Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Randoms and The Vinner!

God bless the soul who had the gumption to point out to me that Gesundheit is not actually spelled Gazunteit. Be honest - were you all snickering about me behind my back? The funny thing is, as soon as I got Vera's note, it all made perfect sense. The funnier thing is, I wasn't sure exactly how to spell it and, you know, I was the Jr. High spelling bee champ, so I have a reputation to uphold, so I Googled it. And then I typed it up, never even noticing that it looked a bit phonetic.

I apologize, Germany. To make up for it, I vill pronounce all of my "W"s as "V"s, for the rest of this post.

I haven't cooked one derned thing since I dropped my kids off for NPA veek on Monday. And then ve ran out of milk, and I didn't replenish it. Looking back, I'm not entirely sure vhat ve subsisted on for four days.

I do know that I made these smoothies and they vere delish! The recipe comes from my friend Apryl and I appreciate her all the more because she says things like, "One large spoonful of yogurt", vhich certainly heightens the anticipation of the final outcome. As it turns out, my spoons may be a big larger than hers, but extra-thickness aside -- Yum.

And here's a quick little ditty for you: Cory planted 4 dahlia bulbs for me earlier in the Spring and I've been vatching this one closely as she grew. She didn't look quite like the others, but I know very little about dahlias and anyvay, I have a soft spot the size of a grapefruit for things that are outside the norm.

Fast forvard to this veek and imagine my horror/vonder over the gigantic zucchini plant lollygagging about in my English Daisies!

I need hayelp, people.

I have no earthly idea vhat vent wrong here. But something did go terribly, terribly wrong.

In other news, my kittens are back home! (I frequently call my kids "kittens" and I sometimes call them "kittens in the morning", which is vhat my mama calls her cats, who actually have Real People names, like Dorothy, Marvin and Ed.)

They had such a blast and did so vell. 4 days could be a long time without Daddy and Mommy, but they actually begged for a 5th day, then they both cried tonight when it was bedtime. Calvin cried extra tears for Marvin, vhich melted me, even though I'm not particularly animaley myself. (Don't tell Ralphie.)

And since our schedules have not been crazy enough lately, I am heading out tomorrow morning for a repeat of this over-nighter. Thank my lucky stars I've got myself a good book this time around.

But you didn't come here to listen to me yammer on about this and that, did you? You came here to see my baby's beautiful eyes and find out who the vinner is.

But first, a vord on Random Number Generators.

This is my first-ever contest, and as such, my first foray with the RNG. Just as I was about to plug in my "integers", I had the thought that I felt bad for the first person who commented, because you know 1 is not going to be generated. That would be so...random!

Alas, "1" was not the vinner...but 3 vas! I was so vorried that I tried it again, just to make sure it vorked. It did, and I kept the original vinner, because I believe in the sanctity of probability and randomness.

Number three just so happens to be... A Lasting First Impression!

But then I got to thinking that it really vasn't fair that I generated a second number, just to double-check the first. So...Red Metal Roof, come on down!

Congrats, vinners. Please email me vith your mailing addresses and I'll get them shipped out to you, post haste.

Have a fun veekend, friends!