little zany...

...maybe the tiniest bit loopy.

But 10:00 found the whole lot of us covered in Deep Woods Off, lined up in our chairs, holding babies of varying degrees of sticky.

The Big Show had its high points and its low points ("We're prepping for the grand finale!" can only buy you so much time...)

But as I watched Little Number Three take in the trappings of his first Independence Day, I thought about how this had officially become a tradition for him. And I know I spend plenty of time worrying about things that he has lost, but on that night, I spent some time thinking about what a gift it is that God's big plans for him included American citizenship.

On this 4th of July, that's the thought that sparkled most for me.