Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day Colors

This day was painted with broad strokes of color.

Swimming pool blue.

Raspberry red.

Camp-fire orange.

No late-fees amber.

Fountain Pepsi fuchsia.

Lucky-in-love scarlet.

Giggle-box green.

Cutting garden pink.

But my favorite color was not one that hinted celebration or voices raised.

It was not one of mouth-watering taste.

It was not one of still-life beauty in wait of a frame.

Today, my favorite color was the burning-forehead grey of my sweetest girl.

My favorite color was "my tummy hurts".

My favorite moments were carrying her too-warm body heavy down the stairs; tucking it into my big people sheets, clean from the line; sharing a pillow as she drifted sad; burrowing my face into chlorine curls; feeling the rise and fall of her chest; whispering prayers into her ear and the ear of One who heals.

I am a Mama who marvels at sharing all the colors of this life. But grey is where I matter most.


  1. Bless you, Shannan... You are truly a momma of love! Always doing for, and loving your babies!! May God bless you and give you strength, as you care for your family and make memories that will last a lifetime. They are so blessed!!

  2. Poor little poppet. I hope she is well very quickly.

    I totally get what you are saying,FPFG. x

  3. I hope your girl gets better soon. I hate it when my monkeys get sick, but I'm glad I'm the one they come to.

    I love all the colors of your day! Your words are always spot on!!

  4. This left a big lump in my throat. You are such a good momma...I pray I will be half of the momma you are to your sweet ones.

    I've said it before-but I hope you write a book someday...your daily accounts and a big ol section on adoption. I have fourty five thousand questions for you, my husband and I have read countless books, papers, etc, on it all, as our hearts wanted babies. I WOULD LOVE TO READ IT ALL FROM YOUR PERSPECTIVE. I would buy the first copy.

  5. I just have one question?? Why is fountain pepsi fucshia?

    I hope your little one is feeling better.

  6. What was your major in college? And did you by chance go to Ball State?

    I love your creative writing...very thoughtful.
    And thank you for writing me back to tell me where you got your bracelet. Can you tell me the name of the store? I have some family in Muncie so I may just ask them to look for me! :)

    God bless you & I hope Ruby feels better soon!

  7. that is so sweet. What a lovely way to look at it!

  8. Oh poor thing! I just love your creative way with words you have!
    You are just such a gift to all of us! I do hope your little one feels better!

  9. Lovely! I hope poor little Ruby is doing better today.

  10. Poor Ruby! Hope she is feeling better.

  11. Wow, what a great post! I hope Ruby feels better soon!


  12. Shannon, I gave you an award today, hop on over to my blog and check it out! Happy Saturday!


  13. I know! Shel was sick last week, and we cuddled and loved and it was so special. I did feel bad for him, but it was nice to be close and needed.
    Beautiful as always!

  14. Your posts are always so delicious. I hope Ruby feels better!

  15. my kind of rainbow!!!!
    hope your weekend is sweet.

  16. Such pretty colors. I hope your little Ruby is doing better!

  17. Oh I hope her and your world turn bright poppy pink with sprinkles and sparkles and all those fun colors real soon. Love your writing...gifted girl.

  18. So beautiful...your words are sweet and gentle...but speak volumes of the love you have for your children.

  19. Little baby girl :( Hope she is feeling better soon.

    Hugs to you, I've missed being around here as I've been on a little VayK BUT I'm back and glad to see your still writing away! To one mother to another - I know how scary it is to have a sickly. Praying for y'all.
    Hearts, The Lady of the House

  20. I hope little missy is feeling better today. One of my favorite memories of Emma is taking care of her when she was sick with the flu for a whole week. Such a sweet little sick girl that one.

  21. Woman....I hope you print that...and send it to someone who sells things that people write. You are blessed with words...just beautiful!

  22. man you have a way with words...

  23. i am sorry ruby is sickie but i love that you spell grey the proper, very grey, way.

  24. Okay, that was a great post. I am sorry that your little girl was sick, that is always such a bummer. You handled it beautifully, I know that there will be another jewel in your crown when you get to Heaven for being so wonderful to your little lady! Hope she is feeling better today!